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XERVON is part of the REMONDIS Group
and, therefore, of a strong network
Surface protection work on four new
frigates at three different shipyards –
not a problem for XERVON
Supporting future talent with
cooperation work and grants
up²date 1 | 2012
Welcome to REMONDIS
Priority given to nature conservation
Experts in many fields
XERVON has been part of the REMONDIS
Swallows' nests posed a particular challenge
Electrical & instrumentation engineers must be
Group since the end of 2011 – adding to and
during a project to renovate the “Donnerschleuse”
able to do many things and one thing in
complementing its range of professional
road bridge. Page 12
particular: they must have a talent for maths
industrial services. Page 6
for this demanding job. Page 20
Latest news
XERVON – professional services for the process industry
REMONDIS – a successful service provider steeped in tradition
Protecting the surface of new frigates
Bridge renovation work in a lifejacket and lifeboat
Expertly equipped
Ruwais: on the way to becoming a major petrochemical complex
20 Electrical & instrumentation services: a talent for maths is a must
Creating the future – together with universities and institutes
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Dear Readers!
Most of you are already aware of the fact that the sale of
We are convinced that we will continue to steadily develop
ThyssenKrupp Xervon GmbH was completed on 30 Novem-
and grow within the REMONDIS Group and by doing so
ber 2011 following the resolutions of the company boards
further extend our services for your benefit. As a result, we
and the official approval from the merger control authorities.
will not only be safeguarding the future of the company but
As a result, XERVON has been a part of the REMONDIS
also the future prospects of our employees.
Group since the end of 2011 and is being run under the
name XERVON GmbH in Germany.
We would also like to give you, our customers, the assurance that you will continue to have a strong partner at
REMONDIS' division for industrial services, which has
your side that can master projects – no matter how small
a turnover of around 1 billion euros, now consists of the
or large they may be. Your contact people shall remain the
Buchen Group and XERVON. XERVON is an excellent
same and they shall continue to offer you the usual compe-
strategic addition to this division both from a national and
tent and reliable support.
international point of view.
This edition provides a detailed introduction to XERVON's
XERVON shall continue to be an independent brand name
new owner. However, you will also, as always, be able to
and this can clearly be seen by the company's new logo that
read about the company's exciting and successful projects.
has already been implemented throughout the company.
We hope you enjoy reading this edition of up²date!
Hans-Dieter Behrens
Olaf Karrass
Carsten Lange
Andreas Oellerich
Andreas Rittel
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Latest news
Industrial services
Professional services for
the process industry
Industrial customers benefit from having all services provided by just one company
Following the closing of the transaction on 30 November, XERVON became part of the REMONDIS
Group with retrospective effect from 01 April 2011, making the group the first fully integrated service
Individually or combined:
our services for your
provider for the industrial sector across the world.
Building P
4 | up2date
XERVON has an excellent international
set-up and, besides its European activities,
also focuses on the Middle East and Asia.
Great Britain
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
“There is nothing comparable to this on the market,”
explained REMONDIS board member, Bernhard Heiker.
Industrial customers from the energy sector, the steel
industry, chemicals and petrochemicals, shipbuilding, the
construction industry and other industries will, for the
first time ever, be able to receive all services directly
from just one company. The services range from scaffolding,
insulation, surface technology and piping, to carrying out
all maintenance measures at process plants on rotating
equipment, electrical & instrumentation equipment, fittings
and processing equipment, to comprehensive plant
management (including budgeting, planning and carrying
out maintenance work), infrastructure services and shutdown management. Another company division is active in
the area of building preservation work. This comprises of
“We are really pleased to have found this perfect
strategic addition for our area of industrial services.”
Thomas Breitkopf, board member of REMONDIS AG & Co. KG
comprehensive services covering large engineering projects
as well as residential and commercial buildings: from roof-
and optimise the range of technical industrial services for
ing and insulation work, to façade paint and plaster work,
our customers.”
to concrete repair work, to the full refurbishment of housAs far as XERVON's customers are concerned, their day-
to-day business will not be affected by the integration of
can look back at around 80
“We are really pleased to have found this perfect strategic
the company into the REMONDIS Group. They will continue
years of company history and
ad­dition for our area of industrial services,” explained Thomas
to have the same local contact people and the regional
Breitkopf, a board member of REMONDIS AG & Co. KG.
structure will also remain unchanged. XERVON has a
Following the takeover by REMONDIS, XERVON will be
nationwide network of business locations in Germany
able to further expand its range of services and thus
and has international subsidiaries in Scandinavia, the
generate growth. The independence of the XERVON brand
Benelux countries, the UK, Austria, Poland, Algeria, Egypt,
shall remain unaffected by the purchase. The company
the Middle East and Asia. Its new owner also has a large
will be run under the name XERVON GmbH within the
network and financial strength so that XERVON will
REMONDIS Group. Olaf Karrass, a new managing director of
continue to be a reliable partner in the future – in particular
XERVON, said, “Both XERVON and its service portfolio fit in
for large-scale projects.
ing complexes to reduce energy costs.
perfectly with REMONDIS. Together we shall further develop
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Latest news
A strong partner
REMONDIS – a successful service
provider steeped in tradition
Sustainability – the principle of success
REMONDIS is one of the world's largest privately run water and environmental service companies. What
began as a small haulage business in the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Selm in 1934 has developed into
a global service provider with over 500 locations in 29 countries across three continents.
The business that the company founder, Josef Rethmann,
The REMONDIS Group's head office is in the German city of
began as a forwarding agency and waste disposal business
Lünen (District of Unna) and provides professional services to
is now a global partner for numerous companies and local
ensure natural resources are used economically and efficiently.
authorities. In 2011, this family-run company and its 22,600
REMONDIS is active within the area of water supply and
employees generated a turnover of 6 billion euros (consolida­­-
water treatment. Moreover, it recovers raw materials from
ted). The company's board chairman, Ludger Rethmann, is
waste, develops innovative recycled products and supplies
the grandson of the legendary company founder.
alternative forms of energy. Through this same commitment,
the company uses eco-friendly methods to dispose of
residual waste and hazardous materials which are unable
x6.0 billion
to be recycled either for ecological or economic reasons.
The REMONDIS Lippe Plant in Lünen is, for example, the
turnover* largest recycling centre in Europe. By closing material cy-
*preliminary figures
6 | up2date
cles, REMONDIS makes an important contribution towards
protecting the environment and natural supplies of water
as well as towards preventing climate change. In 2010,
REMONDIS processed over 25 million tonnes of recyclables
and raw materials in its network of more than 500 plants
and facilities.
“By acting the way we do, we take on ecological
as well as economic and social responsibilities –
throughout the whole of our operations.”
Bernhard Heiker, board member of REMONDIS AG & Co. KG
Water resources management
In the area of water resources management, REMONDIS
supplies water, treats wastewater and builds and operates
plants. REMONDIS taps into new sources of raw water
and builds, renovates and operates wells, water processing
facilities and facilities for extracting surface water. The com-
The REMONDIS Lippe Plant is the
largest recycling centre in Europe.
of recyclables & raw materials processed
pany then processes this water into drinking water either
at water­works it has been commissioned to operate or at
compa­nies in Germany following its takeover of the
REMONDIS' water and
plants it has built itself. The focus of the company's work as
EURAWASSER Group in December 2011. Moreover, in the
recycling services are used
far as its industrial customers are concerned is on closing
same month, REMONDIS purchased a 50 percent share in
by private individuals, local
water cycles in their production processes as well as on
KED GmbH & Co. KG from RWE Deutschland AG.
authorities and companies.
processing water so that it is of the right quality for their
production needs. REMONDIS supplies whole towns and
industrial sites with drinking water and runs pipe networks
The company has summarised its commitment to recycling
where it is responsible for both the business and technical
with its motto “Valuable raw materials come from deep in
side of the operations – a growth market for the company
the ground. Or from REMONDIS”. The Group's core activities
which is now one of the leading water management
are professionally handling, collecting and transporting
up2date | 7
Latest news
REMONDIS provides services
across the whole world – for
example, operating state-ofthe-art wastewater treatment
facilities in Turkey.
material streams. Its global network of pre-treatment
supplies cement works and other plants operating industrial
facilities with their cutting-edge sorting and processing
furnaces with substitute fuels that have been produced from
systems ensures that all recyclable materials are recovered
high-calorific waste fractions. REMONDIS' sister companies
and that non-recyclable substances are disposed of using
produce biodiesel which is used by the majority of the com-
eco-friendly processes. In its efforts to close material cycles,
pany's fleet of vehicles (around 7,000 trucks and vans).
REMONDIS was one of the first companies to develop new
products from recycled materials and these are now being
used in a wide variety of areas as brand-name products.
The company, for example, produces an exceptionally white
Integral service provider
trucks & vans in the
company's fleet of
mineral which is sold under the “CASUL” brand name. This
Being a professional service provider, REMONDIS offers both
REMONDIS carries out
product has a high covering capacity and creates high gloss
local authorities and companies integral solutions that take
ongoing research work into
results and is used by the paper and paint industry as well
both social and environmental requirements into account as
alternative types of energy
as by the construction sector. The “RADDIBIN” system of
well as their existing business processes. This is true for all
and fuel so that they can
binding agents is also a REMONDIS product and is used in
aspects of our work whether it be city maintenance work,
be made available to the
the construction sector and in dental medicine as well as to
redeveloping old sites or REMONDIS' range of services in
produce drinks and fertilisers.
the area of facility management. The Group's subsidiaries
XERVON and BUCHEN are responsible for providing profes-
sional industrial services. Thanks to its takeover of XERVON,
The REMONDIS Group's third line of business is the energy
REMONDIS has succeeded in further extending its activities
market. On the one hand, the company supplies high-calorific
in the area of maintenance work. BUCHEN offers industrial
fuels and, on the other hand, operates power plants to
businesses and power plants a range of highly specialised
generate electricity, steam and heat (for example waste-to-
services covering the areas of industrial services, waste
energy plants and biomass-fired power plants). REMONDIS
management and remediation work.
REMONDIS – a name understood across the world
The word REMONDIS is a made-up name – and yet the eight letters represent exactly what the company stands for. RE, the
Latin prefix for “back”, symbolises our main area of expertise: feeding materials back into production cycles and closing
material life cycles. MONDIS refers to the word “mondial” which in many languages means worldwide and encompassing
the whole world. Being part of the company name, it describes our global commitment and also our international presence
which we shall continue to extend. By combining these two aspects, our name is more than just a word. For REMONDIS, it
is “a symbol and a seal of quality for everything we do”.
8 | up2date
The RETHMANN Group –
three internationally successful divisions
REMONDIS is closing an ever increasing number
of material cycles helping to conserve natural
resources and prevent climate change.
Rhenus offers its customers flexible and bespoke
logistics solutions – across the whole of Europe.
SARIA helps to ensure communities receive the supplies they need by using high-quality raw materials
sustainably and producing renewable energy.
The family-run RETHMANN Group is active in three business
areas: water management & recycling, logistics and the
The Rhenus Group is one of the leading providers of logistics
services in Europe, intelligently managing complex supply
chains in the areas of contract logistics, freight logistics,
port logistics and public transport. Furthermore, the company
The REMONDIS Group is one of the world's largest
offers a wide range of value-added services.
The three divisions have
the best possible set-up – to
privately owned water and environmental service
companies. The company's services range from water
fulfil today's requirements as
supply and wastewater treatment to industrial services
The SARIA Group is active around the world and manufac-
well as those of tomorrow.
and recovering raw materials, to developing recycled
tures high-quality products for use in human and animal
products and supplying alternative sources of energy.
foodstuffs, agriculture, aquaculture and industrial applications. Moreover, SARIA produces new forms of energy and
offers a range of services for the food industry and the
agricultural sector.
The three divisions are united under the umbrella of the family-run company, RETHMANN,
and all three stand out thanks to their innovative and future-oriented concepts.
up2date | 9
XERVON | Services
Surface technology
Protecting the surface
of new frigates
XERVON to treat and coat steel for four new frigates
The ARGE F125 working group, consisting of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems and the Friedrich Lürssen shipyard, has
called on the expertise of XERVON to provide corrosion protection for the new F125 frigates it has been commissioned
to build on behalf of the German Navy. XERVON's Hamburg offices have received a contract to join the team with
the brief to help plan and carry out surface preparation and coating work on the four new frigates.
The project will be a logisti-
For many years now, XERVON has been active on site at
at Blohm + Voss Shipyards in Hamburg, at the Friedrich
cal challenge with construc-
the Blohm + Voss shipyard where it has its own halls and
Lürssen shipyard in Lemwerder as well as at P+S in Wolgast.
tion work being carried out
extensive storage facilities assisting in projects to repair or
XERVON will have to be present at all three locations with
at three shipyards at the
build ships. No matter whether it involves frigates, corvettes
a sufficient number of employees and sufficient volumes of
same time – a challenge the
or luxury yachts – these corrosion and scaffolding specialists
equipment and materials to carry out the work whenever
XERVON experts will master
have worked on many types of vessels currently sailing the
they are needed. The production schedule is the same for
with confidence.
oceans. The project to build four new frigates for the German
all four frigates: the individual sections of the ships will be
Navy will mean that a total of around 80,000 square metres
made during the first construction phase and then assem-
of steel – per ship – need to be pre-treated and coated.
bled in the building dock during the second phase. The final
stage of the project will then involve adding the superstruc-
The special challenge that the company will have to face
tures and fixtures as well as installing the marine equipment.
during this project is not the high quality standards that the
navy is demanding from them. According to Peter Zubrod,
Hand in hand: scaffolding & corrosion protection
a manager for the north German region, “it goes without
The XERVON specialists will be involved in all three construc-
saying” that they will fulfil such standards as achieving such
tion phases. During the first phase, which will last around
quality is “what we do every day”. It will be, above all, the
twelve months per frigate, corrosion protection work will
logistics that will pose the most difficulties for the experts
be carried out in XERVON's own blasting hall located on
during this project. The reason for this is because the frigates
the grounds of the Blohm + Voss shipyard in Hamburg. The
are to be built at the same time at three different shipyards:
individual frigate sections and modules will be delivered to
The F125 frigate – areas of operation & technical details
The F125 is the latest generation of frigates in the German
The F125 frigates are 149 metres long and 18 metres wide.
Navy. The ships will be used for a variety of missions ranging
They can reach a maximum speed of 26 knots and displace
from national and alliance defence, to peacekeeping and
around 7,000 tonnes of water. The ship has a main crew
humanitarian rescue missions, to fighting terrorism. As a re-
consisting of approx. 120 people and this can be extended
sult of having the F125 at its disposal, the German Navy will
to a maximum 190 people. In order to enable the ships to
be able to take part in long-term, multi-national assignments
be used as intensively as possible, a two-crew concept is to
all around the globe to carry out conflict prevention work.
be used on the F125 by the German Navy for the first time
in its history. By doing so, the ships can be deployed non-
10 | up2date
the hall and then processed there – which will be a great
wanted materials. It also ensures that the surfaces have the
Each frigate section will
spectacle considering the sizes of the actual pieces. The largest
exact, predefined degree of roughness needed for the coats
undergo special, precisely
section that will be delivered to Hamburg will be, for example,
to be applied. Once the sections have been protected against
defined surface treatment.
approx. 19 metres wide, 24 metres deep and 11 metres high.
corrosion, they will be taken to the building dock, where the
In order to ensure that the corrosion specialists can reach the
ships will be assembled and the final construction work car-
whole surface, the individual parts will first be surrounded by
ried out. This is the point when the corrosion specialists must
scaffolding. This work will be carried out by their colleagues
pack their mobile equipment and relocate to the building
from XERVON's scaffolding division which is also located at
dock together with any machinery they will need. Working
the shipyard. Once this has been completed, the modules
closely together with the other teams involved in building
and sections will undergo the scheduled treatment under
the ships, they will then carry out their coating work on the
strict quality control. Completely different types of corrosion
frigates as they are gradually put together.
protection systems with precisely defined properties will be
applied depending on the requirements of the surface being
[email protected]
treated. Whilst epoxy resin material will primarily be used,
polyurethane and special coats will also be applied as well as,
The new F125 frigate
for example, anti-fouling systems. In order to ensure that the
anti-corrosion systems protect the surfaces for as long a time
The contractor for the four F125 frigates is the ARGE F125, made up of TKMS (ThyssenKrupp
as possible, the steel surfaces will first be carefully prepared
Marine Systems) and Lürssen. TKMS has commissioned Blohm + Voss Naval to carry out
before being coated, i.e. they will be blasted and cleaned. This
the construction work as subcontractor. Blohm + Voss Shipyards has, in turn, concluded a
preparation work is not only carried out to remove any un-
subcontractor agreement to build the ships.
stop for up to 24 months. By way of comparison: a
124 frigate must return to home base after nine months.
This frigate programme for the German Navy further
emphasises the excellent global standing of the German
naval shipbuilding sector and its auxiliary industries. Such
projects help to further strengthen the key national competences in the naval shipbuilding sector as well as to secure
jobs in Germany.
149 18
26 120
at top speed
in the main crew
up2date | 11
XERVON | Services
Anti-corrosion protection
Bridge renovation
work in a lifejacket
and lifeboat
XERVON ensures the 'Donnerschleuse' road bridge is protected against corrosion
12 | up2date
The XERVON experts have received the best possible
training – and so they can react flexibly to unexpected
What have swallows' nests got to do with corrosion protection? Absolutely nothing really. These feathered
creatures and their young, however, caused the work schedule drawn up to renovate a two-lane road bridge
over the Donnerschleuse (a lock on the Elbe-Lübeck Canal) west of Ratzeburg to be completely reorganised.
The XERVON team reacted very quickly adapting their project plan to the new situation.
For all intents and purposes, the public tender awarded to
the Kiel branch was a standard task: the coating on the
steel sections of the 'Donnerschleuse' road bridge had to
be removed and then a new anti-corrosion coat applied –
including erecting and enclosing any necessary scaffolding
as well as controlling traffic flow. The client, the Lauenburg
waterways and shipping authorities, expected the work to
be carried out correctly and professionally and for its high
demands concerning environmental protection and work
safety to be strictly adhered to. A number of German laws
had to be taken into account and observed during this
project – the laws governing road and inland waterway
traffic, the laws concerning the protection of nature and
the countryside, emission control laws and workers' health
and safety – and the work carried out was monitored
continuously to ensure this was the case. The manager
responsible for the anti-corrosion project and his scaffolding colleagues had already incorporated these stringent
Shipping travelled through the lock as usual whilst the work was being carried out.
requirements into their concept when they drew up their
offer. To achieve this, they had been assisted by XERVON's
vibrations were set off each time a car travelled over the
The high wind load and the
surface technology division which is well versed in all
bridge, which were then absorbed by the scaffolding. More-
vibrations caused by the
aspects of anti-corrosion work.
­over, as the scaffolding was enclosed, it also had to withstand
road traffic had to be taken
high wind load: a very demanding structural engineering
into account when the scaf-
Safety first – nature conservation, too
task. The 15-metre-long scaffolding suspended under the
folding was being designed.
The team renovating the bridge had to work on a total of
bridge, for example, was not allowed to hang down more
approx. 2,000 square metres of steel surface. To achieve
than two metres to prevent the shipping and lock operations
this, both the underside and one side of the bridge (includ-
from being disrupted. At the same time, however, this
ing the steel arch) were surrounded with scaffolding and
scaffolding acted as a supporting surface for the scaffolding
then the whole structure was enclosed. This meant that
fixed around the bridge arch. A special construction made
one lane of the bridge could be kept open for traffic even
of lattice girders and modular scaffolding elements was
though the scaffolding would have to absorb higher loads –
designed by XERVON to overcome all these issues.
up2date | 13
XERVON | Services
The first task that had to be done was for the experienced
Considering the special circumstances, the client was very
specialists from the shipyard in Kiel to erect the scaffolding.
happy to accept the inevitable delay that was caused by
All necessary safety precautions were taken with each
this change in plan.
employee having their own safety equipment on them at all
times: a climbing harness and a lifejacket – and if someone
Enclosed system
had fallen from the bridge despite these precautions, a life-
The corrosion protection work was then carried out from
boat was on hand to rescue them from the water.
the scaffolding. The specialists moved in with their com-
At the end of the day, satisfied customers are the best
proof that a project has been completed successfully.
pressors, high-pressure cleaning equipment, hydroblasting
devices, airless pumps and suction equipment working
under pressure – in all senses of the word – to clean the
enclosed bridge. The surface area was then blasted using a
The scaffolding should not have taken longer than a week
particularly gentle system involving a water/sand mixture.
to erect but during that time the men noticed a number
This so-called sweeping process works with special blasting
of swallows' nests under the bridge. The XERVON team
media that prepares the surface in a gentle but effective way.
XERVON reacted immedi-
decided to change the planned project schedule so that
Both the blasting media and the dirty water generated by the
ately to the new situation
the birds could raise their young undisturbed until they
cleaning work were collected in a basin at the base of the
so that the young swallows
could leave their nests. The nesting area, therefore, was
scaffolding which had been created from the material used
were not disturbed by the
not touched to begin with, the work above the bridge was
to enclose the whole structure. The media and water were
brought forward and the size of the team reduced.
then sent for professional recycling or eco-friendly disposal.
The XERVON team had to observe a
large number of regulations whilst
carrying out their work to protect the
“Donnerschleuse” bridge
from corrosion.
14 | up2date
Following the sweep blasting, the steel construction was
once again cleaned with fresh water and then – once it
was completely dry – a first coat of primer was applied.
This was then followed by a second coat of primer and the
final top coat completing the bridge's new corrosion protection system. The coats were applied using airless blast
equipment. By carrying out all work inside the enclosed
area, the team was able to prevent any water, blasting
media or coating spray being released into the environment;
the team themselves were well protected with their special
The underside of the bridge with
its new anti-corrosion coating.
suits and face masks.
As soon as the first side of the bridge had been completed,
confirmed, “During the final inspection, the Lauenburg
the scaffolding experts moved the construction to the other
waterways and shipping authorities praised us again for
side within just three days. Once again the second bridge
the professional manner in which we had carried out the
arch was enclosed and the same process was followed to
project as well as for our flexibility. We fulfilled all of our
protect it against corrosion. All work was completed within
client's requirements without receiving a single negative
a period of two months and the XERVON team received
some well-earned praise from their client. Stephan Teegen,
XERVON site manager for the north shipyard division
[email protected]
up2date | 15
XERVON | Services
Expertly equipped
Roof renovation project successfully completed at SCA Hygiene Products GmbH
Projects involving roof renovation work at industrial plants must be prepared and planned in great detail –
especially if business operations are to continue during the work. A basic prerequisite for such projects is to have
a professional scaffolding structure to ensure the work can be carried out safely and quickly. XERVON has both
the required safety standards and the necessary know-how to supply such complex scaffolding on schedule. These
scaffolding specialists were able to underline this fact during a recent project to renovate the factory roof of
SCA Hygiene Products GmbH in Mainz-Kostheim, a manufacturer of consumer tissue products. The project involved
a total roof area of around 600 square metres which needed to be kitted out with various scaffolding systems.
A time period of just 14 hours had been allocated for the
As O-version decks were used, additional bracing was
particularly critical area directly above the four paper
not required on the top boom. As a result, a two-percent
machines – an area covering 140 square metres. “This
incline was created so that any rainwater could be diverted
was the only time that the machines were turned off to
at the front end into gutters installed for this purpose.
allow the scaffolding and sealing work to be carried out,”
explained Timo Toperi, site manager at XERVON GmbH's
Mastering the challenges
Frankfurt branch (part of XERVON's regional company for
The suspension points posed a structural engineering
the south west.) “This area, however, covered 600 square
challenge during the planning process as they were up to
metres with a third of the roof area having to be equipped
seven and a half metres from each other. “When there is
with system scaffolding and the remaining 400 square
such a huge distance, the few suspension points have to
metres with hanging stages.” Besides having to erect the
bear very heavy scaffolding loads,” explained Toperi.
Whether it involves industrial
combination of static and hanging scaffolding (load cat-
“A combination of Dywidag threaded rods and a steel tube
plants or buildings: XERVON
egory 3), a water-proof and dust-proof protective roof also
coupling system meant that the load borne by the fixing
is one of the world's leading
needed to be set up to prevent particles and objects, no
points could be reduced and distributed evenly.” Lattice
scaffolding companies.
matter how small, from falling onto the machines during the
girders were suspended and two-metre Layher working
renovation work. “Our client manufactures highly delicate
decks laid out. The team of between 10 and 15 XERVON
products that are subject to very strict purity standards –
employees also had to face gruelling conditions when
even the tiniest of particles falling down could jeopardise
erecting the scaffolding with temperatures reaching 60°C
the whole production process,” Toperi continued. Another
and up to 80-percent humidity levels. “My colleagues always
reason, therefore, why it was important to integrate a tem-
master their work – thanks to our many years of experience
porary professional drainage system into the structure.
and our high safety standards, we always produce the best
16 | up2date
Special customer requirements and a
tight time frame: XERVON mastered
this difficult task without a problem.
possible results, no matter how difficult the working condi-
XERVON's work,” summed up Jürgen Ruppert, technical
tions may be,” commented the site manager.
manager at SCA. Looking ahead, Toperi said, “Having
successfully completed the project, the client has already
Having been briefed about the construction, the scaffolding
contacted us with further enquiries about cleaning work
was then handed over to the company carrying out the
and scaffolding.”
renovation work exactly on time. “There was not a single
problem with the scaffolding throughout the whole of
[email protected]
the roof reconstruction work. We are really pleased with
An experienced scaffolding specialist
XERVON offers a very wide range of scaffolding services – also for projects involving special constructions with
particular structural engineering challenges and difficult erection conditions. With over 1,000 employees and several
hundred vehicles in Germany alone, the company is able to guarantee a quick supply of both materials and personnel.
We are your partner for the following types of scaffolding:
industrial scaffolds
mobile maintenance platforms
lifting work and mast climbing work platforms
façade scaffolds
enclosed scaffolding/housing
special scaffolds
platform construction work
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XERVON | Services
Major projects in the UAE
Ruwais: on the way to becoming
a major petrochemical complex
Comprehensive range of services for building and extending industrial plants
Ruwais, an industrial site in Abu Dhabi, is booming. For many years now, XERVON has been playing an active
role here – acting as a specialist service provider for complex shutdown tasks as well as for projects involving new builds or extension work – as this site has developed from being a refinery to becoming a mega-sized
chemical and petrochemical complex.
Thanks to the many success-
Signs have been pointing towards expansion ever since
XERVON has been active in the region as a specialist for
ful projects it has already
the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) created the
shutdown services for many years now. It has been in-
carried out, XERVON has an
Ruwais industrial site when it built its first huge refinery
volved in a large number of turnarounds at the Abu Dhabi
excellent reputation as a
plant (120,000 b/d) there in the late 70s. Today, this loca-
site successfully carrying out a very wide range of tasks
shutdown specialist in Abu
tion – around 200 kilometres west of Abu Dhabi City – not
and earning a good reputation at the same time. Only
Dhabi as well as throughout
only refines crude oil and processes and liquefies natural
just recently, XERVON successfully completed a complex
the region.
gas but also produces large volumes of fertiliser and poly-
maintenance project at the crude oil processing plant on
propylene. The large Shuweihat power plant (1,500 MW)
Zirku Island (also Abu Dhabi). During the shutdown period,
and its desalination plant are also part of the site supplying
for which only 27 days had been scheduled, a team of
energy and water to the industrial complex and a small
225 employees carried out a whole variety of tasks in-
town nearby.
volving electrical & instrumentation services as well as
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XERVON's complex services are in high demand in the United Arab Emirates,
too. We are involved in many major projects that will run until 2020.
insulation and painting work on various parts of the plant
awarded a contract to carry out a whole work package –
Around 800 XERVON
and pipe racks.
consisting of painting, insulation, scaffolding, fire protec-
employees – from trainees
tion and flooring work. During the various project phases,
to site managers – are on
“We have a very good set-up here in the region,” com-
the scope of the contract will involve, among others, paint-
the job site to ensure the
mented Waleed Al Hazmi, managing director of the XERVON
ing a total surface area of more than 500,000 square me-
extension work to the
companies in the Middle East and Malaysia. “This is true
tres as well as insulating a 6-kilometre-long pipe (“jetty“)
Takreer Refinery is com-
for the high qualifications of the employees we supply
which runs into the sea to a loading terminal for shipping
pleted on time.
in large numbers.” The best preconditions for the mega
oil and other refinery products.
projects due to take place in and around Ruwais, since the
expansion plans of the plant operators there – Takreer
XERVON's local site management team is responsible
(refinery), Gasco (liquefying gas), Borouge (PE and PP
for ensuring that employees, equipment and material are
production) and Fertil (fertiliser production) – are far
always supplied just-in-time. This concept involves short
from over.
distances as all XERVON employees live and work so to
speak “under one roof” during both expansion phases.
The aim is to turn Ruwais into a petrochemical complex by
Whether it be apprentices, labourers, supervisors or
2020 with work planned or already started to extend the
site managers: they all live in an area covering approx.
existing facilities and build new plants. The first extension
12,000 square metres, where XERVON has created accom-
phase, which is estimated to involve contracts worth a
modation and an infrastructure to ensure that the approx.
total 40 billion US dollars, should be completed by 2014.
800 employees have a comfortable place to live. This is
A further estimated 20 billion US dollars will be invested in
an important factor helping to contribute towards the
the sites from 2013 onwards. The current Borouge II exten-
company's success as a service provider in Ruwais.
From scaffolding to paintwork:
XERVON has been commissioned
to carry out a six-phase work
package in Ruwais.
sion project, for example, involves the installation of the
world's largest ethylene cracker with a capacity of 1.5m t/a.
The Borouge III project, due to take place in 2014, then
plans to increase the plant's polyolefin capacity to 4.5m t/a.
Fertil, a producer of fertilisers, is intending to raise the
capacity of its urea plant from 0.8m tonnes to 2m
tonnes of urea per year by 2013. It is likely that a further 3 billion US dollars will be invested to extend the
existing Shuweihat power plant. The cost of
building four nuclear power plants at Braka, which
are due to have been put into operation by 2020,
is estimated to be around 40 billion US dollars.
XERVON has already signed several contracts
to provide services for some different current
and future projects helping their clients to extend their various facilities in Ruwais.
For the six-stage extension plan for the Takreer Refinery,
(which aims to increase its processing capacity by
400,000 b/d by 2013), XERVON has, for example, been
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Electrical & instrumentation services:
a talent for maths is a must
E&I experts have to master a whole variety of tasks
Whether it be a coffee machine or a mobile phone, a nuclear plant or a chemicals park: all over the place,
processes need to be measured, controlled and regulated – sometimes hydraulically, sometimes pneumatically
and often electronically. The range of applications, therefore, for which E&I specialists involved in electronics
are needed is just as wide. There are two things that such people really need: they must find technology fun
and have a talent for maths.
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E&I experts involved in the field of electronics analyse auto-
engineer which lasts three and a half years. E&I
mated systems to see how their different functions are linked
services involving electronics (known as “EMSR”
and how their different processes operate. They install mea-
technology in Germany) is not actually listed
surement and control equipment. They assemble, configure,
as one of the main subjects of this apprentice-
program and adjust sensor and operating systems as well as
ship course. “You notice very quickly however if
networks. They control and maintain these systems, service
someone is good at “EMSR” technology,” commented
them and ensure that professional documentation is drawn
Martin Euringer, who has been training young people at
up for all work carried out.
XERVON's Münchsmünster branch for many years now.
“The legislator introduced new and considerably more
XERVON trains young people
flexible training regulations in 2003 which merely set out a
At XERVON in Germany, young people can take part in a
rough structure for the training content. When we train
dual apprenticeship course to become an industrial electronics
people in our companies, we are allowed to focus on the
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areas for which the young people show the most
machine and drive unit technology, converter control etc.
talent and where we will need them most once
A special six and/or eight-week training course on
they have finished the course,” explained Martin
E&I services is integrated into the third year of training.
Euringer. “I train people, therefore, to become
industrial electronics engineers and focus on E&I
services as we need people skilled in this field to
carry out maintenance work at our industrial park.”
When asked about what skills people interested in such a
career should have, Martin Euringer answered without a moment's hesitation, “They must be able to do maths and they
must enjoy maths. Electronics engineers, industrial mechan-
Later, as part of their job, they have to ensure that the control
ics and mechatronics engineers cannot do their jobs without
equipment functions smoothly. Such specialists know all
having a basic knowledge of maths. They must all know the
about pressure sensors, other types of sensors and valves and
basics of algebra and trigonometry.” That is not all though:
can reprogram, repair and replace programmable controllers.
“Our electronics engineers must also be able to speak
English. Some of the questions in the final theory exam are
“It is very rare indeed that my day turns out to be the way
I had planned it.” Wolfgang Harste, E&I engineer at XERVON
asked in English and must be answered in English, too.”
Despite this fact, people from all types of secondary school
can complete the course. “What they must have is energy
and staying power,” concluded Martin Euringer.
Their list of tasks, however, also includes being able to lay
cables – for example, when a facility is installed for the first
Contact person: [email protected]
time. Whilst the first year of the apprenticeship course focuses
primarily on teaching a basic understanding of mechanical
and electrical principles, the second and third years focus
on electronics: power distribution, high voltage technology,
What do E&I engineers do?
Each year, XERVON offers
E&I engineers install, maintain and monitor a very wide
an electronics engineer for automation technology, a
around 100 apprenticeship
range of automation systems. They are informed of faults
mechatronics engineer or a similar such course. Such
places – and not only in the
and narrow these down by using test software and diag-
courses are divided up into teaching core qualifica-
field of electronics!
nostic systems. They analyse the reasons for the errors and
tions, which are the same for all industrial electronics
overhaul the equipment – taking all relevant regulations
professions, and specialist qualifications specific to the
and safety requirements into account.
profession which are, above all, taught by the company
training them. At XERVON, the apprentices take part in
The majority of E&I engineers in Germany gain their pro-
a special six and/or eight-week training course on E&I
fessional qualifications by taking part in a dual apprentice-
during their third year of training.
ship course to become an industrial electronics engineer,
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Cooperation work
Creating the future –
together with universities
and institutes
Practical research and development work
XERVON has a long tradition of working with German universities.
Over the years, it has developed close ties to science institutes
resulting in the company regularly taking part in research
projects relevant to its fields of business.
As a result, XERVON's maintenance management depart-
ures. Such measures are being outlined and evaluated with
The body behind the
ment, headed by Dr Marcus Schnell, is currently taking
regard to additional or reduced use of resources. The target
“EffizienzClusters LogistikRuhr”
part in the RESIH project (resource-efficient maintenance
is to improve performance whilst using fewer resources.
is the DLR, the German Aero-
logistics/FKZ: 01IC10L07C), which began in the middle of
space Centre, which is acting
2010 and aims to find ways of using existing resources in
Besides this and another research project, which is due to
on behalf of the Federal
spare parts logistics more efficiently. Three companies –
begin soon, XERVON also supports the scholarship pro-
Ministry of Education and
the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics,
gramme for the dual bachelor “Industrial Service Manage-
Infraserv Knapsack and XERVON – are working on the pro-
ment” course at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts
ject together as part of the “EffizienzClusters LogistikRuhr”
in Dortmund. The company is providing support for three
group. The project is due to last just under five years.
students who began studying their three-year course in
2010 and will graduate with a “Bachelor of Engineering”.
Those involved are analysing their current consumption of
The support given also includes a monthly grant in line
resources and looking at ways to sustainably reduce their
with the maximum loan received by students in Germany
consumption by implementing suitable maintenance meas-
(Bafög). Besides attending their lectures and seminars at
the university, all three scholarship holders also receive a
Dr Marcus Schnell
high amount of practical training at XERVON's business
locations in Marl, Cologne-Merkenich and Düsseldorf.
Dr Marcus Schnell is head of the maintenance
management department and acts as an interface
The “Industrial Service Management” course
for maintenance matters between the company and
covers a variety of subjects.
universities and associations. Since 2004, he has been
a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences and
The maintenance of:
Arts in Dortmund where he teaches industrial project
production facilities
management and knowledge-driven enterprise devel-
mobile facilities & vehicle technology
opment. He has published numerous articles and is
infrastructural facilities
a popular speaker at conferences and other events.
energy plants & environmental protection facilities
Contact person: [email protected]
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No Titanium – No Modern Aviation
Planes are essential for many people. So titanium is, too, as it provides stability for the undercarriage, engines, fuselage and
wings. The world would be a much smaller place without this metal. However, natural reserves of the material are finite and
are expected to last another 137 years. REMONDIS is thinking ahead and developing processes to return titanium to production
cycles. The highest levels of quality, worldwide. For a secure future. German Qualität.
REMONDIS AG & Co. KG // Brunnenstr. 138 // 44536 Lünen // Germany // T +49 2306 106-0 // F +49 2306 106-100
[email protected] // remondis.de
Source: United States Geological Survey (USGS 2010)

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