Wenn Regen liebt



Wenn Regen liebt
Beloved of the Rain
No Colours Records 2003
Digi-CD, CD, Gatefold Double LP ~ 1500 (?) in blue transparent Vinyl, after this the second press of 300 copies
in Black Vinyl
Intro – Calling the Rain
Manchmal wenn Sie schläft
Wenn Regen liebt
Dialog with myself
Von Scherbengestalten und Regen Spaziergang
Vision of a real Death
Manchmal wenn Sie schläft
In musically different and crystalline Life form
Outro – Leb’ wohl/Farewell
Kanwulf: Vocals, crying Guitar, Didgeridoo, Rainmaker, etc.
Doreen: Didgerodoo
L’ihver: Drums
The “Geliebte des Regens” (Beloved of the Rain) Album was brought to instrumental
sound together with the Songs of the Rasluka series songs from 3-5 Jun2 2001. The
Vocals were finished in spring 2003.
Kanwulf is Nargaroth. Nargaroth is Kanwulf.
No Compromise!!!
Manchmal wenn sie schläft (Sometimes while she sleeps...)
Sometimes while she sleeps, I don't risk getting tired, because in death there will be
enough time to relax. My glances fall on her and my thoughts begin taking new paths...
Sometimes while she sleeps I think of dreams,
who themselves cannot give her peace in sleep.
Sometimes while she sleeps I see shadows
hunting her from behind her eyelids
Sometimes while she sleeps I call for the rain
to fall softly upon her.
Sometimes while she sleeps it drops on her face,
to cool her eyes red from weeping.
Sometimes while she sleeps wild wine rushes
and wild ivy covers her.
Sometimes while she sleeps I lay
blue asters on her heart.
Sometimes while she sleeps I am the rain
falling softly upon her.
And sometimes while she sleeps her hair smells
like freshly fallen leaves.
Sometimes while she sleeps the rain keeps falling,
so that she mustn't cry any more.
Sometimes while she sleeps the leaves keep falling,
so she mustn't fall herself.
Sometimes while she sleeps I think of the sea,
holding powers, but knows no mercy.
Sometimes while she sleeps the lightning unveils a smile,
(perhaps) finally promising peace.
For Doreen
Wenn Regen liebt (When rain loves)
One day I ran through wild nature
only clothed with my heart.
But it offered me no protection
ripped apart from human dirt.
I ran unknown paths,
I screamed the tears deep in the land.
I cursed the one who gifted me life
and asked who controls my fate.
One's fates are lost
from the power of one's own hand.
But who drew the paths,
which took from me my sanity.
The rain fell on my skin,
like tears - it was so familiar to me.
I spread out my arms
and scream all my pain up and away.
So I enjoyed his tears;
those that fell on my skin.
They also cooled my eyelids
and our screams together grew loud.
I lay in moist grass
and sung of what I read in the clouds.
And I understood the lines, written by the poet:
That raindrops are tears, when rain loves
For me
Von Scherbengestalten und Regenspaziergang
(From Shardfigures and a Walk in the Rain)
Bloody and encased in rags,
these were once my armor,
I drag myself over the bodies
which I found in shards.
The shards cut deep wounds,
they punish my selfish pride.
And the ghosts haunt me,
whom I called in dismal times.
I didn’t want to hear the voices,
who once warned me of myself.
Now I must suffer with my fate,
and I don’t want a merciful god.
I am no longer the blind-naive
boy that believes in honey.
Which is delicious when one forget,
that he got stolen before.
Yet now I prefer to be silent
that you listen to my path,
which I wrote in melodies,
so that you’ll go the same way.
Is the rain crying for me? Is a god crying for me?
When at the end of my path my scaffold is waiting!
You won’t hear me......! You won’t hear me scream!
Cause from these 1000 shards I will be the biggest one!!
For Us, the Fallen