PDF New regulations for school partnerships



PDF New regulations for school partnerships
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Changes related to school partnerships in Turkey
The Turkish education authority would like to be informed in advance of school partnerships with
foreign schools so that it can issue an authorization.
Many groups who have come to Afacan have visited schools in Istanbul as well as in cities and
towns closer by, such as Yenişacran, Aliağa and Izmir.
These partnerships must now be approved by the Turkish Board of Education in Ankara; otherwise
the Turkish schools may be prohibited from participating.
This means that visits have to planned far enough in advance for either
> the Turkish school in question to apply for permission from the Board of Education in Ankara for
an, e.g., German partner school to visit, or
> the German partner school from, e.g., Berlin to submit an application to the Turkish Embassy’s
education attaché. In Berlin, applications should be sent to: Türkisches Generalkonsulat, Referat
Schulwesen (030/ 89040698), z. Hd. von Frau Can.
> It takes 3-4 months for applications to be processed.
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