`Smart Dubai` – E-Health Lösungen in der



`Smart Dubai` – E-Health Lösungen in der
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‘Smart Dubai’ – E-Health Lösungen in der
Entwicklung zur digitalen Stadt
The City of Dubai
Facts and Figures
Country: United Arab Emirates
Area: 4.114 sqkm
Population: 2,269,000 (est. 2015)
Male: 1,712,000
Female: 557,000
GDP per capita: 16,350 USD
Language: Arabic
Religion: Islam
Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Majlis
Smart Dubai – The Vision
Core values: Sustainability, Innovation, Happiness
Smart Dubai is…
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Dubai Health Authority – e-Health Solutions
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Iran Health Exhibition, May 15th till 18th, 2016,
Key figures of the Iranian healthcare system
Indikator (Jahr)
Einwohnerzahl (Mio.; Ende 2015)
Bevölkerungswachstum (% p.a.; Durchschnitt 2011 bis 2015)
Wert 1)
Altersstruktur der Bevölkerung (2015)
..Anteil der unter 14-Jährigen (%)
..Anteil der über 65-Jährigen (%)
Durchschnittliche Lebenserwartung bei Geburt (Jahre; 2015)
BIP pro Kopf (US$; 2015/16; iranisches Jahr)
Gesundheitsausgaben pro Kopf insgesamt (US$, 2014)
Gesundheitsausgaben pro Kopf insgesamt (PPP US$, 2014) 2)
Anteil der Gesundheitsausgaben am BIP (%, 2014)
Ärzte/100.000 Einwohner (2015)
Krankenhausbetten/100.000 Einwohner (2015)
1) vorläufige Angaben, Schätzungen; 2) PPP = Purchasing Parity Power
Quellen: Statistical Centre of Iran, World Health Organization (WHO), World Bank, Germany Trade & Invest
Investment opportunities in the Iranian
healthcare sector
Financing / Construction / Design / Equipment / Consulting
Required are:
 Hospital beds
 Laboratories
 Buying and establishing Imaging Centres
 Constructing and providing Dialysis beds
 Cancer Treatment beds
 Dental and Oral Medicine Centers
 Technology Transfer, Direct Investment, Partnerships
According to gtai a total of 100.000 new hospital beds and the modernisation of 60% of the
existing beds (135.000) is required over the next few years. The volume of medical technology
imports and sales is currently estimated between 1.4 and 1.7 bn USD and is estimated to
increase to 2 billion USD in the coming years.
Iran Health Exhibition Map
German presence at Iran Health 2016
60+ German Exhibitors
Recommendations for German exhibitors in
Thorough market research prior to first commitment
Exchange of experiences/best practices with German companies already active in the
market prior to the first visit
Research on cultural sensitivities and general business culture is highly recommended
Marketing material / wall posters to be available in Farsi
Recommended to have one Farsi-speaking person at the company booth
Shipping of exhibits to be arranged well in advance, best with support of local Farsispeaking contacts who can follow up with shipping company and customs
Moving around in Tehran without Farsi is a challenge, try to learn some basics before you
Major challenge: Identifying the right partner!
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