Martinez - The Paradigm Shift (MHR012-2/MHR012-3)



Martinez - The Paradigm Shift (MHR012-2/MHR012-3)
New Album Out Now:
Martinez - The Paradigm Shift (MHR012-2/MHR012-3)
Artist: Martinez
Album Title: The Paradigm Shift
Label: Moon Harbour Recordings
Album Format: CD, 2x12'' Vinyl, Download
Catalogue Number: MHR012-2 / -3
Release Date: May 26th 2010
Distribution: worldwide by Intergroove
Throughout his career Martin Swanstein, aka Martinez, has
experienced quite a few musical paradigm shifts. And he is
certainly not the only one in the techno scene who has done
so. Many of his fellow musicians also started, over time,
focussing more on certain forms of techno and house music. In
the case of Martinez it was a shift from deep house to minimal
techno and finally to his current dance-floor house sound. Yet
you never get the feeling that Martinez is just jumping on the
bandwagon. When his first record, “Momomowha …”, was
released on Moon Harbour in 2008 the house revival had just
started. Martinez instantly managed to establish his own little
After 3 EPs and a co-production with label boss Matthias
Tanzmann, Martinez has established himself on the label’s
roster of musicians and represents Moon Harbour at label
parties all over the world. When seeing Martinez deejaying, his
many years of experience become obvious. He simply knows
how to set a club on fire.
“The Paradigm Shift” is already Martin’s third album. It is
unique in having mastered the balancing act between
dance-floor rhythm and home-listening quality. His organic
sound combines all elements like dense beats and jazzy
chords - so well, the listener is convinced that all of these are
cast from the same mould. Every now and then you get the
feeling you are listening to a really old house record that was
simply produced with 2010 technology. Funky and, always at
just the right moment, explosive.
Audio Samples
Tracklisting CD:
01 Basic Structure 6:06
02 Solaris 6:55
03 Paradigm Shift 6:42
04 Kamino 6:32
05 Mr. Decocco 7:48
06 Thought Patterns 6:17
07 Lavender Mist 4:50
08 Williamsburg 6:38
09 Maresias 6:34
10 Damaged Color 6:07
11 Gourmet (Edit) 6:30
12 Memorial 6:45
Tracklisting Vinyl:
A1 Solaris 6:53
A2 Williamsburg 6:35
B1 Maresias 6:32
B2 Damaged Color 6:04
C1 Thought Patterns 6:14
C2 Memorial 6:44
D1 Kamino 6:30
D2 Paradigm Shift 6:40
Supported by: Loco Dice, Laurent Garnier, Radio Slave,
Mathias Kaden, Raresh, 2000 And One, Onur Özer, Karotte,
Nic Fanciulli, Sebo K, Federico Molinari, M.A.N.D.Y., Audiofly,
Matthew Styles, Sety, Patrick Chardronnet, Ralph Lawson,
Simon Baker, Jimpster, Delete, Andre Galluzzi, Fabrizio
Maurizi, Justin Drake, Clive Henry, Nick Curly, Chris Wood
GROOVE (#124, may/June 2010)
Martinez hat schon für sehr viele verschiedene Labels
produziert, aber für die Leipziger House-Manufaktur Moon
Harbour ist dies sein erstes Album. Es kommt geradezu einer
edlen House-Auslese gleich. Sehr eigenständig, niemals
1 von 4
03.06.2010 11:47
2 von 4
epigonal. Man meint, in manchen Stücken Eddie Amadors
Hymne „House Music“ durchzuhören – so zum Beispiel in
„Damaged Colour“ oder auch „Memorial“ –, doch ist diese
Platte weit mehr als nur eine Referenz an große Vorgänger.
Die Stücke haben immer etwas sehr Leichtes, nie wirken sie
schwer oder verkrampft. Die Titelnummer ist eine schwebend
perkussive Minimalhouse-Skizze, die diese Leichtigkeit
exemplarisch umsetzt. Aber das beste Stück dieser Platte ist
ausgerechnet jenes, in dem der sonst dominante 4/4-Takt
nicht durchgezogen wird: „Lavender Mist“, eine schillernde
Downbeat-Perle, wie sie Kruder & Dorfmeister nicht besser
hätten machen können. Über ruckeligen Beats und einem
elastischen Bass zischeln Hi-hats und Becken, dazu ziehen
sich schwerelose Synthiefiguren und angedeutete Flächen
durch den Track, ganz tief im Hintergrund sind Echos von
Stimmfetzen zu vernehmen. Warum nur ist gerade diese
kunstvolle Klangcollage die kürzeste Nummer dieser Platte?
Loco Dice (Desolat):
Always down with Martinez!!! Sounds deep and warm fits
perfect to Moon Harbour.
Laurent Garnier (F-Com):
Lots of great tunes for me in here. Will play for sure.
Radio Slave (Rekids):
Sounds awesome.
Mathias Kaden (Freude Am Tanzen):
I'm very into the vibe of the album. it´s very hard to find a
favourite. but actually i don´t need to find one, because its a
complete story from the beginning until the end.
Gregor Tresher (Break New Soil):
Abolutely amazing album!!! I´m a fan!
Karotte (Break New Soil):
Great Album by Martinez.
Raresh (Arpiar):
i really like it! keep them coming man! I‘m really into Martinez‘
2000 And One (100% Pure):
Great Man!
D’Julz (Ovum):
Lots of cool beats and grooves here. Full support.
Onur Özer (Vakant):
I really like Martinez album.
Federico Molinari (Oslo):
I really like this album... Full support.
Ralph Lawson (2020 Vision):
Always a fan of Martinez.
Nick Curly (Cecille):
Great Album. Really like it.
Clive Henry (Circoloco):
Cool. Liking Kamino and Mr. Decocco a lot. Totally my thang.
03.06.2010 11:47
Anthony Collins (Freak ‘n Chic):
Martinez killing it!!!
Julietta (Harry Klein):
Killer release!!
Patrick Chardronnet (Connaisseur):
Deep superb work!
Delete (Sci Tec):
Really digging his stuff. Thought Pattterns, Kamino and Solaris
are my favs.
Simon Baker (2020 Vision):
I love Martinez stuff, Always play one thing in my sets.This will
be no different. The well layered percussion is always a
winning formula for me. Hard to pick something at the
moment. I need to listen properly, but Solaris sticks out so far.
Keep it up!
Jimpster (Freerange):
Love Martinez‘ stuff. This is all great but especially liking Basic
Structure, which is killer.
Andre Galluzzi:
Cool Album.
Sebo K (Mobilee):
Martinez is always a sureshot! great tracks! Full support.
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03.06.2010 11:47
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