research and development for the printing industry



research and development for the printing industry
Research institutions
SID – research and development for
the printing industry
Prepress, press and postpress solutions
Passermessgerät LUCHS
LUCHS register measuring system
Probedruckgerät im akkreditierten Prüflabor
Laboratory printing tester
SID undertakes R&D projects with small and medium sized
enterprises that value its expertise. Furthermore, supported
by federal ministries and the state saxony, the institute
conducts industrial research in order to prepare new,
pioneering printing-industry technologies for the market.
At the same time, SID is involved in joint industrial research
projects. The institute works in close collaboration with
renowned institutions and associations.
drafting of a guideline on the ecological assessment of
sheet-fed offset printing presses.
These include, for example:
German Printing and Media Industries Federation
• Research Association for Printing presses (FGD)
• German Engineering Federation (VDMA)
• Paper Technology Foundation (PTS)
• Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification
Together with these partners, SID addresses current issues,
such as determining the extent of curing of UV inks or the
process stability of IPA-free offset printing for example.
Current projects are dealing with the development of measurement methods and measuring equipment for the highprecision position determination of flat objects based on
intelligent measuring structures, the determination of webtension distribution over the width of a moving material
web during manufacturing and processing, and the optimization of the processing parameters for binding machines. The result is new and innovative measurement technology that helps to solve existing problems. Examples of
tech nical and process-related innovations include the
printing of functional layers with electrically conductive
media for the production of RFID antennas and the
Contract research for small and medium-sized
With its well founded expertise, SID supports companies
that have insufficient R&D capacities of their own. This may
be for special measuring tasks, the development of
complete assemblies, or process-technological tasks. SID's
extensive measuring equipment for a wide range of parameters from noise to energy consumption and paper
properties is of great benefit. With the Accredited Test
Laboratory for print quality and finishing, SID has a re cognized site for measuring variables in printing technology.
Das Sächsische Institut für die
Druckindustrie (SID) ist seit 1993
als gemeinnützige industrienahe
Forschungseinrichtung Partner des
grafischen Maschinenbaus, kompetente Technologietransferstelle
sowie ingenieur-technischer Dienstleister für die Druckbranche. Die
Polygraphische innovative Technik
Leipzig GmbH (PITSID) wurde 1999
als Schwesterfirma gegründet.
PITSID produziert und vermarktet
Innovationen, die im Rahmen der
Forschungstätigkeit des SID entstanden sind und erzielt mit der
Spezialmesstechnik für die grafische Industrie weltweit große
Brief profile
Since 1993, the Sächsische Institut
für die Druckindustrie (SID) has
been a non-profit industry-oriented
research partner for the graphics
mechanical engineering sector, a
skilled technology-transfer center,
and technical-engineering service
provider for the printing industry.
Polygraphische innovative Technik
Leipzig GmbH (PITSID) was founded
in 1999 as a sister company. PITSID
produces and markets innovations
that originate in SID’s research
activities, and is achieving great
success worldwide with customized
measuring technology for the
graphics industry.
Development of customized assemblies,
measuring and test equipment
In collaboration with machine manufacturers and print
shops, SID develops customized solutions as well as measurement and test equipment for global distribution. The
LUCHS register measuring system, for example, is today an
established component for checking and approving all
printing presses.
The portfolio also includes instruments for:
UV curing measurement
• Determining the composition of fountain solutions
• Measuring gap dimensions and pressing forces
• Measuring blanket or printing plate heights
(packing gauges)
• Measuring adhesive banding strength
Research Atlas Saxony 2012

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