Mesh screen window



Mesh screen window
Fly and Mosquito Screens Save the Day
It’s that buzzing sound that drives us all crazy. Sleeping is meant to be relaxing
but then you hear it. The sounds that frustrates all of us. And there is nothing
you can do once those mosquitos are in your home. At least flies are quiet.
A fly or flies are dirty insects that carry diseases and when roaming around your
villa are unhealthy as well as annoying. Insect sprays are simply not effective in
keeping them out of the home. The odour from an insect spray is more likely to
keep us out of our own homes. This isn’t an option in the Dubai heat. There is
only one solution to your fly and mosquito problem and that is to install quality
and convenient mesh screens over your doors and windows.
 Sliding screen doors
 Screen door repair
There are many benefits of fitting quality fly screens to your villa. Screens such
as our stainless steel mesh are security rated and pass the tough Australian
Standards for mesh screens. They were developed for harsh conditions and
come with a 10 year warranty so you know they are going to last. The screens
are virtually unbreakable giving you peace of mind when you leave your
existing door or window open but are not home. Any would be thief is going to
think twice before attempting to break into your villa if it is fitted with security
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Additionally, they can also keep your children safe inside the house without
having to close all the doors and windows. This is especially important if you
would like to keep your child safe from high rise failing hazards. We can fit a
screen over any door and window and make it child safe. Privacy is also
improved as the mesh acts like tinting in your car and obstructs the view into
your villa without obstructing the view to the outside.
 Fly screen door
 Mesh door
The screens also ensure a high degree of ventilation. The mesh allows the
breeze to flow through while still keeping all the bugs out. This obviously saves
you money by reducing your DEWA bill. We love opening up all our doors and
windows to allow the breeze to flow through the home.
Our experienced staff can discuss the full range of mesh screen solutions with
you. From affordable pleated screens through to robust stainless steel security
screens. Safety Screens and use a tough aluminium frame on all
our screens. These frames are designed to last many years and can be powder
coated to match you villa colour scheme. We will work within your budget to
provide a package of screens that suits you and your villa.
Safety Screens are custom made in our factory here in Dubai. They are
manufactured from high quality imported components and designed to fit each
individual door and window found across the UAE. Our team of professional
metalsmiths maintain the highest quality of workmanship to ensure each screen
is built to last. As they are custom made, we can adjust the door or window to
fit accessories such as pet doors and even change the locking mechanism to suit
your needs. Feel free to contact us today to arrange a free measure and quote or
just to talk to one of our experienced screen consultants.