IDLSoc January 2012 Newsletter



IDLSoc January 2012 Newsletter
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Summit Declaration on Defence Capabilities:
Toward NATO Forces 2020
At the recent NATO Summit in Chicago, Alliance Leaders spoke of their determination that NATO would
continue to ‘perform its essential core tasks’ and ‘thereby play an essential role in promoting security.
The declaration spoke of NATO’s strengths and its successes and of the adoption, at the previous
summit in Lisbon, of a new Strategic Concept that would ensure NATO’s continued viability.
The Leaders declared that “NATO's greatest strength is its unity. Through 2020 and beyond,
stimulated by the requirement to use defence resources in the most efficient way, we will deepen that
unity to maintain and upgrade NATO's military strength.”
For the full press release click here
Society News
AS/NZ Chapter
Another two Tactical Data Link Masterclasses were held recently with good attendance by both Defence
and Industry personnel.
The Multi TDL Network (MTN) Planning Masterclass was delivered by Paul Czajkowski aka “Ski”, a
former JICO in the UK, now with Network Centric Solutions (NCS). WGCDR Hutchinson, Chief C4 of
Headquarters Joint Operational Command, welcomed delegates to the event and went on to outline
details of the Australian MTN and the status of the Joint Interface Control organisation. The course
provided an excellent oversight of the issues that network planners have to grapple with – meeting the
needs of the joint or combined services, while taking into account the capabilities and limitations of the
platforms involved. Ski demonstrated his passion for Link 16 Network Design matters, and highlighted
how constrained the northern hemisphere nations are when operating a Link 16 MIDS network. Unlike
Australia, those in the northern hemisphere are in close geographic proximity and have to contend with
the numerous frequencies clearance requirements.
The Software Defined Radios (SDR) Masterclass was delivered by Mr Paul Burns of Simplexity
Communications Pty Ltd. Paul is one of Australia’s leading consultants in this field. He highlighted the
issues associated with defining SDR requirements, and provided an overview of the new Software
Communications Architecture (SCA) requirements.
The last Masterclass for 2012, VMF/CNR, is scheduled for 30-31 July 2012 at the Hotel heritage.
Nominations can be submitted to the AS/NZ Chapter Secretary - Mr Daniel Caon via email:
[email protected]
May 2012
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MilCIS 2012
Planning for the TIE/C4ISR demonstration has also commenced. Interested parties should contact the
Project Manager - Mr Jason Longdon of Lockheed Martin STASYS Australia:
[email protected]
Swedish Chapter Report
A Chapter Meeting took place at the Combitech facilities in Stockholm on May 23. The twenty five
members present enjoyed an interesting presentation by Johan Lund on the Link 16 test and
evaluation programme in Sweden. This was followed by an illuminating talk by Erik Häggblad on the
Singel European Sky programme in Europe.
Next Chapter Meeting will be held at the IDLS Symposium in Athens after the ‘Meet and Greet Session’
on October 16.
Tuesday 16 October to Friday 19 October 2012
Registration is Now Open. To book visit
Government Ticket Options
Ticket Type
IDLS2012 Government Ticket and 3 nights B&B at Athenaeum InterContinental
IDLS2012 Government Ticket only
IDLSoc Training Day (Tuesday 16th October 2012)
Hotel room per night inc Breakfast & taxes
Industry Ticket Options
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IDLS2012 Industry Ticket and 3 nights B&B at Athenaeum InterContinental
IDLS2012 Industry Ticket only
IDLSoc Training Day (Tuesday 16th October 2012)
Hotel room per night inc Breakfast & taxes
Hotel Accommodation
The special hotel rate for IDLS2012 is only available on bookings made through the IDLS2012 website
by Monday 10 September 2012.
May 2012
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IDLS2012 Demonstration
The following companies have confirmed that they are taking part in this year’s demonstration and
planning of the scenario has started.
IDLS2012 Exhibition
The IDLS Events Committee is pleased to announce that exhibitor numbers have increased as ViaSat
TCG and Rockwell Collins/Data Link Solutions (Gold); Thales and Ultra (Silver); JCSYS, 3SDL, NCS,
Lockheed Martin UK IS&GS, SyntheSys, Saab AB, Diginext and Symetrics (Bronze) have now been
joined by Selex Sistemi Integrati (Silver) and BAE SYSTEMS (Bronze).
As in previous years, the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages will include paid delegate registrations,
hotel rooms and promotional opportunities. Download the brochure that outlines the details of
packages available for IDLS2012.
The floor plan for IDLS2012 is now available to view online and exhibitors can bid for their preferred
location, and once agreed, their details will be added to the interactive floor plan.
For more information please visit
Ten Factors about Greece and Athens
1. Time Zone - Athens Greece operates on EET/EEST Time (UTC+2/3hours)
or + 9 hours from Pacific Standard Time.
2. The first history of Athens was recorded around 3,400 years ago making
it Europe's oldest capital and one of the oldest cities of the world.
3. Athens is the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy, the Olympic
Games, political science, Western literature, historiography, major
mathematical principles, and Western theories of tragedy and comedy.
4. Fun Fact: Every full moon in August, the Acropolis stays open until 2am
with live music and theatrical performances; it is free to all.
5. Weird Fact: The first modern king of Greece was a Bavarian prince and
only 17 years old.
6. The sporting event known as the "Marathon" was created for the first
Modern Olympic Games set in Athens in 1896.
May 2012
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7. Athens was part of the Ottoman Empire (1458-1832) while the rest of Western Europe was
experiencing the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution.
8. Greece enjoys more than 250 days of sunshine—or 3,000 sunny hours—
a year
9. Alexander the Great was the first Greek ruler to put his own face on
Greek coins. Previously, Greek coins had shown the face of a god or
10. Greece has more international airports than most countries because so
many foreign tourists want to visit
Corporate News
Corporate Membership
We are pleased to announce that Data Link Solutions have renewed their corporate membership of the
Other Corporate News
Data Link Solutions (DLS) has been awarded a $13.5 million task order from SPAWAR PEO C4I
PMW150 to provide Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) on Ship (MOS) Link-16
systems for large ship and ground-based applications. For the full press release click here
Data Link Solutions (DLS) receives First Full Production & Fielding award for MIDS Joint Tactical
Radio System worth a $25.8 million contract by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
(SPAWAR). For the full press release click here
Tactical Communications Group announces a New, Large Contract Award From United States Air
Force in Europe (“USAFE”) to expand their use of TCG’s training products at air bases throughout
Europe, with USAFE adding several new GTS systems to the existing systems now being successfully
employed throughout Europe. For more information click here
NCS recently completed another NATO Interface Control Officer (NICO) Training Program in
cooperation with the UK Joint Data Link Management Organization (JDLMO) at RAF High
Wycombe, UK. For more information click here
Rockwell Collins has been selected by Science Application International Corporation (SAIC)
{NYSE:SAI} to provide its Sub-Net Relay (SNR) solution for the U.S. Navy fleet as part of the
PEOC4I Battle Force Tactical Networking program. For more information click here
May 2012
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SAAB receives order for maintenance of airborne radar system Erieye for Sweden.
The contract covers services for the Swedish Erieye-system (Airborne Surveillance and Control,
ASC890). This work will include providing technical support for the unit operations, and research
and development for the ASC890 sensor and command- and control system. Work will take place
between 2012 and 2014. For more information click here
Event & Location
9 – 15 July
International Air
Farnborough, UK
Occupying a prominent position in the aerospace calendar, the
Farnborough International Air Show (FIA) is the world's most
iconic global aviation event. The first five days of the exhibition
are traditionally trade days, followed by a weekend where the
show is opened up to the public.
30 – 31 July AS/NZ Chapter
Hotel Heritage, Goyder
Road, Narrabundah,
Full Days
ACT, Australia
VMF/CNR Master Class
This course will be given by Chris Beattie and Tony Bils of
Aeronix Ltd. If you are interested in attending please contact
AS/NZ Secretary: [email protected]
16 October
Swedish Chapter
Athens, Greece
Next Chapter Meeting will be held at the IDLS Symposium in
Athens after the ‘Meet and Greet Session’
16 October
Full Day
IDLSoc Training Day Delegates can choose from 5 different courses. For full details
please visit
Athens, Greece
17 -19
Full Days
Athens, Greece
IDLS is an Annual Symposium for members, delegates and
exhibitors from military and government organisations. It
comprises three days of presentations, a demonstration
focusing on the data links solutions for a current world
situation and numerous networking opportunities.
Full Days
Canberra, Australia
MilCIS is an annual event held in Canberra by the University of
New South Wales (UNSW) and Defence Chief Information
Office Group (CIOG) where crucial technologies, products,
systems and service associated with military communications
information systems are discussed and debated.
For more details visit the events page at
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May 2012
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