GIS Development at Westchester County Airport



GIS Development at Westchester County Airport
GIS Development at the Westchester County Airport
Deborah Parker
GIS Specialist
A number of infrastructure datasets, developed in AutoCAD format for the Department of Public
Environmental data includes catch basins mapped using GPS at an accuracy of +/- 15 ft.
Spring 2003, GIS staff initiated a project to inventory and consolidate spatial datasets into desktop
Works, were converted to ArcView shapefiles and projected to NAD83 State Plane New York
developed at less than basemap accuracy, these data, used in conjunction with layers such as (1)
GIS and web mapping applications.
East. These were found consistent with the county s 100-scale orthophoto basemap.
estimated surface flow direction and (2) aircraft deicing zones, highlight areas [left of center] where
The Westchester County Airport is one of the most intensely used public facilities in the county.
The project will provide inter-departmental access to data
supporting environmental management, long range and capital planning, and security functions.
GIS data
developed by contractors for the Environmental Management System have also been incorporated.
Hazardous materials storage and
careful management could reduce the risk of contamination in the event of a fuel or chemical spill.
Data currency and
transfer areas at the airport have
maintenance issues
also been delineated, showing
will be especially
above-ground and underground
important in serving
tanks, and ownership attributes.
the airport's GIS needs.
Through the browser interface,
Note major revisions to
infrastructure and environmental
the taxiway in this area.
information is readily available
for planning and rapid response
to emergencies.
The browser-based intranet
application (bottom) will be
expanded to include several
hundred DPW as-builts and
plan drawings (in Tiff format),
scanned and cataloged in
Top: April 2000
basemap orthophotos.
Bottom: October 2002
geo-referenced aerial
[30 months later].
1995, as well as groundwater and noise monitoring
sites, noise contours, and
other relevant spatial data.
Edge of pavement data,
developed from the 2002
Attribute information has yet to be developed for some of these spatial data sets, but the browser
image, is overlaid on both.
interface already improves work flow by consolidating information in a single source, and provides
DPW staff with basic mapping tools for printing, construction project mark-outs, and other tasks.
Westchester County Geographic Information Systems
Department of Information Technology
148 Martine Avenue Rm 305
White Plains, New York 10601
Tel: 914-995-3888 Fax: 914-995-3269
[email protected]

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