(Rhodophyta) from the middle Cretaceous of Brazil Bruno GRANIER



(Rhodophyta) from the middle Cretaceous of Brazil Bruno GRANIER
New Solenoporaceae (Rhodophyta) from the middle Cretaceous of Brazil
Bruno GRANIER1, Dimas Dias BRITO2, Ioan I. BUCUR3, Paulo TIBANA2
Université de Brest; CNRS; IUEM Domaines Océaniques UMR 6538 6 Avenue Le Gorgeu, CS 93837
F-29238 Brest Cedex 3 (France). E-mail : [email protected]
UNESPetro – Universidade Estadual Paulista – Rio Claro, IGCE, Departamento de Geologia
Aplicada, Caixa-Postal 178, av. 24 A 1515, Bela Vista, 13506-900 – Rio Claro, SP (Brazil)
Babes-Bolyai University, Department of Geology, Str. M. Kogalniceanu nr.1, 400084 Cluj-Napoca.
E-mail: [email protected]
Key words: Red calcareous algae, Solenoporacae, taxonomy, new taxa, Cretaceous, Brazil
The current taxonomic knowledge of the Solenoporaceae requires a major revision.
The re-study of the type-material of species ascribed to the genera Solenopora,
Parasolenopora, Pseudosolenopora, and Parachaetetes reveals a number of
erroneous generic ascriptions as well as a number of synonyms. However this ongoing
revision is beyond the scope of the present study for the new forms have discrete
features that make them easy to identify and sort from those described to date.
Bucur I.I. & Săsăran E. (eds) – 10th International Symposium on Fossil Algae-Abstracts. Cluj-Napoca, 2011: 33