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A palavra abaixo que NÃO se refere a book genre é:
a) Fiction. d) Academic.
b) Library. e) Novel.
c) Non-fiction.
1) (URCA) Choose the correct option to complete the sentence:
Every time she ________ to school, she __________ “Hi” to her friends and __________
to her classroom.
a) comes / says/ goes.
b) come / say / go.
c) is coming / is saying/ is going.
d) is coming / say / goes.
e) comes / says / go.
2) (UFF) Consider the passage “Words listen. Words irradiate exquisite splendor. Words carry
magic and keep us spellbound.”
Answer in Portuguese: Identify the tense of the verbs and their function.
3) (UFRRJ) In the sentence “However, biological agents do not survive well outside the laboratory.”, the use of the present tense implies:
a) doubt
b) condition
c) probability
d) relativity
e) certainty
4) (BCN) I don’t want you to buy me breakfast now. Just tell me how much I ___________ you
and I’ll pay you.
a) am owing
b) owe
c) debt
d) was owing
5) (UNICAP) While Mrs. Hudson __________ lunch and her husband and their children
___________ to the radio last Friday, the phone __________ and then __________.
a) was cooking / was listening / rang / was stopped.
b) was cooking / were listening / rang / stopped.
c) cooked / were hearing / rung / stopped.
d) is cooking / is listening / rings / stops.
e) was cooking / listened / was ringing / was stopping.
6) (BCN) That is one of the most wonderful pictures Mariana ___________ .
a) has ever seen.
b) saw someday.
c) has seen last month.
d) did actually see.
e) never saw.
7) (BCN) Up to the present day, Luma ____________ further west than Frankfort, Ky.
a) didn’t go
b) won’t have gone
c) isn’t gone
d) ‘s ever went
e) has never been
8) (BCN) Sorry for my appearance. Today I __________ yet.
a) didn’t shave
b) don’t shave
c) wouldn’t shave
d) haven’t shaved
e) wasn’t shaving
9) (UNICAMP) No diálogo no quadrinho abaixo, o que a mãe quer salientar para a criança e
o que a criança entende?
Preempting Piracy
First, it was raiding ships on the high seas. Then, with the advent of the information age, it
was copying and downloading films and music. Today, the new frontier of piracy is “biopiracy”,
when companies in wealthy nations patent Indigenous medical and cosmetic remedies that
have been used for centuries In poor countries. In 1999, for Instance, New Jersey-based
Pure World.
Botanicals obtained U.S. patents on aphrodisiacs derived from maca, an Andean plant
Peru vians have long used to bolster fertility. The value of the U.S. market for macaderived
products was es~ mated to be more than $20 million in 2003.
Hoping to prevent wealthy corporations from staking claim to traditional remedies, some
nongovernmental organizations and even a few governments are cataloging Indigenous
medicines and plant species In online databases.
(Jaideep Singh. Foreign Policy, Sep. I Oct., 2004: 93)
1) Em relação à prática característica da biopirataria enfocada no texto, ldentifique (em potuguês):
a) quais são os agentes;
b) quais são as vítimas;
c) o objeto da biopirataria;
d) a forma como é praticada.
2) Cite, em português, uma outra forma de pirataria mencionada no texto.
3) Que tentativa está sendo feita para evitar o problema da biopiratarla? Responda em português.
4) Retire do último parágrafo uma sentença no Presente contínuo.
5) Qual o tempo verbal do verbo derived em:
“on aphrodisiacs derived...”