Corpus Christi-Our Lady of the Rosary Church Salesians of Don Bosco



Corpus Christi-Our Lady of the Rosary Church Salesians of Don Bosco
Corpus Christi-Our Lady of the Rosary Church
Salesians of Don Bosco
April 24, 2016
Parish Offices
136 S. Regent St,
Port Chester, NY 10573
914-939-3169 / 914 939-0547
Fax: 914-939-7249
Pastoral Staff/Personal Pastoral/ConselhoPastoral
Rev. Patrick Angelucci, SDB, Pastor
Rev. Thomas Brennan, SDB, in residence
Sr. Margaret Rose Buonaiuto, FMA
Director of Religious Education
Salesian Residence
Sr. Ana Maria Causa, SA, Pastoral Associate
23 Nicola Place, Port Chester, NY
Rev. Tarcisio dos Santos, SDB, Parochial Vicar
Parish Office Hours/ Horas de Oficina /Escritório Aberto Rev. Peter Granzotto, SDB, Parochial Vicar
Monday-Friday/Lunes-Viernes/Segunda a Sexta-feira:
Rev. John Grinsell, SDB, DBCC Coordinator of
9:00 AM - 4:00PM
Salesian Mission and Animation for DBCC
Saturday / Sábado: 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Rev. Joseph Vien Hoang, SDB, Parochial Vicar
Rev. David Moreno, SDB, in residence
Celebration of the Eucharist/
Rev. Miguel Angel Suarez, SDB,
Celebración de la Eucaristía / Celebração da Missa
Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Sunday / Domingo
Deacon Michael Gizzo
7:30AM, CC English -10:15AM HR English
Deacon William Vaccaro
10:30AM, CC English
Mr. Jorge Camacho, Head of Maintenance
Ms. Maria Massa, Parish Secretary
8:45AM, HR, Spanish
-11:45AM, HR, Spanish
Mr. Michael McCarthy, Finance Office
12:00PM, CC, Spanish
-1:15PM, HR, Spanish
Mr. John Moran, Business Manager
Mrs. Arlete Sasseron, Parish Receptionist
9:00AM, CC, Português
Trustees: John Mecca
Saturday / Sábado
Peggy Ann Munnick
8:00AM Adoration Chapel (English)
4:00PM CC (English)
Corpus Christi-Holy Rosary School
7:00PM , HR (Spanish)
Sr. Lise Parent, FMA, Principal 914-937-4407
Monday-Friday / Lunes-Viernes / Segunda a Sexta-Feira
6:30AM (Adoration Chapel), English; 6:45AM, CC English 12:00PM CC English, 7:30PM, HR Spanish
Confessions / Confesiones / Confissões
2:00PM-4:00PM (English/ Spanish) (Sat., Sab.) CC
6:45PM-7:30PM (Spanish) (Wednesday, Thurs., & Friday) HR
8:00PM-10:00PM (Thursday) Português HR
Baptisms / Bautismos / Batismo
Register in the parish office. / Visite la rectoría. / Passe pelo
escritório da igreja.
Weddings / Bodas / Casamento
Contact the parish office at least six months in advance.
Please come to the church before reserving your venue. /
Contacte la oficina de la parroquia seis meses antes. Por favor
vengan a la oficina antes de reservar el local. /
Procure o escritório da igreja, pelo menos com 6 meses de
antecedência. Por favor não contrate o buffet antes de
reservar a data do casamento na igraja.
Adoration Chapel / Capilla de Adoración/
Capela do Santíssimo (23 Nicola Pl.)
7:00AM-9:00PM Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
135 S. Regent St. Port Chester
Corpus Christi-Holy Rosary Convent
135 S. Regent St., Port Chester 914-937-4405
Corpus Christi-Holy Rosary Religious Education
Sr. Margaret Rose (914) 937-6301
Don Bosco Community Center, Inc.
Ann Heekin, Ph. D. Executive Director
Mrs. Margaret Diaz, Assistant Executive Director
on Facebook at Don Bosco Port Chester
Don Bosco Workers, Inc.
Gonzalo Cruz, Program Coordinator
22 Don Bosco Place. Port Chester
914–305-6060 / 914-433-6666
Mass Intentions
Saturday, April 23
8:00AM (HR) +Carmela Radice—Gertrude & Anthony
4:00PM(CC) +Luis DeMaro—Wife Marie
7:00PM(HR) +Jorge Flores—Esposa e Hijas
Sunday, April 24
7:30AM(CC) +Domenick & Santa Giordano-Lorenzo &
Joanne Giordano
8:45AM(HR)(40th Ord. Aniv) Fr. Tim Ploch &
9:00AM(CC) +Nick Nespolini-Family
10:15AM(HR) +Faust & Antoinette Carrieri-Children &
10:30AM(CC) +Santa Blasi—Husband & Family
11:45AM(HR) +Julián Holguín—Ana & Víctor Holguín
12:00PM(CC) +José Hernández Canas—Hijas
1:15PM(HR) +Clara Sundheim—Familia Sundheim
Monday, April 25
6:30AM(HR) For the People
6:45AM(CC) +Father Jim Marra-Nel Moore & Family
12:00PM(CC) +Antonio Boccarossa—Jennifer
7:30PM(HR) +Sexta M. Oria Cantero—Zenaida Ponce &
Tuesday, April 26
6:30AM(HR) Seniors Celebrating a Birthday this Week
6:45AM(CC) For Vocations
12:00PM(CC) +Irene Pristas—Daughter
7:30PM(HR) +Maria Rosaria Romanello—Nick & John
Wednesday, April 27
6:30AM(HR) +Luigi DeMarco—Daughter Filomena
6:45AM(CC) +Andy Feliz-Parents
12:00PM(CC) +Pasquale & Giuseppina DiPalma—Mario
& Gemma DiPalma
7:30PM (HR) +Ana Rosa Basantes—Hijos & Nietos
Thursday, April 28
6:30AM(HR) +Deceased Parents-Mary O’Flaherty
6:45AM(CC) +Lucy & Sam Porco-Daughter
12:00PM(CC) +Giuseppe & Cristina Alonzi-Genoveffa
7:30PM(HR) +María Isabel Jiménez—Hijos y Nietos
Friday, April 29
6:30AM(HR) (Birthday) Steve Bockino-Mother
6:45AM(CC) +John Menna—Daughter & Family
12:00PM(CC) +Dominick Summa—Bea & Richard Lalla
7:30PM (HR) +Giovanni Juárez—Familia
Saturday, April 30
8:00AM (HR) +Agostino Sena—Mother & Father
9:00AM (CC) Fr. Jim Marra—Memorial Mass
4:00PM(CC) +Joseph & Audrey Federici—Jerry & Kathy
7:00PM(HR) +David Coyt-Hijos
Sunday, May 1
7:30AM(CC) +Guy Loizzo—Family
8:45AM(HR) +Dot & John Marino—Nick Mecca
9:00AM(CC) In Honor of Saint Joseph-Diana Bockino
10:15AM(HR) +Angela Vita—Gertrude & Anthony
10:30AM(CC) +Tammaro Family—Daughter Dolores
11:45AM(HR) +Angelito Narváez—Padres y Hermanos
12:00PM(CC) Virgen de la Asunción—Dante Barriga
1:15PM(HR) Para el Fin del Aborto—Angelo López
Please pray for our Troops
Por Favor recen por nuestros soldados
Robert Gleason, Daniel Ceccarelli,
Michael Valencia, Doug Doros &
Julian Di Donato.
Host and Wine: April 24—30
in Memory of Sam Archino
Requested by Wife and Family
Message of Mercy
Jesus to St. Faustina
Entrust yourself completely to Me at
the hour of death, and I will present you
to My father as My bride. And now I
recommend that you unite, in a special
way, even your smallest deeds to My
merits, and then My Father will look
upon them with love as if they were My own. (126)
Mensaje de la Divina Misericordia
Jesús a Santa Faustina
Confía completamente en mí a la hora de la
muerte, y te voy a presentar a mi padre como
mi novia. Y ahora recomiendo que se les
unan, de una manera especial, hasta sus tus
más pequeñas acciones a mis méritos, y
entonces mi Padre las verá con amor como si
fueran mías. (126)
Mensagem da Divina Misericórdia
Jesus a Santa Faustina
Confie totalmente a mim, o momento de sua
morte, que eu te apresentarei ao Pai. Agora eu
aconselho que entregue a mim de maneira
especial, tudo, ate mesmo as pequenas coisas, e
Deus Pai cuidara delas com muito amor como se
fossem minhas. (126)
From the Pastor’s Desk
Today is the 24th of the month—a day in our Salesian
tradition when we remember Our Blessed Mother, the Help of
Christians, in a special way. Indeed, every 24th of the month
is dedicated to her since the feast of Mary Help of Christians
falls in May 24th. This is so important to Don Bosco, that for
him and his boys, the month of Mary actually began in April
24th and went to May 24th. He wanted it to be known and
emphasized that this was a tie of special graces from the hands
of Mary.
Following the lead of our father, teacher and friend Don
Bosco, we too, know this to be a time of special devotion to
our Blessed Mother begging her intercede for the many graces
we need. Within our new parish we are blessed to have an
ADMA group-a group of women who are part of our
worldwide Salesian family and who have as primary to their
mission and purpose to help the Salesians in spreading
devotion to Mary Help of Christians. I want to share with you
today, three ways ADMA will be helping our parish in the
month dedicated to Our Lady.
First, beginning on Sunday, May 1st, we will have the
recitation of the Rosary in English, Spanish, Portuguese and
Italian every day during the month of May in front of the
Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima at the Salesian Residence at
Nicola Place. There we will also crown the statue of Mary for
the month. Monday through Friday we will recite the Rosary
at 6:30PM and Saturday and Sunday at 6:00PM. All are
invited to come and pray the Rosary as a Parish Community.
Our world is torn by violence, war and disregard for human
life. Over and over again Mary, especially at Fatima, tells us a
key way to obtain peace is through the recitation the Rosary.
Please come and be a part of this beautiful Marian prayer each
day in this month dedicated to Mary, Our Mother and Helper.
Second, ADMA is preparing the yearly novena to Mary
Help of Christians in the various languages. The Novena will
begin on May 15th and end on May 23rd. We will celebrate
our novena each day after our daily Masses. It is a time to
really entrust our needs and petitions to Mary, our Helper and
Thirdly, ADMA is preparing the celebration of the Feast of
Mary Help of Christians which will begin with our Rosary in
front of the Statue of Fatima on Tuesday, May 24th. From
there, we will have a procession to the Church of Our Lady of
the Rosary followed by a tri-lingual Mass and the Crowning of
Mary and a celebrations of fellowship and food after the Mass.
Details for all this will follow.
Today, I really want to encourage all of us to come and
participate in our parish Rosary each evening. The Rosary is a
powerful prayer before the throne of God and the favorite
prayer of Our Blessed Mother. Once asked about her
relationship with Mary, Pope John Paul II answered: “Each
day Mary and I have an appointment together and neither of
us ever miss; we say the Rosary together.” I pray each of us
will keep our appointment with Mary each day in the month of
May at 6:30PM at the Salesian Residence!
God bless you!
Desde el Escritorio del Párroco
Hoy es el 24 del mes, un día en nuestra tradición salesiana
cuando recordamos de una manera especial a nuestra Madre, la
Auxiliadora. De hecho, el 24 de cada mes le es dedicado a ella
desde que la fiesta de María Auxiliadora cae el 24 de mayo.
Esto es tan importante para Don Bosco, que para él y sus
muchachos, el mes de María en realidad comienza el 24 de
abril y continúa hasta el 24 de mayo. Él quería que se hiciera
conocido y enfatizado que esto era un lazo de las gracias
especiales de las manos de María.
Siguiendo el ejemplo de nuestro padre, maestro y amigo Don
Bosco, también nosotros sabemos que éste es un tiempo de
devoción especial a la Santísima Virgen rogándole que
interceda por las muchas gracias que necesitamos. Dentro de
nuestra nueva parroquia estamos bendecidos de tener un grupo
de ADMA - un grupo de mujeres que forman parte de nuestra
familia salesiana en todo el mundo y que tienen como misión y
propósito el de ayudar a los salesianos en la difusión de la
devoción a María Auxiliadora de los Cristianos. Hoy quiero
compartir con ustedes, tres maneras que ADMA ayudará a
nuestra parroquia en el mes dedicado a la Virgen.
En primer lugar, a partir del domingo, 1º de mayo,
tendremos la recitación del rosario en inglés, español,
portugués e italiano todos los días durante el mes de mayo
frente al Santuario de la Virgen de Fátima en la Residencia
Salesiana en Nicola Place. Allí vamos a coronar la estatua de
María por el mes de mayo. De lunes a viernes vamos a rezar el
rosario a las 6:30 PM y los sábados y los domingos a las
6:00PM . Todos están invitados a ir a rezar el rosario como
comunidad parroquial. Nuestro mundo está destrozado por la
violencia, la guerra y el desprecio por la vida humana. Una que
otra vez María, especialmente en Fátima, nos dice que una
forma clave para obtener la paz es a través de la recitación del
rosario. Por favor, vayan y tomen parte de esta hermosa
oración mariana cada día en este mes dedicado a María,
Nuestra Madre y Ayudante.
En segundo lugar, ADMA está preparando la novena anual a
María Auxiliadora de los Cristianos en los diversos idiomas. La
novena comenzará el 15 de mayo y terminará el 23 de mayo.
Celebraremos nuestra novena cada día después de las misas
diarias. Es un tiempo de confiar realmente nuestras necesidades
y peticiones a María. nuestra Ayudante y Abogada
En tercer lugar, ADMA está preparando la celebración de la
fiesta de María Auxiliadora que se iniciará con nuestro rosario
delante de la estatua de Fátima el martes, 24 de mayo. A partir
de ahí, tendremos una procesión a la Iglesia de Nuestra Señora
del Rosario seguida por una misa trilingüe y una celebración
de amistad y comida después de la misa. Más detalles seguirán.
Hoy en día, realmente quiero animar a todos a asistir y
participar en el rosario parroquial cada noche . El rosario es
una oración poderosa ante el trono de Dios y la oración favorita
de Nuestra Santísima Madre. Una vez se le preguntó acerca de
su relación con María, el Papa Juan Pablo II respondió: "Cada
día María y yo tenemos una cita juntos y ninguno de nosotros
la perdemos; decimos juntos el rosario.” Rezo que cada uno de
nosotros ¡mantengamos nuestra cita con María cada día en el
mes de mayo a las 6:30PM en la residencia!
¡Que Dios los bendiga!
Da mesa do pároco
Hoje é 24 de maio, o nosso tradicional dia de
homenagear Nossa Senhora com o título de Auxiliadora
dos Cristãos. De fato, o dia 24 de cada mês é dedicado a
ela. Isso era muito importante para Dom Bosco; para ele e
seus meninos as homenagens a Nossa Senhora
Auxiliadora já começava no dia 24 de abril e ia até o dia
24 de maio. Ele queria deixar bem claro a sua devoção
especial a Maria. A exemplo de nosso pai Dom Bosco, nós
também conservamos essa devoção especial a Nossa
Senhora, certos de suas bênçãos sobre a nossa paróquia e
ajuda em nossas necessidades. Temos o privilégio de ter o
grupo ADMA que é um membro da familia Salesiana,
espalhando essa devoção por todo o mundo. De três
maneiras ADMA estará ajudando nossa paróquia nesse
mês dedicado a Maria.
Primeiro, começando domingo, dia 1º, teremos a
récita do rosário em Inglês, Espanhol, Português e Italiano
diariamente na Imagem de Nossa Senhora, em frente a
capela do Santíssimo. De 2ª a 6ª, às 6:30pm; aos sábados e
domingos, 6:00pm. Todos estamos convidados a participar
ativamente do terço, como paróquia reunida. O mundo
está tomado por violência, guerras e desrespeito à vida.
Maria, repete, especilmente em Fátima, que a chave para
obter a paz é récita do rosário. Por favor venha e faça parte
ativa das homenagens à Maria.
Segundo, ADMA está preparando a Novena a
Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora, nas várias linguas, de 15 a 23
de maio nas Missas. Esse é um tempo propício para
confiar a Nossa Senhora nossas intenções, ela é a nossa
advogada. Terceiro, ADMA está preparando a FESTA
dela no dia 24. Começaremos com o terço e procissão,
6:00pm da magem até a Igreja, onde teremos a Missa
tri-lingual com coroação de Maria e jantar no basement
após a missa.
Atenção para o que segue: Hoje eu gostaria que
todos vocês fossem participar do terço as 6:00pm. O terço
é a oração favorita de Maria e tem um poder muito grande
para atrair as bênçãos de Deus. São João Paulo II
dizia: Cada dia eu tenho um encontro garantido com Maria
para rezarmos o terço juntos. Espero que vocês assumam o
compromisso de vir todos os dias rezar o terço com Maria
às 6:30pm durante esse mês dedicado a ela.
Que Deus te abençoe!
May Crowning, Sunday, May 1, 7:00PM at the outdoor shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, outside the Adoration chapel in Nicola Place. As we begin this
month of Our Lady, we honor her as Mother of Jesus,
Mother of the Church and Immaculate Help of Christians. The crown we place on the image is an expression of devotion and a commitment to follow Mary,
the first disciple of Jesus.
Coronación de mayo, el domingo 1º de mayo,
7:00PM, afuera de la capilla de la Virgen detrás de la
capilla de adoración en Nicola Place. Mientras que
comenzamos este mes de Nuestra Señora, la honoramos como la Madre de Jesús, Madre de la Iglesia y
Inmaculada Auxiliadora de los Cristianos. La corona
que colocamos en la imagen es una expresión de devoción y un compromiso a seguir a María, la primera
discípula de Jesús..
Começaremos o mês de maio
Começaremos o mês de maio coroando Nossa Senhora; dia 1, às 6:30pm em frente à capela do Santíssimo. No mês de maio homenageamos a mãe de Jesus e
da Igreja com o título de Auxiliadora dos Cristaos.
Coroar Maria e expressão de devoção e compromisso
com ela, a primeira discípula de Jesus.
Praying the Rosary in May
May is the month of Our Lady. We will pray the Rosary everyday at 6:30PM at the shrine of Our Lady of
Fatima, outside the chapel. 6:00PM on Saturdays and
Rezando el Rosario en Mayo
Mayo es el mes de la Virgen María. Vamos a rezar el
rosario todos los días a las 6:30PM afuera de la capilla en la imagen de la Virgen. A las 6:00PM los sábados y los domingos.
Rezando o Rosario em Maio
Maio e o mês de Nossa Senhora. Nos rezaremos o
terço todos os dias às 6:30pm na Imagem de Nossa
Senhora de Fátima, em frente à capela do Santíssimo.
Aos sábados e domingos o terço e as 6:00pm.
Corpus Christi: April 17, 2016 $7,765.00
Holy Rosary: April 17, 2016
Congratulations to our Don Bosco Center Scholar
program. Already through it, one of our parishioners,
Carlos Ramirez, has received a full scholarship to
NYU! Let’s continue to support the activities &
events of our Don Bosco Community Center Youth
Outreach Programs.
Felicidades a nuestro programa Académico del Centro de Don Bosco. Ya, a través de él, uno de nuestros
feligreses, Carlos Ramírez, ¡ha recibido una beca
completa para la Universidad de Nueva York! Vamos a continuar apoyando las actividades y los
eventos de nuestro Centro Comunitario Don Bosco
en los programas de los jóvenes.
The first hour of work each week is for the Lord.
Stewardship: sharing the gifts we have been given.
La primera hora del trabajo cada semana es para el Señor. Co
-responsabilidad: Compartiendo los dones que hemos
—————————————————————A primeira hora de trabalho de cada semana é para o Senhor.
Co-responsabilidade: partilhando os dons que recebemos
There will be a second collection next weekend to
support the Church in Central and Eastern Europe.
Tendremos una segunda colecta el próximo fin de
semana para apoyar la Iglesia en Europa Central y
Havera uma segunda coleta nesse fim de semana
para apoiar a Igreja da Europa Central e Leste.
Parabéns ao nosso Don Bosco Center Scholar Peogram, através dele, um de nossos paroquianos, Carlos Ramirez, já recebeu bolsa completa na NYU.
Continuemos apoiando as atividades e eventos do
nosso Don Besco Community Center Youth Outreach Programs.
Thank YOU!
Thank you to the Latin Women of Scarsdale and
Friends for another successful fundraiser to benefit
the Don Bosco Summer Camp. More details to follow.
Gracias a las Latin Women of Scarsdale & friends
por otro evento exitoso para el benéfico del Campamento de Verano del Centro de Don Bosco
Muito obrigado as Senhoras Latinas de Scardale e
Amigos pelo brilhante evento realizado para levantar
fundos para o Summer Camp. Mais detalhes a seguir.
To date our parish has received $43,517.25 in
pledges/gifts toward the 2016 Cardinal’s Appeal,
from 222 families. We are at 64% of goal. For this
Appeal to be truly successful, we must have support
from all of our families. The Appeal is a vital
source of funding for the programs and ministries
that sustain the parishes across our Archdiocese. It
is not too late to make your gift. Please be as generous as you can. Thank you for your kind support.
Hasta la fecha de hoy nuestra parroquia ha recibido
$43,517.25 en promesas/regalos a la Apelación del
Cardenal del 2016, de 222 familias. Estamos al
64% de la meta. Para que nuestra apelación sea verdaderamente exitosa, debemos tener el apoyo de
todas nuestras familias. La apelación es una fuente
vital de financiación para los programas y ministerios que sustentan las parroquias de nuestra Arquidiócesis. No es demasiado tarde para hacer su regalo. Por favor sea generoso. Gracias por su generosa
Let us remember in our prayers
The sick: If you have anyone you would like to include in our Prayer List,
please contact Arlete in the Parish office at 914-939-3169 or (914) 939-0547
Danny Bochicchio, Kay LoParco, Patricia Gallo Perez, Rocco Morabito, Jr,
John Suppa, Ryan Williams, Rose Petro, Janet Crisi, Fr. John Masiello, Albina Buonaiuto,
Louis Buonaiuto, Fran Ferretti, Lena Ceruzzi, Peter Sotter, Anthony Rappoccio, Raul Aguilera,
Rubicenda Reyes, Christian Ramirez, Ramona (Lidia’s Mother), Fr. Peter Granzotto,
Geri Cusumano, Marlen Medina, Jose Amarillo, Jaxon Williams, Angela Caracuel, Italo Ceci,
Jennie Armeno, Virginia Drago, Maria de Quespe, Virginia Castaldo, Steven Jiamundo,
Luis Lozada, Joe Goldman, Vicky Guillen, Michelle, Ahn Riess, Tanita Hairston, Sue Punturiero,
Luz Isaura Lopez, Rocio Guaman, Justo Cabrera, Santiago Guzman & Carlos Saez.
Don Bosco Summer Camp Registration
Registration for 2016 at the Don Bosco Community Center, Tuesday through Friday
from 9:00AM to 6:00PM. The requirements are: a complete registration form, a $50 registration fee per child, up-to-date immunization records . Camp will be from June 29 to August 7
at Corpus Christi. Ages 8-14 years old. Camp fee is $150, per child, per week. Tuition assistance available for registered parishioners only. For further information please contact, Soraya or Margaret at 914-939-0323.
Registro Para el Campamento de Verano de Don Bosco
Registro para el 2016 en el Centro Don Bosco, martes a viernes de 9:00AM a 6:00PM. Los
requisitos son: la forma de registro llena, $50 registro por cada niño, y actualizados récords
de inmunización. El campamento será del 29 de junio hasta el 7 de agosto en Corpus Christi.
Edades de 8 a 14 años. El costo del campamento es $150, por semana por cada niño/a. Ayuda financiera está disponible sólo para los feligreses registrados. Para más información, por
favor contacte a Soraya o a Margaret at 914-939-0323.
Matrículas para o Summer Camp 2016
Matrículas para o Summer Camp 2016 já estão abertas no Don Bosco Center, de terça a sexta, das 9:00am às 5:30pm. As pessoas devem preencher o formulário, pagar uma taxa de $50
por criança, receber as vacinas. O camping será de 27 de junho a 5 de agosto na Corpus
Christi. Idade, de 5 a 14 anos. A taxa do camping e de $150 semanal por criança. E para
paroquianos, apenas. Para mais informação contactar Soraya ou Margaret no (914) 939-0323
Don Bosco Scholars - Class of 2017
A First Generation College Access Program for Port Chester Youth
Current High School Juniors who will be Seniors in Fall 2016 are invited to apply to Don Bosco Scholars
Class of 2017. Students accepted to the program will receive a personal “college coach” to guide them and their families through the college application process including College List, Common App, College Essay, FAFSA boot camp,
and Scholarships. Scholars will also have access to Kaplan-taught SAT classes at the Don Bosco Community Center,
starting April 24th in preparation for the June 2016 SAT Test.
To apply, contact Dr. Ann Heekin, Executive Director, Don Bosco Community Center, (914) 939-0323 or
email: [email protected]
Estudiantes de la promoción del otoño de 2016 están invitados a solicitar en el Centro Don Scholar Class
2017. Los estudiantes aceptados en el programa recibirán un "mentor de la universidad" personal para guiarlos y a su
familia a través del proceso de solicitud de la universidad incluyendo lista de universidades, Common App, ensayo de
la universidad, el campo de entrenamiento FAFSA y becas. Los estudiantes también tendrán acceso a las clases impartidas SAT - Kaplan en el Centro Comunitario Don Bosco, a partir 24 de abril en la preparación para el examen SAT en
junio de 2016.
Para solicitar, póngase en contacto con la Dra. Ann Heekin, directora ejecutiva, Don Bosco Community Center, (914) 939-0323 o por correo electrónico: [email protected]
Wednesdays AT 6:15 PM FROM MAY 4 TO JUNE 15
Please join us at Corpus Christi Church in the Teen Center for Discovering
Christ. Enjoy a free dinner, listen to a dynamic teaching and join in a small group discussion about the meaning of life in Jesus Christ. Discovering Christ is a seven-week
series that will begin Wednesday, May 4, and includes a life-changing retreat on Saturday, June 4. Space is limited
We invite you to learn more about the course:
This course is designed for you to revitalize your faith or to bring your friends and family who have
been away from the church and are open to exploring the meaning of life in Jesus Christ.
Discovering Christ was developed by ChristLife, a Catholic ministry in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.
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