Married, 36 years old
Cel: (11) 9.8187-3520
E-mail: [email protected]
Rua da Paz, 2150 Bl. Aruba Ap. 114 – Chácara Santo Antônio - CEP: 04713-002 - São Paulo / SP.
Career Goal: Communication and digital marketing manager
Professional Profile: Solid professional experience in communications and digital marketing, e-commerce, websites and
advertising. Good relationship skills, dynamic, organized, focused in procedures, people, business and results.
Specialist - High Performance Digital Marketing Management: Ecommerce School – 2013
Bachelor´s Degree in Social Communications – Advertising – Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado – 2001-2004.
Bachelor´s Degree in Mechanical Engineering – Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado – 3 years (not concluded)
ENGLISH: professional working proficiency
São Paulo State Government – Secretariat of Planning and Management – 2010 - present
Communications Coordinator
• Executive responsible for connecting multiple government actors to enhance public projects management
• Communication projects coordinator and advertising campaign developer
• Standard procedures and communication channels planner aiming to build a full integrated information system
• Website and Intranet interface and navigation system developer in order to improve user experience
• New technology projects developer to expand public services (Ex. App S.O.S. Cidadão)
• Government websites analysis to suit branding guidelines and functionality
• Online and offline ads developer to public sectors (Detran, World Cup Office etc)
• Managed public security information to lead government decisions
• Responsible for the budget monitoring of 15public security projects estimated at more than 2, 5 billion reais.
• Real Estate online and offline advertising campaign developer
• World Cup Office executive responsible for the book “Cidade-Base II”.
Digital Marketing Consultant: 2006 to 2014
Website development, apps, SEO, Social Media, E-commerce and web Analytics.
Latest Clients / Jobs:
- Moda Fitness Outlet: branding and e-commerce development:
- Nail Lounge: website and online marketing campaign:
- E-commerce for wedding websites: /
Pizza Hut Inc. – San Diego, California: 2005 a 2006
Sales Coordinator.
• Improved store revenue by applying communications and sales techniques
• Delivery and logistics area planner
FREE LANCER: 2001 to 2004
Website, logo, branding ,advertising and promotional clothing developer.
- Mastercard: promotional clothing to suit international fair
- Santa Aldeia: promotional custom t-shirts
- Qualy Blindagem Automotiva: professional uniforms design
ESTÁGIO: 2001 A 2003
• Internship: Planner at Creative Works Agency
• Internship: Art Director at Lira Marketing
• HTML 5, Java Script e CSS: Curso em
• Pitch: How to attract investors: Escola do Marketing Digital – AGO/2013
• Social Banners: Escola do Marketing Digital – AGO/2013
• Digital Branding: online brand management: Escola do Marketing Digital – AGO/2013
• Digital Marketing Mix: Escola do Marketing Digital – AGO/2013
• Landing Pages: how to get leads: Escola do Marketing Digital – AGO/2013
• Flash CS4: DRC - Centro de Treinamento Especializado em Tecnologia – NOV 2010
• Web design: Impacta Tecnologia (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, CorelDraw, Pacote Office) – 2000
• Law: taxes, public and private contracts
• Statistics and Mathematical Finance
• Auditing
• Business Administration
• Accounting
• Economics and Finance
• Business Communication