Call for Papers



Call for Papers
4th International Workshop
Software Networks
U FRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
March 31-April 1 2016
Call for Abstracts
Conference Chairs
Otto Carlos Duarte (UFRJ)
Programme Committee Chairs
Guy Pujolle (UPMC)
Organization Committee Chairs
Aziza Lounis, DNAC, France
Programme Committee Members
Nadjib Aitsaadi, UPEC, France
Khaldoun Al Agha, Green Communications, Fr
Marcelo Amorim, UPMC, France
Luis Orozco Barbosa, UCM, Spain
Raouf Boutaba, Waterloo University, Canada
Georg Carle, TUM, Germany
Miguel Elias M. Campista, UFRJ, Brazil
Omar Cherkaoui, UQAM, Canada
Joaquim Celestino Jr, UECE, Brazil
Luis Henrique M.K. Costa, UFRJ, Brazil
Emmanuel Dotaro, Thales, France
Wissam Fawaz, Lebanese American Univer. LB
Mauro Fonseca, PUCPR, Brazil
Nelson Luis S. da Fonseca, Unicamp, Brazil
Kamel Haddadou, Gandi, France
Bijan Jabbari, Mason University, USA
Shengming Jiang, South China U of Tech., CN
Ahmed Karmouch, University of Ottawa, CA
Rafael Laufer, Bell Labs, USA
Daniel Macedo, UFMG, Brazil
Igor M. Moraes, UFF, Brazil
Edmundo Monteiro, DEI, Portugal
Anelise Munaretto, UTFPR, Brazil
José-Marcos Nogueira, FUMG, Brazil
Michele Nogueira, UFPR, Brazil
Mai Trang Nguyen, UPMC, France
Harry Perros, NCSU, USA
Marcelo G. Rubinstein, UERJ, Brazil
José Neuman de Souza, UFC, Brazil
Yutaka Takahashi, Kyoto University, Japan
Fouad Tobagi, Stanford University, USA
Pascal Urien, Telecom ParisTech, France
Pedro B. Valloso, UFRJ, Brazil
Artur Ziviani, LNCC, Brazi l
Important dates
Submission of papers: January 25, 2016
Notification to authors: February 3, 2016
Camera-ready copies: March 15, 2016
Conference topics
Software networks conference aims at addressing advances in
research in the areas of software networks. The workshop will
provides a forum for researchers, students and professionals to
exchange, discuss, and share their experiences, ideas and
research results about theoretical and practical aspects in these
interesting areas. Topics include, but are not limited to:
- SDN (Software-Defined Networking),
- NFV (Network Function Virtualisation)
- Cloud, Cloudlet and FemtoCloud for networking
- Network softwerization
- Cloud Networking and Mobile Cloud
- MEC Mobile Edge Cloud
- 5G cloudification
- Cloud-RAN
- Northbound interface
- Control plane (Open Daylight, OpenContrail, Floodlight, etc.)
- Southbound interface (OpenFlow, I2RS, Netconf, OpFlex, etc.)
- Eastbound and Westbound interfaces
- Orchestrator, piloting system, controller
- Virtualization, virtual networks, virtual wireless equipment
- Data plane and concretization
- Virtualization accelerator
- LISP, TRILL, GRE, etc.
- Network on the fly, Virtual control, Virtual radio
- Security in SDN, isolation
- Software network management
- Performance and experiment
Instructions for abstract submission
The selection for presentation at the workshop will be realized on the
abstract of the paper. Then, authors with accepted abstract will have the
choice on:
1- Send the final presentation as a pdf or a ppt
2- Send a full paper following Springer guidelines . (This will be detailed
with the abstract acceptation)
Full papers will be reviewed to be published in an indexed Journal:
Annals of Telecommunications (Springer). Full papers must follow the
publisher’s guidelines (Springer).
At least one author of each accepted presentation must register to the
conference and present the paper.
All papers must be submitted in electronic form through the EDAS web
site by the deadline indicated below.

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