Matemática - Aula 01 e 02



Matemática - Aula 01 e 02
Inglês – Aulas 5 e 6 Part 2
Colégio integral –2 º ano –2 º bimestre - 2013
A) Complete the following cover letter with the correct form of the verbs. Use Simple
Past , Present Continuous or Present Perfect Continuous.
6965 North Troy Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60659
June 4, 2000
Mr. Ray Johnson, General Manager
Paradise Hotel
226 West Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Dear Mr. Johnson:
I would like to apply for the job of hotel office manager at the Paradise Hotel.
I come from Mexico City, where my family owns a hotel. I ___________ (work) in the
family business part-time when I ___________ (be) in high school. After high school,
I _____________ (study) hotel and restaurant management at the National
University of Mexico. I ______________ (come) to the U.S. in 1992 because I
wanted to continue my education and learn about managing larger hotels. Since I
______________ (come) to the U.S., I _______________ (work) in several
American hotels. Over the years my English ________________ (improve), and I
now consider myself bilingual, fluent in both Spanish and English, which is a plus in
the hotel business. I ___________ (also/study) French and can speak it fairly well. I
_______________ (be) a U.S. citizen for the past two years.
I _______________ (receive) my bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois in
1996 and my master's degree from Northwestern University in 1998. For the past
few years, I ________________________ (work) at the Town and Country Hotel. As
you can see from my résumé, I have had a lot of experience in various aspects of
the hotel business. Now that I have my degree in business administration, I am
ready to assume more responsibilities.
If you ___________________ (already/fill) the manager's position, I would like you
to consider me for any other position at your hotel. I _____________________
(always/love) the hotel business, and I know I can be an asset to your hotel.
Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to meeting with you soon.
Daniel Mendoza
Inglês – Aulas 5 e 6 Part 2
Colégio integral –2 º ano –2 º bimestre - 2013
B) Read the job interview with Daniel. Write the correct verbs in the blanks.
I __________________ (look at) your résumé. I see you work in a hotel.
Yes, I do.
How long _________you _________this job? (have)
I _________________ (have) this job for only a short time. But I _________a
lot of experience in the hotel business. In fact, my parents own a hotel in
How long _________your parents _________a hotel? (have)
Most of their lives.
A. _________ you ____________ your parents recently? (see)
B. Yes. I __________ . My mother ___________________ (be) to the U.S. a
few times to see me. But my father _________never_________ (be) here
because someone has to stay at the hotel all the time. He _____________
(tell) me many times, "When you are an owner of a business, you don't have
time for vacations." But I don't want to be an owner now. I just want a job as a
manager __________________ (you/fill) the position yet?
A. No, I haven't. ______already_______________ (interview) several people
and will interview a few more this week. When we make our decision, we'll let
you know.
C) Fill in the blanks with the present perfect (for no time mentioned) or the simple
past (if the time is mentioned) of the verb in parentheses.
I ___________________ (have) many new experiences since I moved here.
I ___________________ (try) some foods for the first time in my life. I ___________
(eat) pizza, but I don't like it much. Yesterday, I __________ (try) Chinese food for
the first time and thought it was delicious.
I _________________ (meet) a lot of new people and I have some new friends. I
_______________ (see) some behaviors I __________________ (never/see)
before. For example, there's a guy in my math class who wears torn jeans every
day. Yesterday I ___________ (ask) him if he needs money for new clothes, but he
just laughed and said, "Torn clothes are in style."
I _____________________(visit) some interesting places. I ______________ (go) to
the art museum and the science museum. I __________________ (take) a boat ride
on a nearby river. I _________________ (even/go) to the top of the tallest building.
I ____________ (learn) about looking for a job. I ________________ (write)
résumés and I ______________ (have) job interviews. I __________ (go) to job
fairs. I ________________ (even/use) the Internet for my job search. Last week I
__________ (go) to see a job counselor at my college, and she _______________
(give) me some help with interviewing techniques.
Inglês – Aulas 5 e 6 Part 2
Colégio integral –2 º ano –2 º bimestre - 2013
D) Write in English.
1. Eu não tenho visto minha irmã há muito longo tempo.
2. Não estudo álgebra desde o colegial.
3. Eu não tenho jogado futebol desde que eu era uma criança.
4. Eu não tive tempo para ler um livro desde que eu comecei a estudar inglês.
5. A. Alguma vez você já estudou história da arte?
B. Sim, estudei história da arte, quando eu era calouro.
6. A. Alguma vez você já recebeu uma multa por excesso de velocidade?
B. Não, eu nunca tive uma multa.
7. A. Você já emprestou dinheiro a um amigo?
B. Sim, eu emprestei dinheiro a amigos muitas vezes.
8. A. Você tem escrito para a sua família ultimamente?
B. Sim, eu tenho. Eu escrevi-lhes uma carta na semana passada.
9. A. Você tem ido à biblioteca recentemente?
B. Sim, eu tenho. Eu fui para a biblioteca ontem.
10. A. Você já viu algum filme bom ultimamente?
B. Sim, eu vi. Eu vi um bom filme na semana passada.
11. A. Você já esteve ausente ultimamente?
B. Sim, eu estive. Eu estive ausente na semana passada.
E) Fill in the blanks using ever, never, just, already and yet.
1. Have you _________ been in America?
2. Do you hear the noise? The train has _________ arrived.
3. No. Your cousin hasn't come to the party _________.
4. Can you open the door? Oh, it is _________ open.
5. Your daughter has _________ returned home. You don't have to worry anymore.
6. Haven't you finished your food _________? No, I am still eating mom.
7. I am a very lucky person. I have _________had nightmares.
8. Are you going to meet me at the shop? Yes, I am _________ there.
9. Would you like to have dinner with us? No thanks, I have _________ had dinner.
10. Have you _________ seen such a big ant?
Inglês – Aulas 5 e 6 Part 2
Colégio integral –2 º ano –2 º bimestre - 2013