Press release – Eric Taylor Escudero



Press release – Eric Taylor Escudero
Eric Taylor Escudero was born in Sao Paulo in the late 80´s.
Growing up in a house brimming with 60´s and 70´s rock and
folk, Taylor soon began to write his own songs. After playing in
several rock bands in Sao Paulo, he decided to go solo. With
influences ranging from britpop and indie rock to folk, country
and post-rock, Taylor has released 3 EPs: “Lines We Wrote in
Spring(2010)” “Northern Lights or Summer Skies (2011)” and
“Big City Lights (2012)”.
Escudero´s lyrics evoke the most diverse themes, from life in the
big cities, to the changing of the seasons, in either surreal or
objective ways, but always uniquely and poetically. Besides
Brazil, Escudero has performed in Austria and Denmark.
Recently, Escudero was featured twice in the internet music show “Balcony TV”. He performed
the song “On Your Own” solo, and a few months later “The Endless Sound of Greatness”, the
latter will be featured in his upcoming debut album “We Were Young and It Was Morning”,
recorded in Austin, TX.
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Since the “Northern Lights or Summer Skies” release Eric Taylor Escudero has played in some
of the most important bars, venues, parks and bookstores in São Paulo. In 2013 Escudero did
his first “mini-tour” in Europe, which allowed him to play in Denmark and Austria.
Below are some of the most important dates:
05/08/2011 – Livraria Cultura - Villa Lobos Mall – São Paulo
22/02/2012 – Carnafolk – Ibirapuera Park – São Paulo
10/03/2012 – Zeitgeist Fest (festival)
08/10/2012 –“Big City Lights EP” Release concert – TonTon Jazz – São Paulo
20/10/2012 – Folk Music Brazil (festival) – Victor Civita Square – São Paulo
14/01/2013 – Projeto Encontros – Estação Paraíso (São Paulo Metro Station)
31/01/2013 – Vienna Acoustic Club – Café Concerto – Vienna – Austria
06/02/2013 – Gimles Café – Roskilde – Denmark
13/06/2013 – Folk night at Livraria da Esquina (festival)
08/10/2014 – Sensorial discos – São Paulo
12/12/2014 – Casa Galeria – São Paulo
31/01/2015 – Parque Trianon – São Paulo
Eric Taylor Escudero has been featured in several blogs and newspapers. Some of them are
“Metrô News”, “505 Indie”, “Tenho Mais Discos Que Amigos”, “Monkeybuzz”, among others.
Eric Taylor has the best of folk music“ – Música Pavê
“Honestly, the song The Uncountable Colours of the Sky deserves its own paragraph. Genius. –
Escuto no Metrô
“Between sad melodies and slightly happy songs, two things were remarkable: the good
chemistry among the musicians and the endeavor with which they made the best quality
music.” – Música Pavê
“If you think that only in Europe you can find good folk music, you are wrong. In Brazil, most
precisely in the huge city of São Paulo, there are some artists that stand out in such genre. One
of the names that is worth watching is Eric Taylor.” – PubHunters
Who: Eric Taylor Escudero
Where: São Paulo, SP
Released music: Lines We Wrote In Spring EP (2010); Northern Lights or Summer Skies EP
(2011); Big City Lights EP (2012)
Main Influences: Johnny Flynn; Roddy Woomble; Bright Eyes, Ryan Adams, Oasis; Sigur Rós,
Reviews and News in digital and print media: Monkeybuzz, Musica Pavê, Escuto no Metrô,
Metrô News (print), Tenho Mais Discos Que Amigos, 505 Indie, Southern Rock Brasil, etc.
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