January 2012 Hello Friends, We hope and pray that you are all well



January 2012 Hello Friends, We hope and pray that you are all well
January 2012
Hello Friends,
We hope and pray that you are all well and looking forward to what
the Lord has in store for you in 2012. We would like to thank
everyone who made our time in Oregon and British Columbia so
enjoyable and refreshing. We spent a great time visiting with family,
friends and sponsoring churches during the month of December. Juan
Carlos and Andrew got to try ice skating, skiing and tobogganing for the first time and they
really enjoyed it. Juan Carlos also tried fishing for the first time and he loved the experience. It
was baby Matthew`s first trip to the U.S.A. and Canada and it was great for our family and
friends to finally be able to meet him. We were also so blessed by the positive response that
people had when we shared the vision and needs for the school that we are starting this year.
Thank-you all for being such a blessing to us.
Light of the World Christian School
We praise the Lord that Light of the World Christian School opened its doors on January 16 for
the first day of classes. We had a dedication for the school on the 13 th of January. We invited a
local pastor and my parents (Bob and Shirley Adams) to pray with us and the teachers for God`s
blessing and wisdom as we begin this new adventure that the Lord has placed before us. This
school has been in preparation for a long time and we are very excited to be able to receive 28
boys and girls ages 4-7 at the school. All of these children come from families that have many
needs and we are happy that the Lord is using the school in this way to be able to provide a
good education for these children. Even more importantly we are excited to be able to share
God`s love and blessings to them and their families. I (Liz) will be teaching English classes to the
children two days a week and both Juan Carlos and I are helping to lead the daily morning
devotions. Juan Carlos also has the role of school administrator. Andrew is one of the students
in our school and he is already enjoying his first year of school. We have already been so
blessed to see all of the children learning about our Lord and singing songs to him.
Here is a list of prayer requests for the school as we start up:
1. That the Lord will give us (Juan Carlos and Liz) wisdom and His vision as we run the
2. For the two teachers, Aura and Noemi, that they will be blessed by their work and
that they will continue to be a blessing to their students and families represented.
3. For the 28 students, that they will grow and learn of Christ`s love for them and share
that with their families. Also pray that we will be able to be a huge blessing to them and
their families as we seek to meet their needs.
4. That the Lord will continue to provide for the needs of the school.
5. That there will be no opposition to this project from the community.
We would not be able to start this project without your prayers and support. Thank-you for
remembering us in your prayers.
San Lucas School:
The San Lucas School has also started classes for the year. We have many children sponsored in
this school and Juan Carlos has been enjoying teaching Bible classes again this year. This is the
4th year that we have been teaching in this school and we have been encouraged to see young
people come to the Lord and to have the opportunity to counsel many who are struggling with
difficult situations. Please pray that we can continue to reach these children and young people
for the Lord.
We are so appreciative of all of your prayers and support over the years. We are thankful that
the Lord has placed us here in Guatemala and we are able to be used by Him in these ways.
Many Blessings for you and your family,
Juan Carlos, Liz, Andrew and Matthew Jimenez