Update: Mozambican academic and analyst José



Update: Mozambican academic and analyst José
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Data: 23/05/2016
Update: Mozambican academic and analyst José Jaime Macuane
shot on both legs, hospitalization confirmed
According to O País, José Jaime Macuane was shot on both legs this morning and
Maputo’s Private Hospital has confirmed that the academic and political commentator
has been admitted for treatment,
O País is owned by Soico Group, which also owns STV News channel, wheer
Macuane was a commentator on the weekly programme ‘Pontos de Vista’
José Jaime Macuane, was shot this morning by unknown individuals in Marracuene
district on the Maputo ring road.
There is little verified information, but a photograph seen by Folha de Maputo and
taken by a member of the public who came on the scene just minutes later clearly
shows marks of violence to Macuane’s head, reports FM.
According to the source, Macuane is still alive. A team from Folha de Maputo is
heading to the scene to gather more information, and a family source has reportedly
told FM that Macuane was kidnapped and then shot.
Macuane has been taken to the Maputo Private Hospital for treatment.
As well as working as a commentator on the Sunday evening ‘Pontos de Vista’
program which analyzes the issues of the week, Macuane is a professor at Eduardo
Mondlane University. He holds a PHD on Political Science by the Instituto
Universitário de Pesquisas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The program ‘Pontos de Vista’ is moderated by Mozambican journalist Jeremias
Langa. ‘Pontos de Vista’ other commentator is Mozambican journalist Fernando
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