The new Resonance tympanometer is born.



The new Resonance tympanometer is born.
The new Resonance
tympanometer is born.
Audiology Excellence by MRS
Compact. Ergonomic. User friendly.
The new Resonance® R36M tympanometer provides
a flexible clinical device for Tympanometry acoustic reflex measurement.
Compact dimensions, excellent ergonomics and
a luminous 7” TFT display: the new R36M has been engineered
to respond to the needs of ENT and Audiology Specialists,
operating both in clinic and at patient domicile.
Design is user-friendly and allows both device
and accessories to be safely carried around
in a carrying case, available on demand.
Safe. Flexible. Customizable.
The R36M offers several options for managing
and archiving .pdf test-report files.
Thanks to this tympanometer, .pdf test-report files can be
initially stored in a USB-stick and then either archived into
external units or printed by means of the built-in thermal printer.
Direct printout via USB is available for specific printers.
Reports can easily be edited and customized
with additional texts and logos.
The Noah® optional module allows
transferring tests results to the PC.
Powerful. Easy. Complete.
Comfortable. Elegant. Reliable.
Speed. Versatility. Quality.
R36M is built upon a 30-years experience
and know-how gained in the audiological industry.
R26M and R36M configurations offer a
complete range of clinical diagnostic and clinical
Timpanometry tests.
Both configurations aim at simplifying
daily operations and maximizing efficiency.
Design of accessories maximizes patient comfort for the
best and easiest handling of the device.
Optional accessories increase flexibility and performance.
Resonance® R&D collaborates with Universities and ENT
specialists to identify and prioritize features that
are most relevant and important to them.
High-quality components ensure device
reliability as well as long-term operation.
Technical Data
Battery Tests
Probe tone frequency 226Hz ±1% (800, 1000, 2000 Hz available from March 2013)
85 ±1dB
Probe tone level (dBSPL)
Volume range (ml)
from 0.2 to 5 (±0.1ml o ±5%)
Ipsi pure tone frequencies (Hz)
500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000
Contra pure tone frequencies (Hz)
250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000
Noise stimuli
BBN, HPN, LPN (contra and Ipsi)
Pressure range (daPa)
from +200 to -400 (R26M) – from +400 to -600 (R36M)
Pressure accuracy
±10daPa or ±10%
Pump speed (daPa/sec)
50, 100, 200, 300, Automatic
Reflex test method
Threshold, automatic, manual
Pure tone level range (dBHL)
Ipsi from 50 to 110 – Contra from 50 to 120
Noise level range (dBSPL)
Ipsi from 50 to 100 – Contra from 50 to 115
Level steps (dB)
1, 2, 5, 10
Reflex test time (sec)
0.5, 1, 2,
Decay stimuli time (sec)
10, 20
User interface multilanguage
Communication port
1 USB Host type A; 1 USB slave type B
.pdf exam report
directly on USB pen drive
high resolution color TFT 7’’
Power supply
110-240V AC 50/60Hz 40VA Fuses: 2 x T 1 A L 250V
L x W x H: 370x290x180 mm - Weight: 3.5 kg net
MDD 93/42/EEC Class IIa
IEC 60601-1 3rd e 2nd Edition Class 1 Type B
EMC: IEC 60601-1-2
IEC 60645-5; ANSI S3.39 Type 1 / Type 2
Tymp test
ETF (intact and perforated)
Manual pump
Decay non acoustic
Growth -DLI
3 Automatic Quick tests
Standard accessories
Thermal printer
Dust cover
USB Pen Drive
Probe headband
TDH39 for Contra
Insert for Contra*
Kit of assorted ear tips
Calibration cavity
Thermal paper
Optional accessories
External USB keyboard
Carrying bag
Suite Software
NOAH® module
Foot switch
Insert for Contra (R26M)
* For R36M only
Given the goal of continuous improvement of its product range, in order to increase
the level of customer satisfaction, M.R.S. specifies that the appearance and/or size,
specifications and accessories may be subject to change.
M.R.S. S.r.l.
via C. Battisti, 134
24025 Gazzaniga (BG) - Italy
+39 035 712091
ST01 R36M data sheet specifications October 2012