Abbotts Headless Woman.PM6



Abbotts Headless Woman.PM6
This is perhaps one of the most famous sideshow exhibits ever created. Updated, revised, and simplified, the
magician patters about an unfortunate accident where a
young lady was decapitated, but is still kept alive due to
advances in modern medical technology.
At that, the magician draws open a curtained cabinet and
sure enough, the audience sees an attractive lady, but a
medical device is attached where her head should be.
The young lady is fully responsive to verbal commands
and can move all parts of her visible body.
This fun sideshow illusion can be used during a regular
magic show, or as part of a convention tradeshow booth
setting, or as a carnival or Halloween exhibit. The girl is
perfectly comfortable, as the head mechanism is attached
to the stool-like chair on which she sits. Unlike most
other headless illusions, this insures the proper positioning of the head unit at all times.
The quality and workmanship of this prop is exceptional.
We are even told that David Copperfield owns one! The
illusion comes complete with the head unit, chair/stool,
curtained cabinet, and complete instructions. Provide your
own girl of course, and she really doesn’t have to be headless! Built and designed by Chadwick
Illusion Fabrications through special arrangement with Abbott’s Magic Company. $6500 FOB.
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