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June - granitegate.org
JUNE 2015
Professionally Managed by Keystone Pacific Property Management, Inc. - 41593 Winchester Rd., Ste. 113, Temecula, CA 92590
Happy Father’s Day
to all of our
Granite Gate Dads!
Movie in the Park Reminder!
The next movie in the park is scheduled for
Saturday, June 20, 2015! Please bring
chairs/blankets and beverages; popcorn will be
provided. The family friendly movie will
begin at dusk, we’ll see you at showtime!
President: Sarah Campagna
Vice-President: Carlito Cruz
Secretary: Chris Murphy
Treasurer: TBD
Member at Large: TBD
June 30th @ 6:30 P.M.
Central Park / Basin
The final agenda will be posted at the
park bulletin board at least four (4) days
in advance of the meeting. You may
also obtain a copy of the agenda by
contacting management at 951-491-6866.
Association Manager:
Michelle Stanovich
Phone: 951-491-6866 ext. 631
Fax: 951-491-6864
[email protected]
LATEST NEWS FROM EMWD—As of May 8, 2015, in response to the
Governor's Order, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB)
regulations, and the exceptional drought conditions, EMWD's Board of
Directors voted to move into Stage 4 of the Water Shortage Contingency
Plan (WSCP), effective immediately.
1. EMWD is asking all customers to cut outdoor watering 50 percent to
help us meet the SWRCB requirement.
2. The Tier 3 (Excessive) water use category is eliminated as of June 1,
2015.That means all water used above the amount provided for indoor
and outdoor water use will be charged at the highest, Tier 4 (Wasteful)
water use rate.
3. All outdoor water budgets are reduced by 10 percent as of June 1,
4. Per the Conservation Department at EMWD, they anticipate outdoor
water budgets will be reduced by 50% as of September 1, 2015.
Now is the time to think about water conservation. If you take action now,
you’ll be prepared for reduced water budgets. For more information,
please visit www.emwd.org.
Common Area Issues:
Phone: 951-491-6866 ext. 636
Architectural Submissions:
[email protected]
Billing Questions &
Address Changes:
Phone: 951-491-6866 ext. 242
[email protected]
Keystone Pacific After Hours:
For after-hours association maintenance issues, please call
951-491- 6866 to be connected with the emergency service line.
Please call 9-1-1 for life-threatening emergencies.
Trash Pick-Up Day - Wednesdays
Please make sure trash cans are
stored behind your side gate or in
the garage, so they are out of view
of the common area/street. Trash
can storage is not permitted in
front of your side yard gate or in the driveway.
Don’t forget to
follow the trash
can rules of the
Street Sweeping - 2nd Tuesday of each month
Effective April 1, 2015, Keystone Pacific
will no longer be accepting cash
payments for transponders, gate
openers, key fees or key fobs. Your
purchase will be posted to your account
and you will need to remit payment for
this item along with your monthly
assessment. If you are enrolled in our
ACH program, you will be asked to
sign a letter authorizing us to include
this amount with your next ACH debit.
If you pay your assessments on-line,
please remember to include this
amount along with your next payment.
We are pleased to announce that we have received phone calls and emails from
homeowners who are interested in joining the Board; thank you very much to those of
you who have offered to volunteer your services! The current Board is reviewing
candidacy statements for Director appointments, and are working to schedule a meeting
so that all interested parties are able to attend.
We will announce the newly elected Board members in the July newsletter.
Attention All Dog Owners!!!
Please ensure you are taking all possible steps to
reduce barking in the community. The sound echoes
throughout the community and affects more than
just your immediate neighbors. This includes
ensuring your pets have access to water and shade,
especially as the weather heats up. Excessive barking can
lead to potential action taken by the Board of Directors,
or an investigation from Animal Control. Also, state law
and local ordinances require all dogs to be leashed when
in public or common areas. Regardless of the breed, all
dogs should be on a leash. Also, dog defecation should
be removed immediately to reduce the effects on the
community as a whole.
Congratulations to
The Class of 2015!!
August 8th:
Movie in the Park
Murrieta Information:
Police Non-Emergency:
(951) 304-2677
Post Office:
(951) 304-2448
So Cal Edison:
(800) 655-4555
Gas Company:
(800) 427-2200
FIRE: (951) 304-CITY
Eastern Municipal
Water District:
(800) 426-3693