Lisbon, August 4, 2015 [email protected] Re: Amnesty



Lisbon, August 4, 2015 [email protected] Re: Amnesty
Lisbon, August 4, 2015
[email protected]
Re: Amnesty International discussion among its Country Sections and within its International
Secretariat, whether to adopt an official position calling for the decriminalization, also known
as legalization, of the sex industry, including prostitution
Mr. Shetty, Ms. Burroughs, Mr. Hawkins, and the Amnesty International Board of Directors
We are writing on behalf of the Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights, a social, cultural and
humanist non-governmental organisation, independent from political parties, religious
institutions or governmental structures, whose members are women’s rights NGOs. The
Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights represents Portugal in the European Women’s
Lobby and in the Association of Women from Meridional Europe. The Platform has
Consultative Status by the UN ECOSOC and is a member of the EU Civil Society Platform against
We join our voices to the numerous organizations and individuals that have expressed deep
concerns about Amnesty International’s (Amnesty) reported deliberations on a policy position
for the decriminalization or legalization of the commercial sex trade, including prostitution. As
you debate this purported policy, we are urging Amnesty to examine the related issues and the
violations that are perpetuated, primarily against young women and girls, in the context of
decriminalization/legalization of the sex industry.
Supporting CATW’s letter to Amnesty, we also urge you to
abide by the principles of human rights and international instruments that protect and
promote the fundamental rights of women and other individuals bought, sold and exploited in
the commercial sex trade.
Best regards,
Alexandra Sofia Silva, President
Margarida Medina Martins, Vice-President
Sílvia Vermelho, Treasurer
Ana Sofia Fernandes, European Women’s Lobby Portuguese Board Member
Alliance for Parity Democracy (ADP)
Association of Women Against Violence (AMCV)
Association of Women XXI century
CooLabora CRL
EOS – Association of Studies, Cooperation and Development
MénNon – Association of Saint Tomé and Prince Women in Portugal
Portuguese Association of Women’s Studies (APEM)
Portuguese Network of Young People for Gender Equality (REDE)
Plataforma Portuguesa para os Direitos das Mulheres
Centro Maria Alzira Lemos | Casa das Associações
213626049 [email protected];; @PlatMulheres