WUKsti buggsti bäh... 2nd Day for Kids



WUKsti buggsti bäh... 2nd Day for Kids
WUKsti buggsti bäh... 2nd Day for Kids
Sunday, 6th of October 2013, 11am to 6pm
Location: WUK Areal
for Kids from 2 to 13 years old
free entry to all activities!
On the day for kids WUK presents its great variety of activities by
focusing on children.
Artists, dancers, craftsmen and -women from WUK create a Sunday
of excitment, full of fun and experiments for small people and their
In the tradition of WUK, the Day for Kids gives children a positive and
vibrant space for living and creating culture in the name of
participating, supporting and encouraging individual potential and
community spirit.
There will also be a chill out zone from 11am to 6pm offering
delicious food all day long prepared by volunteers from the WUK as
well as information about kids in the WUK and tours through the
alternative primary and secondary WUK schools.
WUK Verein zur Schaffung offener Kultur- und Werkstättenhäuser
1090 Wien, Währinger Straße 59
More Information: www.wuk.at
11am to 12am* and 1pm to 2pm
Drumming with Cheikh M’Boup
Workshop for drumming with Cheikh M’Boup/
AFCU – African Cultural Union
3 years and older
11am to 4pm
Do it yourself – repair your bike!
Find out interesting details about bikes in the
Offene Fahrradwerkstatt and learn how to repair
your bike by yourself. Bring your bike with you.
7 years and older
11am to 4pm*
Selfmade Animated Movies!
Under the guidance of the filmkoop wien create
your own movie by drawing, scratching and
painting. Present your self created movies at the
end of the workshop.
8 years and older
11am to 5pm
WOOD – experience the material with all
your senses.
Play with branches, logs and trunks found in the
woods and build objects with this material.
Organized by the Werkstatt für Holz und Design
im WUK and Verein workstations
7 years and older
11am to 5pm
Clay Modelling
In the Offenen Keramikwerkstatt. Trying pottery
and different techniques of modelling with clay.
Please bring clothes for changing.
2 years and older
11am to 6pm
Austrian Turkish Kids Party
Playing, storytelling by Necdet Neydim
(german/turkish) and kids disco by the Verein
der Studierenden und Jugendlichen aus der
Türkei in Wien
3 years and older
11:15am to 12am* and 1:15pm to 2pm*
space explorer I and II
Explore movements within a group and
improvisation with objects. A project for
movement by Johanna Tatzgern for kids with
and without physical disabilities.
6 to 10 years old
2pm to 2:30pm
Cartoons „Poor and rich“
The anual cartoon project of the WUK
SchülerInnenschule focused 2012/2013 on a
current social topic.
Im memoriam Sigrid Schneider – teacher.
2pm to 3pm*
Afro Haitian Dance
Workshop with the experienced dancer and
dance instructor Karine LaBel
3 years and older
11:30am to 1pm and 3pm to 4:30pm
Cardboard and more – Workshop
Build skyscrapers, airplanes, houses and
objects of your dreams with old boxes and
cardboard. Hannes Simmerl Burgis in
cooperation with WUK Kinderkultur
6 years and older
2pm to 3pm
Workshop for juggling
Buskers show you how to juggle with different
6 years and older
from 11am*
Giant Bubbles Show
Members of Buskers – Verein zur Förderung
der Straßenkunst juggle with bubbles, join them!
3pm to 4pm
Three centimeter
Theatre play for kids and adults – yardsticks in
different colours and sizes form figures and
sceneries. Concept and production: Die Kurbel
12am to 3pm*
Sew a soccer ball!
Small pieces of cotton are used for sewing the
mantle and a balloon is the perfect filling for a
practical indoor soccer ball – perfect for travel
as well. Bring pieces of cotton (no Jersey) with
you. Instructed by Gerda Kolb.
10 years and older
1pm to 3pm*
Members of the Verein Kokemoos show you
how to paint your own fish (koi) on cotton for
flying in the wind as done by children in Japan
in an old tradition.
3 years and older
3pm to 4:30pm*
Paper Landscape Collage
Create with paper your dream landscape –
Lym Moreno will help you.
5 years and older
3pm to 5pm
Cool Moves
Young members of the Black Women
Community organize a workshop for training hip
hop elements and dance together.
7 years and older
*location with access for wheel chairs via