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Atash - Mec Film
Atash (Thirst)
Cannes, Semiane de la Critique
Mediterranean Film Festival Valencia
International Film Festival Jerusalem
Biennale des Cinemas Arabes Paris
International Film Festival Haifa
International Film Festival Karlovy Vary
Film Festival Pula
Internationales Film Festival Sarajevo
Film Festivals Vancouver
Film Festival Pusan
Regus Film Festival London
Internationales Film Festival Sydney
Film Festival La Rochelle
Film Festival Lisboa
Bastia Film Festival
Internationales Film Festival Belgrad
Meditteranean Film Festival Montpellier
Internationales Film Festival Sao Paulo
Film Festival Milano
International Filmfest Carthage
Filmfestival Warsaw
Arab Film Festival Tuebingen (opening night
Mediterranean Film Festival Heidelberg
(opening night film)
Filmfestival Augsburg
A family lives in the middle of Nowhere, not far from
the village. Father and son sell the charcoal the family
produces to the village, mother and daughters never
leave the place. Their secret welds the family together
and destroys it at the same time.
The spectator becomes part of the complex relation
of the family, mixing love and hatred, loneliness and
confederacy of the group. While Abu Shukri is building
a water pipe and spends his time to protect it from a
mysterious danger, his family is generating thirst for
water, for food, for freedom, for sex, for eroticism, for
love, for desire… Thirst for life.
Background-Info: Gamila, a young woman ruined her
family. According to the rural male culture she is living
in, the family’s honour is dependant on the daughter’s
behaviour: she must obey the code of that culture.
Abu Shukri, her father - torn between his moral
cultural duty, to kill his daughter, and his love for her invents a third possibility: he removes his whole family
to nowhere.
Tawfik Abu Wael, Palestine 2004, Cinescope,
113 min, Color
Gamila Roba Blal | Abu Shukri Hussein Yassin Mahajne |
Um Shukri Amal Bweerat | Halima Jamila Abu Hussein
| Shukri Ahmad Abed el Gani | Buch und Regie Tawfik
Abu Wael | Kamera Assaf Sudri | Schnitt Galit ShakedShaul | Musik Wissam M. Jibran | Produktion Avi
Kleinberger, Tawfik Abu Wael | Herstellungsleitung
Baher Agbariya
Semaine de la Critique
Biennale des Cinemas Arabes
BEST FILM, Jerusalem
(International Film Festival,
Wolgin Competition)
(Mostra de Valencia)
Academy Awards
BEST FILM, Bastia (International
Film Festival Korsika)
Film-maker Tawfik Abu Wael
Tawfik Abu Wael was born in the Palestinian town of
Um El-Fahim in Israel in 1976. He graduated from Tel
Aviv university where he studies film directing.
From 1996 to 1998 he worked in the film archive of
Tel Aviv university. From 1997 till 1999 Tawfik Abu
Wael taught drama at Hassan Arafe school in Jaffa.
Since 1997 he has been working as free-lance
production manager and (assistant) director.
For his first full length feature ATASH (Thirst) he was
awarded, among others, with the International Critics
Award (FIPRESCI) at the Semaine de la Critique in
Cannes in 2004.
Bread, Hashish and the Moon (1997, 11')
I leave, you stay (1998, 8')
Intellectual in Garbage (1998, 2')
Characters (1998, 4')
Diary of a Male Whore (2000, 16')
Waiting for Sallah El-Din (2001, 53')
The Fourteenth (2002, 14')
Atash (2004, 110')
Last Days in Jerusalem (2010, 80')
in Germany
13.11.2008 Kino am Kocher Aalen 30.10.-5.11.2008 Kommunales Kino Kiel
3.6.2008 naTo Leipzig
31.1.-6.2.08 Eiszeit Kino Berlin
2.+5.6.07 Mediterranean Filmdays Nuernberg
17.3.07 Werkstattkino Chur
13.-14.6.06 Subiaco Schramberg
6.6.-12.6.06 Subiaco Freudenstadt
30.5.-5.6.06 Subiaco Alpierbach
25.5.-29.5.06 Subiaco Schramberg
30.3.-7.4.06 Kino im mon ami Weimar
16.+17.3.06 Kino in der Reitschule Bern
15.3.06 VHS Ulm
18.-21.2.06 Kino achteinhalb Saarbruecken
24.+29.1.06 Mediterranean Film Festival Munich
15.12.05 House of World Cultures Berlin
24.-30.11.05 Colosseum Center Kempten
17.-23.11.05 Roxy Kino Dortmund
24.+26.10.05 Filmforum Duisburg
15.10.05 Brotfabrik Bonn
12.10.05 Caligari-Kino Ludwigsburg
7.-9.10.05 Blackbox Duesseldorf
6.-9.10.05 Kino 46 Bremen
15.-21.9.05 Kinemathek Karlsruhe
1.-7.9.05 Art-House Studio Recklinghausen
25.-31.8.05 Galerie Cinema Essen
24.-28.8.05 Filmfestival Freistadt/Austria (in competition)
29.7.-1.8.05 Filmkunst 66 Berlin
21.-26.7.05 Cinema Quadrat Mannheim
23.-29.6.05 Breitwand Kino Herrsching
23.-29.6.05 Cineding Leipzig
16.-22.6.05 naTo Leipzig
10.-14.6.05 Wintergarten Regensburg
10.-19.6.05 Kino im Karlstorbahhof Heidelberg
26.5.-8.6.05 3001 Kino Hamburg
1.-8.6.05 Kino im Wehrbahnhof Freiburg
19.-24.5.05 Filmladen Kassel
14.-15.5.05 Filmmuseum Frankfurt
5.-26.5.05 Filmhaus Cologne
14.-27.4.05 Maxim Munich
14.4.-4.5.05 Eiszeit Berlin
8.-12.4.05 Kino im Kuenstlerhaus Hannover
5.4.05 Schaubuehne im Lindenfels Leipzig
3.-12.4.05 Cinema Muenster
6.-13.3.05 Filmfestival Augsburg
20.-29.1.05 Mediterranean Filmfestival Heidelberg (opening night film)
19.-31.1.05 Arab Filmfestival Tuebingen (opening night film)
Winner of the International Critics' Prize at the Cannes Film
Atash is undoubtedly a beautiful film. Abu Wael is arguably
the most exciting Arab film-maker to have emerged in more
than a decade. (Sight and Sound)
impressive... a bold, brave film (Time Out)
mec film
Emdener Str. 48d
Deutschland / Germany
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