SHOES - Additional exercises



SHOES - Additional exercises
SHOES - Additional exercises
Circule a palavra que não está ligada ao grupo:
1. sandals – boots – flip flops – stilettos – umbrella
2. wood – rubber – perfume – leather – silk
3. wedgies – stilettos – bicycles - slippers – sneakers
4. buckles – glasses – soles – tongue – laces
5. comfortable – tight – wet – big – small
Coloque as palavras na ordem correta:
6. Marilyn a red Monroe pair shoes had of.
7. had collection the Imelda world's shoe Marcos largest.
8. old an comfortable as shoe as.
9. Ked's rubber canvas and shoes are sport.
10. Blahnik shoes like Manolo doesn't platform.
Preencha as lacunas com as palavras corretas:
until – mile – shoes – fits - pinches – recipe – suits – living
11. "Don't judge someone ______ you've walked a _____ in his ______." (Anonymous)
12. The shoe that ____ one person _____ another; there is no _____ for _____ that _____
all cases." Carl G. Jung.
Coloque o possessivo correto:
13. _____ books are all in English.
a. Jenny's
b. Jennys'
14. He said_____ black jacket is in the closet.
a. the John's
b. John's
15. The book is about_____ life.
a. Onassis'
b. the Onassis's
16. We were going in my_____ red car.
a. friends'
b. friends's
Reescreva as frases abaixo usando o 's ou ' corretamente:
17. The cellphone of the boy is not working.
18. The eye of the tiger is yellow.
19. The secretaries of the doctors are very attentive.
20. The house of my parents is very old.
15. Resolva o caça-palavras:
Resolva as cruzadinhas:
1-umbrella; 2-perfume; 3-bicycles; 4-glasses; 5-wet
6. Marilyn Monroe had a pair of red shoes.
7. Imelda Marcos had the world's largest shoe collection.
8. Comfortable as an old shoe.
9. Ked's are rubber and canvas sport shoes.
10. Manolo Blahnik doesn't like platform shoes.
11. "Don't judge someone until you've walked a mile in his shoes."
12. The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases." Carl
G. Jung
13-a; 14-b; 15-a; 16-a
17. The boy's cellphone is not working.
18. The tiger's eye is yellow.
19. The doctors' secretaries are very attentive.
20. My parents' house is very old.

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