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Contact us Die-Vermisstensuche Christian Geers Straße der
Memory of all missing children
The Missing Children's Day is since 1983
committed on 25 May. US President Ronald
Reagan chose the day to commemorate the six-year
Etan Patz, who on 25 May 1979
disappeared on his way to school forever
is. 2002 Remembrance Day in Europe was
introduced. Since 2003 he is in Germany
the parents' initiative aligned missing children,
currently in common with the White Ring.
Every day in Germany between
150 and 250 people reported missing.
50% of these cases do within a Missing week, 80%
within one month, 97% within one year. The wanted
person is set at 30 years.
(With material from: Wikipedia)
The event on 25 May 2016:
We are happy to invite you, the day of the missing
Children with us in Berlin at Pariser Platz
to spend on 25 May 2015th
The missing-search (by Christian Geers) and
the Dirk-Schiller-Missing-Blog (Mother
Heidi Stein) have been raised in Berlin with their
information booths in front. With us Let us
commemorate all the
still lost children together.
Contact us
Christian Geers
Straße der Befreiung 94
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg
03491 – 64 82 39
[email protected]
At 12.00 clock rise on the occasion of the missing
Children with handout balloons into the air.
Also artists and singers again on site, as well as
even media will be invited.
Do not let the Missing Children Us
Forgot. Come along.
Sponsor our folder – Thank you!
Missing sinds 28.11.2000
- out Berlin
In the case of the missing since 28 November 2000 ,
then twelve -year-old Sandra Wißmann from
Boeckhstrasse in Berlin's Kreuzberg district is by the
chief of police in Berlin offered areward of 5,000
euros were awarded .
Notes takes the 5th homicide of the State Criminal
Office by calling ( 030 ) 4664 - 91 15 00 counter or
any other police station .
M A R I A – B R I G I T T E H E N S E L M.
Missing sinds 04.05.2013
- out Freiburg
Missing sinds 01.09.2004
- sought worldwide
Misssing sinds 10.03.1979
- out Saxony-Anhalt
Since 01.09.2004 is the time
4 -year-old Denise Pipitone missed .
They disappeared without a trace , as before
Her grandparents' house in Mazara del Vallo /
Trapani Sicily / Italy played .
Denise is wanted Worldwide .
Who can stay for Notes
give the girl ?
One child disappears without a trace under
The mysterious circumstances case Dirk Schiller
Traces of small Dirk in front of almost
Thirty years on a snowy field .
On the morning of 03/10/79 , the parents invited
in the parking lot of a limestone cave in
Ostharz (then GDR territory ) still quickly
rare cucumbers to which it in a store
had snatched while her two children
on the adjacent field on a
frozen Bach played . But then the six year-old daughter
came back alone . On the
Scared question the parents , where their
three and a half year-old brother was Dirk , turned
the girl surprised and said:
" He was just behind me ... "
It was the penultimate day of family leave
in a holiday home by the East German authorities
approved the Schiller for February and
had then shifted by one month allegedly because the holiday home in February
was closed .
Vermisst seit 28.11.1981
- sought worldwide
Since 04.05.2013 , the then 13 -year-old Maria Brigitte Henselmann from Freiburg is missing. It was
reported on the night of 04 on May 05, 2013. her
mother to the police Freiburg missing . Her companion
is alleged the 53 -year-old Bernhard Haase from
Blomberg ( NRW ) .
Notes to each police station.
Paderborn . For more than three decades
Katrice Lee disappeared . The parents
not enter the search anyway.
The British police want more
Calculate again . She puts on mainly
Modern Forensics methods .
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