VANESSA CLARKs Geschichten haben oft ein



VANESSA CLARKs Geschichten haben oft ein
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VANESSA CLARKs Geschichten haben oft ein überraschendes Ende – aber diesmal hat die
Autorin es weggelassen. Lesen Sie weiter und lassen Sie Ihrer Fantasie freien Lauf. Um Sie beim
Lesen zu unterstützen, haben wir nach jedem Abschnitt kleine Verständnisübungen eingefügt.
Die Lösungen finden Sie auf Seite 21. Wir möchten dann, dass Sie das Ende selber schreiben.
Wird die Geschichte gut ausgehen oder nimmt sie ein düsteres Ende? Wenn Sie gewinnen,
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Viel Spaß!
Spotlight 6|12
n Monday morning, Andy drove to work in his new
car. He felt like the king of the road. He had picked
the car up from the dealer on Saturday and had already
driven more than 200 miles in it around the local area, just
for fun. It was the first new car he’d ever owned. His previous car had been his mum’s old one — a Japanese model
— and although it was reliable, it wasn’t really the car of his
dreams. is new car, however, was great.
It was stylish; it was cool; it was fun. It was a Mini
Cooper in red — not just any red, but “chilli red” — with
sporty alloy wheels and a dark grey interior. Andy had
spent weeks researching the details (Andy loved to research) before deciding what to buy. e model he chose
was named after a trendy part of London. Andy would
have loved a big BMW, but that was out of the question
until he was older and richer. His new
Mini, though, had real BMW
engineering, even
if it had
been built in
a car factory
only 30 miles
away from his
home town of
Andy had purchased this car with
money from his first
full-time job. He had
been working at TechU-Know as a software
tester for two years now
and had saved up £2,000
for the deposit on the car. He would have to pay the rest
of the money in instalments over the next three years, but
he knew he could afford it. His expenses were low, because
he still lived at home just with his mum, which was OK
really. Ideally, he would have liked to find a place of his
own and move out. at was his next plan, but for the
moment, it was fine at his mum’s. She still cooked for him
and, if he was especially nice to her, ironed his shirts.
Andy drove into the industrial estate where Tech-U-Know was
located. It was a big business park with several
high-tech firms housed in large, grey buildings. He
turned into the company car park and found a free
space. He chose a good place — not under a tree, where
birds might make a mess on the car’s paintwork, and not
next to an old banger, the owner of which might open the
car doors carelessly. Andy’s Mini was a real splash of colour
among all the silver, blue, grey and black cars of his coworkers. Even locking the car gave him
pleasure. As he pressed the remote control
on his key ring, the car flashed its lights as
if to say “I’m locked and safe now.
Have a nice day!”
alloy wheel [)ÄlOI (wi:&l]
deposit [di(pQzIt]
engineering [)endZI(nIErIN]
industrial estate
[In)dVstriEl I(steIt] UK
instalments [In(stO:lmEnts]
old banger [EUld (bÄNE] UK ifml.
paintwork [(peIntw§:k]
remote control
[ri)mEUt kEn)trEUl]
splash of colour
[)splÄS Ev (kVlE]
trendy [(trendi]
hier: Technik
alte Klapperkiste
schick, angesagt
1. What’s wrong?
Read this short summary of what happened on Monday and find the two incorrect pieces of information.
Andy had bought a new car. It was a red Mini. He was very proud of it. He had enough money for the car payments
because he lived at home with his parents. He worked for a high-tech firm in Oxford. Minis are built in the UK.
6|12 Spotlight

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