Your partner for machining and complete parts



Your partner for machining and complete parts
Your partner for machining and complete parts
Complete production of machine parts
Loading cranes up to 160 tons weight
Machining of large components
CNC milling machines up to 24 meters
Single- and series production
Machining centers up to 1600 mm
Our services - your benefits
FORMA MASCHINENBAU Zerspanungstechnologie is a mechanical engineering firm that offers its
services as a machinist of large parts on state-of-the-art, travelling-column milling machines and of series
production parts on 5-axis machining centres. ‘Just-in-time production’ and great flexibility characterise
our family-run business. Using the latest CAD / CAM software customer requirements can be analyzed
and modified if necessary. In production the experience gained from the construction of the client adds
to our expertise in the field of machining.
Chassis 155 tons
2.100 x 4.500 x 3.000 mm
Press body 60 Tonnen
Gear Ø 1.000 mm
CAD/CAM - Fertigung
Ornament sheet
1.600 x 1.000 x 12 mm
Turned and milled
Roller frame 50 Tonnen
Truck axles
Crane boom 14 m
Lifting platform
16.000 x 7.000 x 4.000 mm
Our Machinery
Machining centers with pallet changer
for 5-axis simultaneous machining
up to X 1600 and Y 100mm
7 traveling column milling machines
with dimensions X24,000 and Y5.000 mm
Turntables to 60 tonnes and head changing system
3 CNC turning machines
with dimensions Ø 600
and lengh 1.300 mm
CAD / CAM operations
Production by supplied 3D models
or production including modeling
Company grounds in Westmünsterland
15.000 m²
7.000 m²
Production space
Employees in 3-shift operation
60 Ma.
Crane capacity
160 to.
hook height
Maximum machining length
11,6 m
24 m
Forma Maschinenbau
Zerspanungstechnologie GmbH & Co. KG
Benningsweg 27
46325 Borken-Weseke
Phone: +49 (0)2862 58787-0
Telefax: +49 (0)2862 58787-40
[email protected]