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immofonds 1 (T) - Union Investment
immofonds 1 (T)
Key data
Performance until Jan 18, 2017
Rates (in EUR) per Jan 18, 2017
Net asset value
Issue price
Redemption price
Performance per Jan 18, 2017
Calculated value of EUR 98.54 (date of inception) as of 1 December 2011 corresponds to 100%, with reinvestment of the dividend disbursement
0.12 %
1 year
1.92 %
3 years p.a.
2.22 %
5 years p.a.
2.66 %
since inception p.a.
2.62 %
Fund Assets (in mn)
Front-end load
3.25 %
The front-end fee is already included in the
issue price, the yearly management fee is
directly charged to the fund and therefore
does not have to be paid separately.
Current management fee p.a.
Fiscal year
Return characteristics as of Jan 18, 2017
1 year
3 years p.a.
5 years p.a.
10 years p.a.
Payout Description
Last witholding tax payment
Min. return p.a.
1.62 %
2.22 %
2.62 %
Average return p.a.
2.58 %
2.67 %
2.64 %
Max. return p.a.
3.64 %
3.17 %
2.66 %
1.00 %
01.10. to 30.09.
Dec 15, 2016 (in EUR)
Price calculation
Publication of prices
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