To mark our new routes to Lisbon, Monarch has


To mark our new routes to Lisbon, Monarch has
Learn the Lingo!
To mark our new routes to Lisbon, Monarch has created this handy Portuguese
language guide so you can learn the lingo and keep up with the locals.
So from striking up chit chat to getting assistance, these everyday essential phrases will make sure you’re
ready to impress.
And with the Euros ensuring that football is never going to be far from the forefront of conversations this
summer, we’ve even included some vital phrases to help you enjoy the beautiful game from sunny climes.
Everyday essentials
O essencial para o dia-a-dia
Por favor
Thank you
Do you speak English please?
Desculpe, fala inglês?
Where is a good local restaurant?
Onde posso encontrar um bom restaurante aqui perto?
Please could you direct me to the beach/bakery/
Desculpe, pode dizer-me onde fica a praia/padaria/
Please could you help me?
Desculpe, poderia ajudar-me?
How much does this cost?
Quanto custa isto?
Please may we have the bill?
Por favor, pode trazer-nos a conta?
A table for two/four please.
Uma mesa para dois/quatro, por favor.
Two beers please / two glasses of white wine please.
Duas cervejas, por favor / dois copos de vinho branco,
por favor.
Football phrases
Frases relacionadas com futebol
Come on England!
Vá lá Inglaterra!
Man on!
That was definitely a penalty
Penalty claríssimo
The diamond formation
A formação diamante
The referee is totally blind
O árbitro é completamente cego
That was clearly offside
Está claramente fora de jogo
Yellow card!
Cartão amarelo!
Mão na bola
That was a blatant dive
Foi um mergulho flagrante
I love Harry Kane
Adoro o Harry Kane

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