Handling and Collection of WEEE 1. We support you in complying



Handling and Collection of WEEE 1. We support you in complying
Handling and Collection of WEEE
Safe and environmentally compatible disposal of your e-waste
Our full-service package: we support you in the legally compliant fulfilment of the complex regulations for waste
electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Knowledgeable consulting on all legal obligations and new
developments pursuant to the WEEE Directive is just the first step. We also determine your WEEE product master
data and categorise your products in accordance with the various requirements in different countries. And we can
even take over registration and quantity reporting for you. You are thus always on the safe side, and free to focus
fully on your core business.
Our Services
1. We support you in complying with the country-specific
2. We provide consulting with regard to your legal obligations.
3. We determine your WEEE product master data.
4. We categorise your e-products in line with country-specific
5. We take care of your registration and quantity reporting.
Your Benefits
Consulting on the WEEE Directive including all new developments
Complete fulfilment of your waste disposal obligations in the respective country
Legal compliance
Reduced workload thanks to our one-stop full-service
Reduction of illegal electronic waste exports
Benefits for the Environment
Environmentally compatible e-waste disposal
Preservation of resources due to efficient recovery of secondary raw materials
Provider in Germany
Reclay GmbH
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