Zukunft für Menschen
in Südindien e.V.
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Ulrike und Gerhard Albert, Pfr. Walter Ries, Andreas and Christine Höllein
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LIGA Bank eG
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Zukunft für Menschen
in Südindien e.V.
Further members to The Board of Management
Andreas Höllein
Pfr. Walter Ries
Ulrike Albert
Children without a future –
can we really look away?
Give future to a child!
Only 10 € per month will enable „your“ child
to go to school, to purchase the required
school uniforms and educational materials.
In addition the family also receives a contribution to their alimentation.
4 € of your monthly donation will be paid
into a special savings account for this
child‘s future education.
Your donation helps avoid young children
being forced to support their parents by
threatening conditions on land and at sea to
contribute to the family income.
Give a child a future by starting your sponsorship now.
Tamil Nadu - is a federal state located on the
southern tip of the Indian subcontinent with
extreme poverty and a weak infrastructure.
Fishing is the main source of livelihood for the
people here. In this region - approximately
8.900 km from us - ZMS supports people who
struggle for their mere survival every day.
people leave their home so their family no
longer has to support them as well.
sponsorships impact the elderly in a very
personal way and helps reintegrate
them into their families.
Please support us!
With your senior sponsorship of only
5 € you enable a provision with basic
supplies of approximately 10 kg of
rice and money in cash of 2,50 €
ZMS guarantees:
reaches the people in need
Poverty among the elderly – not only a topic
of discussion in Germany. Due to the weak
Allocate an individual amount of your
donation for the provision with basic
supplies of a family in need.