Biography-Musicians-2015 WEB - Michael Fleiner


Biography-Musicians-2015 WEB - Michael Fleiner
1968 He started his studies at „Conservatorio Amadeo Roldán“ in Havana, Cuba.
He began his career with the orchestra „Estado Mayor General de La Habana“. He played with
world-famous musicians from Cuba and Spain, and records also with them: Silvio Rodríguez, Pablo Milanés, Orquesta
“NG la Banda”, Isaac Delgado, “Irakere”, Celia Cruz, Francisco, Carlos Cano, José Mercé, Martirio, Manu Carrasco.
He played during 15 years (1980-1995) first trumpet in the world-famous afro-Cuban Band “Irakere” from Chucho
Valdés. With this Band he played over 50 countries all over the world, for ex.: North Sea Jazz Festival, Nice Jazz
Festival, Festival de Jazz de Vitoria y San Sebastián, Antibe JazzFest., Umbria Jazz Fest., Chicago Jazz Fest., Aruba,
Martinique, Puerto Rico.
Two Grammy-Nominationen.
1990 he played with „Dizzy Gillespie & United Nations Band“ together with Paquito D’Rivera, Claudio Roditti, Slide
Haptom, Steve Turrey, Danilo Pérez.
1992 he played with Irakere at the „New Port Jazz Festival“, he is also member of the „All Stars Big Band“ together with
Jon Fadis, Tom Harrel, Joe Henderson, Lew Tabackin, Chucho Valdés and others.
1995 he came to Switzerland and taught in Zurich at the „Akademie für zeitgenössische Musik“ and at the „Swiss Jazz
School“ in Bern.
1997 he goes to Spain. He is during 10 years artistic director of the „Benidorm Palace“. In Spain he performed with
Perico Sambeat, Matthew Simons, Patxi Urchegui, Eduardo Leiva, Norman Hogue, Bob Sam, Ovidio López, Eddy
Guerín , Ramón Cardo, Big Band de Terrassa, David Bisbal.
In 2012 he played with the „Cuban All Stars“ and recorded two CDs, together with musicians from „Los Van Van“,
Alexander Abreu, Adalberto Alvares, Tiburón Morales, Isaac Delgado, Haila Mompie.
Born in Mexico in 1987, Gerry studied classical piano from the age of six years and the saxophone at the age of 12
years. After classical studies, he studied with Steve Coleman and Brian Lynch in New York for a year. He moved to Paris
in 2011 and studied at the Paris Conservatory with the direction of Jean Charles Richard.
Gerry Lopez became one of the most promising in Paris saxophonist since his arrival in 2011. In just a few years, the
Mexican origin, has shared the stage with some of the greatest artists of the international jazz scene with Brian Lynch,
Danilo Perez, Ali Jackson, Alain Perez, Carine Bonnefoy, Baptiste Herbin etc.
Gerry is the winner of the National Jazz Competition in Mexico 2009, Panamerican Saxophone contest 2011, 1st place
at National Jazz Competitio Competition in France Jazz a la Defense with hisproject in 2012, and 1st place at the
Parisian Jazz Contest ¨Saint Germain des Pres 2013¨.
In 2012, Gerry released his second album ¨fro TRIO¨ recorded with the bassist Hans Glawischnig and the drummer EJ
1970 born in Wettingen
1981 begins with trombone playing in the youth orchestra from Spiez.
1987-1993 Workshops with Ray Anderson and Vinnie Golia. Bernhard plays with different bands of Salsa, Afro, FreeFunk.
1994-1999 He studies at the professional Swiss Jazz School at Berne and get his diploma. His teachers were: Robert
Morgenthaler, Stanley Clark, Dave Bargeron, John Allred, Malte Burba and Andy Scherrer.
Different tours and concerts in Switzerland and abroad with Grand Mother’s Funck
2000-2013 Concerts with the Zurich Jazz Orchestra, Martin Streule Jazz Orchestra, Kaspar Ewald’s Exorbitantes
Kabinett, Joe Haider Jazz Orchestra, Dave Regan Jazz Orchestra, Willy Schnyder’s Jazzhorchester, Quintetto
Illegale, Mats-up, Swinging Europe 2000, Generations Big Band 2002, Grand Mother’s Funck, Herbie Kopf’s UFO,
Adrian Frey Septet, Convergencia, Tré, Swiss Jazz Orchestra, Lucerne Jazz Orchestra, Koj, Vertigo Trombone Quartet,
Jürg Wickihalder´s Narziss and Echo, Stephan Eicher, Marcel Oettiker, Soweto Kinch, Christoph Grab´s Raw Vision,
Pius Baschnagel´s Latin World, and others.
Bernhard teaches at the University of arts from Zurich and Berne.
Michael Fleiner studied classical music for 4 years in Bogotá, Colombia, at the University “Pontificia Universidad
Javeriana” (1989-1993). In 1994 he returned to Switzerland and studied at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern. In 2000 he
obtained his diploma in Jazz Piano. Since 1999 he has been teaching piano and ensemble workshops at the Jazz
School of Lausanne and since 2008, also at the Jazz School Lugano and Bellinzona.
For seven years (1998-2004) he performed with the jazz Band “No Square” in Switzerland, Europe, Asia and South
America: “Festival Internacional Jazz Plaza” in Havana, Cuba; Nancy Jazzpulsation, France; "Y4Y-Music-Festival”
Pattaya-Bangkok" Thailand, "Miedzynarodowy Festiwal Filmowy Mlode Kino Europejski" Polen, "Rhino-Jazz Festival"
France, Schaffhauser-, Cully- and Montreux Jazzfestivals, Switzerland.
In 1999 he founded his afro-Cuban Combo “Fiebre Latina” that eventually became “Septet Internacional,” doing tours in
Spain, France, Switzerland, Cuba, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Italy.
CDs with various ensembles: Septeto Internacional, Fiebre Latina, No Square, Bitzius with Beat Sterchi, Corazón de
Aldea. Girasol. Aline Sumi.
Composer and Arranger for various Bands, Film and Theater.
Peter Balazs studied at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern (Switzerland) and at the Jazz School in Lausanne, EJMA, where
he obtained his diploma. His performances include: Alain Blairmen, Alberto Menendez (Tenorplayer from Eddie
Palmieri), BLT, Big Band from Conservatory from Freiburg with Juan Mungia, Mopti, Claude Schneider, Claudio Rugo,
Markus Moser, Bas van Diyjk, Julienne Rickenman, Michel Weber, Salsaorchester „Son como Son“.
Mambi Eulogio Arguelles-Puey obtained his diploma as percussionist, singer and dancer at the „José Antonio
Echeverria“-Culture School in Havana, Cuba. He was percussionist with the Cuban orchestra “Tropicana”, “Macandal”
and also with the official brass band from the Cuban government. In Europe he played with Diana Miranda, Caribean
Affair and Valérie Lou.
He toured for three months with the Cuban Orchestra “La Feu” in Mexico. He represented Cuba in Spain with Chucho
Valdés and Adalberto Valdés, and for one year with the gipsy orchestra “Amala” (Filmmusic for Emir Kusturica).
Jean-Baptiste Baldazza studied Jazz music at the Conservatory of Bourgoin-Jallieu and at the “ENM” of Chambéry. He
also studied with Isel Rasua, Alberto Villareal, Emilio and Emilito del Monte, Barbarito Torres, El Gato, El Bola, Riveron
(drumer from Manolito), Miguelito (Timbalero from Puppy), and Andres Cuayo (Issac Delgado, Omara Portuando).
For two years he played with almost all the Salsa-Bands (charanga, salsa, timba...) in Helsiniki. Back in France, he
founded his own Band, “Fruta Fresca.” In Africa (Senegal) he played with bass player Ndioba and “Aladin Dreams”
directed by Aladin Abbas (Egypt). In France he played with singer Hounsavi, “Color Tierra” and “Calle San Miguel” with
Ruben Semanatqui.