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RIO 5 - RIO 12
Contents Book of Proceedings of RIO 5
Preface to RIO 5
Stefan Krauter, Chairman RIO 5, Coordinator WCRE Latin America
Latin America’s Role in a Solar World Economy
Hermann Scheer, Member of the German Parliament, President EUROSOLAR,
General Chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)
The Brazilian Framework for Renewables
Johannes M. Kissel, CES RIO 5
Mudando a energia do planeta
Sérgio Dialetachi, Greenpeace Brasil
Policy Implementation (Regulation & Control)
Protection as a Sphere of Action towards a Sustainable Climate Economy
Holger Rogall, Chairperson of the Society for Sustainability, Berlin School of
Renewable Energy Markets:
Global Overview and Lessons from Developing Countries
Eric Martinot, Worldwatch Institute
The Brazilian Government’s Alternative Energy Program PROINFA
(Program for Incentive of Alternative Electric Energy Sources)
Suani Teixeira Coelho, Sílvia M. G. González Velázquez, Patrícia Helena Dos
Santos Matai, Claudia Rodrigues Faria Brighenti, Universidade de São Paulo,
Instituto de Eletrotécnica e Energia, Centro Nacional de Referência em
Energy Efficiency & Energy Savings
Efficiency Improvements of Electrical Drives – Contribute to Improvement
of Environmental Conditions
R. Hanitsch, Ch. Saniter, Technical University Berlin, Institute of Energy and
Automation Technology
First Results from New Zealand’s National Energy Efficiency and
Conservation Strategy
Ivan Petroff, Department of Management and International Business,
Massey University, Albany
On Efficiency
Pablo García Arabéhéty, Argentinean Wind Energy Association, University of
Buenos Aires
Energy Efficiency as Tool for a better Enviromental Performance of small
sized Enterprises
Emilio Lèbre La Rovere, Martha Macedo de Lima Barata, Norma do Nascimento
Baptista, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Energy Planning Program
The Participation of small and medium sized Industries in the Carbon
Market – Opportunities and Barriers.The Case of Red Ceramic
Manufacturing Industry in Brazil
Norma do Nascimento Baptista, Martha Macedo de Lima Barata, Emilio Lèbre
La Rovere, Sandra de Castro Villar, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Environmental Effects of the Sicilian Energy Policy
Giorgio Beccali, Marco Beccali, Maurizio Cellura, Marina Mistretta, University
of Palermo, Department of Energy and Environmental Researches (DREAM)
Modelling and Operational Analysis of Hybrid Electric Buses versus Diesel
Buses – A Case Study of São Paulo City, Brazil
João A. Manaus Corrêa, José Mauro Marquez, University of West England
Practical Experiences and Dimensioning in the Operation of Decentralized
Energy Supply Stations
A. Lietzmann, K.-D. Lietzmann, D. Fröhler, eab technology group, Freiberg,
Energy Efficiency in the Rectory of the Federal University of CEARÁ
Adson Bezerra Moreira, Adriano Holanda Pereira, Celso Rogério Schmidlin
Júnior, Leila Cristina Jovina da Silveira, Federal University of Ceará,
Department of Electric Engineering
Improving Energy Savings in Residential Hotels: “Comfort on Demand”
Control Strategies with Efficient Retrofitting Measures
Simone Ferrari, Politecnico di Milano, Dept. Building & Environment Science &
Energy Analysis of an Academical Campus: The Case of the Federal
University of CEARÁ
Leila Cristina Jovina da Silveira, Adson Bezerra Moreira, Adriano Holanda
Pereira, Celso Rogério Schmidlin Júnior, Paulo Cesar Marques de Carvalho,
Tomaz Nunes Cavalcante Neto Department of Electric Engineering, Federal
University of Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil
Studies on an Ejector-Absorption Refrigeration Cycle with New Working
Fluid Pairs
P. V .Jaya Prakasha Reddy, S. Srinivasa Murthy, Indian Institute of Technology
Madras, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Laboratory, Department of
Mechanical Engineering
Energy Efficient Bricks Production
Rajka Budin, Igor Sutlovic, Alka Mihelic-Bogdanic, Veljko Filipan, Faculty of
Textile Technology, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University
of Zagreb, Croatia
Modifications on a Small Two Wheeler Two Stroke SI Engine for Reducing
Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emissions
Kunam Anji Reddy, A. Ramesh; Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory,
Mechanical Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Wind Power
Wind Energy in Brazil
Stefan C.W. Krauter, State University of Ceará (UECE), Depart. de Física,
Energias Alternativas, Johannes M. Kissel, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
The PROINFA Contribution for CO2 Emission Reduction
Andrea P. B. Moraes, Rita Maria B. Marques, Paulo C. M. Carvalho, DEE –
Universidade do Ceará
Analysis of Desalination Plant Types Connected to Wind Generator and the
Possibility of Use in the Brazilian Northeast
P. C. M. Carvalho, L. G. Coelho Junior, DEE – Universidade Federal do Ceará
Digital Anemometer and a Wind Direction Sensor Based on Microcontroller
Luiz Francisco Coelho Coutinho, Paulo Roberto Melo Meireles, Centro Federal
de Educação Tecnológica do Ceará, Paulo C. M. Carvalho, Universidade
Federal do Ceará
Causes of Harmonics and Interharmonics in Wind Energy Converters
C. Saniter, D. Schulz, R. Hanitsch, A. Wood, Technical University of Berlin,
Germany, Institute of Energy and Automation Technology
Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal Energy Systems
The Potential of Grid-Connected Photovoltaics in Brazil
Ricardo Rüther, Paulo Knob, Wilson Reguse, Antônia Sônia A.C. Diniz, Marcelo
M. Dacoregio, Isabel T. Salamoni, Carolina da Silva Jardim, Universidade
Federal de Santa Catarina, CELESC – Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina
Default Module Solar Destillator
Mauro José de Aguiar Bichara Junior, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro –
Centro de Tecnologia
About Features of Zinc Diffusion Process in Microrelief Basal Areas of Solar
Elements with Texturized Surface
D.M. Yodgorova, A.V. Karimov, N.L. Dmitruk, R.V. Konakova, Academy of
Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
The Solar House of Cresesb: Seven Years of Success
Marco Antonio Galdino, Hamilton Moss de Souza, CEPEL – Centro de
Pesquisas de Energia Elétrica
A Multiple Effect Parallel Feeding Desalination Plant using Solar Energy
José Welhigton Morais da Silva, Tomasz Arakaki, Zaqueu Ernesto da Silva,
Marco Antonio Wanderley Cavalcanti, Laboratório de Energia Solar, Centro de
Tecnologia, Universidade Federal da Paraiba
The Market of Heating Water with Solar Energy for Popular Domestic
Home Consumption in Sergipe
Osiris Ashton Vital, University of Salvador, UNIFACS
Implementation of a Local Iinitiated Rural Eelectrification Project
in Northern Senegal
Abdoulaye Ba, CEO Eco_Watt_Energy Sarl
Mathematical Model of a Photovoltaic Powered Reverse Osmosis Plant
without Batteries
Paulo Cesar Marques de Carvalho, Ricardo Silva Thé Pontes, Demercil S.
Oliveira Jr, Douglas Bressan Riffel, Ricardo Gildo V. de Oliveira, DEE –
Universidade Federal do Ceará
Formation of Microrelief Structures by Epitaxial Technology
A.V. Karimov, D.M. Yodgorova, Physical-Technical Institute of the Scientific
Association "Physics-Sun" of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of
Existing Avenues to Encourage Building Integrated Photovoltaic
Installations in New York City
Avi Bar, Tom Thompson, Anthony O. Pereira, altPOWER, Inc.
Photovoltaic Powered Data Acquisition Systems in Semi-Arid Areas
Paulo C. M. Carvalho, Ciro L. Souza, João M. A. Vieira, Adunias S. Teixeira,
Francisco J. F. Canafístula, Universidade Federal do Ceará
Thin-Film Solar Cells – Sustainability Decision Support in Parallel to
Recycling Process Development
Cecilia Makishi, Marc-Andree Wolf, Niels Warburg, Maiya Shibasaki, Peter
Eyerer, Department Life Cycle Engineering (LCE), University of Stuttgart
Technical and Economical Analysis of a Grape Irrigated Culture in the
Northeast of Brazil Driven by A V-trough Photovoltaic Water Pumping
J. Bione, N. Fraidenraich, O. C. Vilela, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco –
UFPE, Companhia Hidro Elétrica do São Francisco - CHESF
Comperative Study of two Solar Cookers: Parabolic Reflector and Flate
Plate Collector Indirect Heating
Maria Eugênia Vieira da Silva, Klemens Schwarzer, Lana Ludmila Pinheiro
Santana, Régio Davis Barros Alves, Universidade Federal do Ceará, SolarInstitut Jülich, FH-Aachen
Solar Cooking in Nigeria
F.T. Sheyin, Centre for Energy Research and Training, Ahmadu Bello University,
Zaria, Nigeria
Natural Convection in Stratified Hot Water Storage Tanks
N.Gopalakrishnan, B.V.S.S.S.Prasad, S. Srinivasa Murthy, Department of
Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Biomass Energy
Characterization and Application of Oil and Coal Obtained through Low
Temperature Conversion Process Applied to Biomass and Residues
R.G. Pereira, G.A.Romeiro, R N.Damasceno, L.A..Junior, P.M.A.Senra,
M.C.D.E.Pereira, UFF, Departamento de Engenharia Mecânica, UFF, Depart.
de Química Orgânica, LIGHT, Gerencia de Estudos e Gestão da Geração
Green Power from Diesel Engines Burning Biological Oils and Recycled Fat
José N. Carranca, MAN B&W do Brasil
Social Aspects for Quantifying Advantages of Renewable Energy Carriers
L.-P. Barthel, M.-A. Wolf, C. Makishi, P. Eyerer, IKP-Dept. LCE, University of
Stuttgart, Fraunhofer-ICT
Energetic Balance Analysis on small Distilleries with Run / Alcohol
Conjugated in the South Brazil Region
C. Gilnei Ocácia, G. Alexandre Silva, Universidade Luterana do Brasil
The Use of Palm Oil for Electricity Generation in the Amazon Region
Suani Teixeira Coelho, Orlando Cristiano da Silva, Sílvia Maria Stortini
González Velázquez,Maria Beatriz Camargo de Almeida Monteiro, Carlos
Eduardo Grassi Silotto; Universidade de São Paulo, Instituto de Eletrotécnica e
Energia, Centro Nacional de Referência em Biomassa (CENBIO)
Sewer Biogas Conversion into Electricity
Suani Teixeira Coelho, Msc. Sílvia Maria Stortini González Velázquez,
Osvaldo Stella Martins, David Freire da Costa, Universidade de São Paulo,
Instituto de Eletrotécnica e Energia, CENBIO
Electricity Generation for Isolated Communities in Amazon Region using
small scale Biomass Gasification Systems - GASEIFAMAZ Project
Suani Teixeira Coelho, M. Sc. Sílvia Stortini González Velázquez, Osvaldo Stella
Martins, M. Sc. Ademar Hakuo Ushima, Sandra M. Apolinario, Beatriz Lora,
Universidade de São Paulo, Instituto de Eletrotécnica e Energia, CENBIO
Environmental and Energy Performance Evaluation of an Alternative
Biomass Fuel Obtained from Wood Residues Generated in a Metropolitan
Gilberto Caldeira Bandeira de Melo, Artur Torres Filho, Federal University of
Minas Gerais
The Use of Biogas Sewage Produced for Energy Generation
S. M. S. G. Velázquez, S. T. Coelho, D. F. Costa, V. Pecora, A. Varkuluya, F.C.
Abreu, Universidade de São Paulo, Instituto de Eletrotécnica e Energia, CENBIO
Sustainable Architecture & Urbanism and Transportation
Simulation of Urban Microclimates in Tropical Metropolis’ Maracanã/ Rio
De Janeiro - A Case Study
Jörg Spangenberg, University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Institute of
Technologies in the Tropics (ITT)
GHG Emission Reduction due to Construction of the Link Road under the
Bhoj Wetland Project
Aniruddhe Mukerjee, Executive Director, Environmental Planning &
Coordination Organization & Chief Executive Officer, Madhya Pradesh Lake
Conservation Authority
The Influence of Climate on Architecture; Synthesis of Ecology, Technology
and Architecture for the Current Millennium
Silke A. Krawietz, University of Rome La Sapienza, Faculty of Architecture
LCA of Fuel Cell Technology for Urban Transportation System
in Europe and Australia
Cecilia Makishi, Michael Faltenbacher, Matthias Fischer, Marc-Andree Wolf,
Peter Eyerer, Marc Binder; Department Life Cycle Engineering (LCE),
University of Stuttgart
Geothermal Possibilities in the 21st Century in Chile
A. Ortiz; P. Roth, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University
Federico Santa María
Quantifying the Life Cycle Sustainability of Renewable Energy Carriers
Marc-Andree Wolf, Matthias Fischer, Michael Faltenbacher, Niels Warburg,
Oliver Schuller, Peter Eyerer, IKP, Dept. Life Cycle Engineering (LCE),
University of Stuttgart
Energy Self Sufficiency with Renewable Sources a Biomass System with
Advanced Control Strategies in the Rehabilitation Project of an old Rural
Building Complex
P. Caputo, Politecnico di Milano, Dept. Building Environment Science &
Technology (BEST)
Financing, Carbon Emission Trading CDM
Adaptation of Support Schemes for Renewable Energies to Inflation in
Countries with an unstable Macroeconomic Situation
Johannes M. Kissel,Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and Technical
University Berlin (TUB), Stefan C.W. Krauter, UECE
Generation of Win-Win-Relations in the International Energy Market
Carl W. Seitz, GlobuTech – International Project Development & Management
Protocolo de Kyoto: um Freio para o Desenvolvimento Descontrolado. Uma
Chance para o Desenvolvimento Sustentado
Ewerson Duarte da Costa, Escritorio da Advocacia
Global Warming and the Carbon Market: an Application of the Cert Model
Marcelo Theoto Rocha, Pedro Carvalho de Mello, CEPEA – ESALQ/USP
Gallery Forests Recovery and Carbon Credits
Suani Teixeira Coelho, José Roberto Moreira, Osvaldo Stella Martins, Sílvia M.
Stortine Gonzáles Velázquez, Magno B. Castelo Branco, USP, CENBIO
Education, Capacity Building
Necessities for an International University for Renewable Energy (IURE)
Stefan Krauter, Universidade Estadual de Ceará
Open University for Renewable Energy (OPURE)
David Wortmann; World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)
Renewable Energy for water supply and treatment – experiences, costs and
Ole von Uexküll, United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), Paris
South to South Knowledge Network for the Use of Alternative Energy
Sources in Rural Regions in Nicaragua and Haiti in Cooperation with Cuba
Lucia Muriel, Osmel Cabrera, World University Service e.V. 2004, International
Team for Capacity Building InTCaB
Education in Alternative Sources of Energy: Experience at Cefet-Pb in Brazil
Walmeran José Trindade Jr., Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica
da Paraíba – CEFET-PB
Empowered Children for Power Conservation: an Initiative to Establish
Teams of Bal Urja Rakshak Dals (Children as Energy Guards) in the State
of Gujarat, India
Nandini Gandhi, Daksha Vaja, Hema Patel, Sangita Desai, Hitesh Mehta, Vivek
Trivedi, Gujarat Energy Development Agency
Creating the Infrastructure for Capacity Building in the use of Wind Energy
Erico Spinadel, National Technological University, National University of Luján
Support to Local and Regional Air Quality Public Policy - Results of the
First - Phase of the Integrated Environmental Strategies (IES) project in São
Paulo, Brazil
Flavio Cotrim Pinheiro, Simone G. El Khouri Miraglia, Luiz Tadeu Siqueira
Prado, Subcontractor to US National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Education and Research at the centre for Photovoltaic Engineering,
University of New South Wales
Richard Corkish, Stuart R. Wenham, AlistairB. Sproul, Jeffrey Cotter, Christiana
B. Honsberg, Martin A. Green, Armin G. Aberle and Gavin Conibeer, Centre for
Photovoltaic Engineering, University of New South Wales
The Effectiveness of Energy Policies and Technologies for a Sustainable
Future. a Green Formal and Non-Formal Education Curriculum at
Kyambogo University, Uganda (African Union)
Wilson Okaka, Northern Uganda Press Association (NUPA) Project and
Kymabogo University
Educational sustainable Architecture Tools for Children
Norma Rodriguez Blandon, WCRE LA, F. Elizabeth Silva, LAMCE, UFRJ
Workshop on Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment
Swera-Brazil Geospatial Toolkit
Alia Ghandour, David Renne, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
Swera-Brazil Objective and Status
Enio Bueno Pereira, Centre for Weather Forecast and Climate Studies/Brazilian
Institute for Space Research - CPTEC/INPE
SWERA Brasil – Análise de Dados de Vento e Validação de Atlas Eólico
SWERA Brazil – Wind Data Analysis and Wind Atlas Validation
Alexandre de Lemos Pereira
Solar Resource Assessment in Brazil
Samuel Luna Abreu, Sergio Colle, Solar Energy Laboratory- University of Santa
Catarina - LABSOLAR/EMC/UF, SC, Fernando Ramos Martins, Centre for
Weather Forecast and Climate Studies/Brazilian Institute for Space Research CPTEC/INPE
SONDA - National Network of Environmental Data for Renewable Energy
Resource Assessment
Sylvio L. Mantelli Neto1,2, Enio B. Pereira 2, 1Solar Energy LaboratoryUniversity of Santa Catarina - LABSOLAR/EMC/UFSC, 2CPTEC/INPE
Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment in 13 Countries: emerging
Tom Hamlin, Project Manager, United Nations Environment Program/ Global
Environment Facility Coordination
Brazilian Wind Atlas
Antônio Leite de Sá, Sérgio Roberto Ferreira C. de Melo, Vanessa Gonçalves
Guedes, CEPEL – Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Elétrica
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