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ARIA by Altamarea
cover story | bathroom (r)evolution
on the way to an intelligent feel-good machine
When it comes to safety, convenience and individualisation, the bathroom of the future
won’t make any compromises. With Bathroom (R)Evolution, it’s the human being that
occupies centre stage and shapes his environment to suit his needs.
cover story | bathroom (r)evolution
esign has changed the bathroom and made it more
aesthetic, more pleasure-oriented and cosier. Now, with
the integration of new materials and modern technologies, the
bathroom is about to undergo a fundamental transformation.
For more so than in any other area of the home, designing the
bathroom is about designing the interface between the human
being and the technology.
Most bathroom users would dream of a bathroom that welcomes
them with a pleasantly warm ambience in the morning and
prepares them gently for the day. During dark months of the year,
for instance, they want to step into a pre-heated room that doesn’t
dazzle them with overly bright lighting and plays their favourite
music or the news over the radio or display. The tap recognizes the
user’s wave and, without being touched, sends water at the preprogrammed temperature.
In the evening, the bathroom welcomes the homeowner with
atmospheric lighting and a programmed shower sequence, or
with a bathtub that automatically fills itself to the desired depth
at the push of a button. Warmed towels and toilet seats, sensorcontrolled safety lighting, shower toilets and colour programmes
in the shower or pre-heated sauna are just some of the other
convenience packages the bathroom of the future holds in store
for us as almost standard features.
If a car can recognise its driver and click the seat into the right
position accordingly, why shouldn’t the bathroom follow suit and
be wired up as a single unit programmed to serve the individual
needs of its user? This can be achieved both by digital technologies
and intelligently designed products, which, thanks to minimized
components, can be made extremely slender, when necessary.
The design solutions of the future will do away with the original
contradiction between modern aesthetics and a bathroom that has
been designed for safety with grab bars and barrier-free products.
Easy-care finishes are just the sector’s prelude to an overhaul of
surfaces, materials and features that will make the time spent in
the bathroom totally worry-free, with no fear of slipping, getting
scalded or using the wrong lever under the shower. After hygiene,
safety and freedom are probably the two most important needs
that have to be satisfied in the bathroom, followed by convenience,
intimacy and recreational appeal such as entertainment, shared
experiences or meditation.
Control over water, energy and a self-determined life
When it comes to safety and convenience, the bathroom is a
sensitive area. It is no coincidence that “barrier-free” is a catchword
in modern bathroom planning, for it does not just affect the safety
of everyone who uses the bathroom, it is a basic requirement
for an ever-growing group of older people who want to live an
independent life as well.
In design, ergonomics stands for products and tools with a human
shape that is adapted to the human body and human needs.
Ergonomics is, so to speak, the basic law of good design. Although
the mechanization of everyday life has brought a never-beforeseen degree of convenience to our homes, it has also brought a
host of new problems such as the usability and individualisability
of technical products.
Older people in particular are aware of this problem when it
comes to using telephones and televisions. Besides designing user
interfaces for computers and displays, interface design must thus
also turn its attention to the ergonomic design of the bathroom. In
future, the sanitary industry will have to focus even more strongly
on this field. The path it has chosen to date aims for a sensuous
bathroom that can be used intuitively.
Bathroom (R)Evolution is a multimedia phenomenon
Bathroom (R)Evolution takes this approach one step further. It
increasingly involves hands-free technologies for the fittings,
lighting and toilet flush. In addition, water and smooth surfaces are
feasible as projection surfaces for light and information.
Bathroom (R)Evolution
is a multimedia phenomenon. The
mirror cabinet could for instance become an information centre
and database that can store and retrieve medical or cosmetic
information. In future, product design will increasingly be about
finding forms that harmonise with the programming consoles and
digital control units.
Besides the implementation of what is technically feasible,
designers will also concern themselves with selecting what should
be implemented as well, for not every gadget will seem meaningful
in the long term. The challenge will lie in adapting technology to
suit people’s individual needs.
Not for dyed-in-the-wool purists
Bathroom (R)Evolution is not for people who like an elemental,
back-to-the-roots feel. Puristic design, yes. But apart from that,
this bathroom is anything but plain and simple, everything is
about technical sophistication. Once the hygiene routine or fun
programme has been completed, there’s a Wii console waiting for
the technology buff, a gym mat for the yoga disciple or a relaxing
armchair for the slightly older amateur golfer. And while they’re
here, why shouldn’t they watch the latest James Bond movie after
a nice relaxing bath as well?
For more info, visit
Bathroom (R)Evolution makes these needs its top priority by
applying ergonomics both to the individual sanitary products
and to the bathroom as a whole. It turns the bathroom into a
“pampering machine”, a space that attends to the needs of its user
and cossets him, especially relevant for an ageing person who
cannot always retain complete control of his body.
bathroom collections
bathroom collections
by Altamarea
The ARIA collection designed by Willy
Dalto is not a bathroom, but a way of
living spaces and situations. The cabinets
are made by a special 6mm thick frame
made of cutting-edge materials such
as “ecomalta”, lacquered and veneered
finishes while the washbasins and shelves
are made of eco-malta, supported by oak
veneered legs.
bathroom collections
bathroom collections
by Wan Tai & Co Pte Ltd
The slim curved form of the Cisal KAWA
collection of bathroom faucets, designed
by Karim Rashid, is likened to surf, or a
wave that echoes the undulation of the
ocean. The aesthetically minimal rounded
form is both user-friendly and artful. The
Kawa faucets are a natural focal point in the
bathroom in clean, crisp white, imposing
black, or in the vibrant hues of pink and
green. Alternatively, for a more classic look,
chrome and gold finishes are available too.
bathroom collections
bathroom collections
by Hoesch
shower/steam bath system suitable for
various spatial concepts. The cubicle is
suffused by soft steam, which relaxes the
body and spirit, and can be further enriched
with essential oils, and augmented
with soothing infrared heat. Providing
a complete wellness programme, the
innovative Sensation includes rain shower
in the cubicle roof, hand shower, eight
adjustable side jets for massage, a Kneipp
water hose, an MP3 player and a lighting
pack including a colour changer. The
multi-functional bath system is available in
sophisticated black or silver, both of which
can be combined, allowing numerous
bathroom design options.
bathroom collections
bathroom collections
by Econflo Systems Pte Ltd
The DELOS range of bathroom furniture
from Duravit features a reduced design
but introduces a particularly comfortable
atmosphere and new lightness into the
bathroom. The apparently floating console
designed by Eoos has no visible supports
and breezes elegantly into the room. This
is possible thanks to an invisible wall fitting
that enables the straight-lined design to be
showcased to full effect. Delos is available
in two real-wood finishes and in a fresh
high-gloss white.
bathroom collections
bathroom collections
by Artweger
The ARTLIFT, a combination of a shower
and bathtub, with a comfortable seat
lift brings ease of mobility back into
the bathroom. The door of the showerbathtub, which swings inwards, reaches
almost to the floor so that one can safely
step into the bathtub. A safety lock ensures
that the door cannot be opened while
bathing. The Artlift is also equipped with a
comfortable seat lift that can be lowered
into a comfortable reclining position by
the touch of a button on the side of the
bathtub. When the comfortable seat lift is
not needed it can be easily folded up and
used as a backrest.
bathroom collections
bathroom collections
by Kaleseramik
The WHITE HOUSE bathroom furniture
system, recipient of the iF product design
award 2013, achieves a light and minimalist
approach for baths. Designed with a
flexible approach to both esthetic and
functional aspects, the esthetic modularity
of the range is sustained with colours
throughout the modules. Distinctive
functional properties such as leveraged
systems in the floor module enhances the
user’s comfort to the maximum.
bathroom collections
bathroom collections
by Ceramica Flaminia
The QUICK sanitaryware collection
combines ease of installation with
practicality of use and maintenance. Their
compact dimensions make these products
ideal for use in small spaces without
sacrificing comfort or design. Excellent
value for money together with simple and
clean styling are the key strengths of this
line, available in both wall-hung and freestanding versions.
bathroom collections
bathroom collections
by Ceramica Cielo Spa
With its contemporary design and easychic soul, SHUI, designed by Paolo
D’Arrigo, is an elegant collection made
from extremely high-quality materials. The
word Shui, which literally means water,
evokes a gentle liquid flow that reflects the
pure styling and harmoniously curved lines
of the elements in the collection.
for the bathroom| faucets
marketed by Keuco
Combining timeless beauty with technical perfection, the new
SENSOR MIXER from the ELEGANCE collection is especially
suitable for public and semi-public areas. Featuring sophiscated
technology, the hands-free faucet’s infrared proximity sensors
are used to automatically switch the flow of water on or off.
Even at full power, the water flow rate is only approximately six
litres per minute. Due to the self-calibration of the proximity
sensors, they can also be adjusted in line with various room
conditions such as distance from basin edge and lighting levels.
Available with and without temperature settings, the Elegance
sensor mixers, made in Germany, can be either battery or mains
marketed by Asia Excel Pte Ltd
The LEROY series from Joden features an appealing cylindrical
form that is slightly cubed. Made from high-quality materials
and with a beautiful finish, the Leroy creates a harmonious
overall bathroom look that is extremely well-suited to the
many demands faced by contemporary homes.
marketed by Webert Srl
ARIA, thanks to its dynamic form and its lively water flow,
reminds of a flower stem bent by the wind. The combination
of design and nature is thereby the basis of this elegant
washbasin mixer. Under the lever, the groove is hidden,
through which the water runs and exits like a cascade, and yet
softly, a sight that can be fascinating. Aria is a recipient of the
reddot design award 2012.
for the bathroom| shower systems
marketed by Hansgrohe SE
Proving the right water experience for every need and every
shower type, the RAINDANCE SELECT E 120 features a new
SoftCube shape with harmoniously rounded corners. The
120-millimetre showerhead is joined to the ergonomically
shaped, comfortable handle in a seamless, fluid transition. With
the click of the Select push-button, switching between the
three types of water jet is ingeniously simple and convenient.
Raindance Select E 120 is available in two versions, a white
shower face with a shiny chrome housing and in pure chrome.
marketed by KWC AG
Full of vitality, rhythm and energy, the new flat showerhead,
KWC BOSSANOVA, will leave no one cold. The upper shell of the
showerhead is made of gleaming chrome, while the coloured
underside is surprisingly tactile, made from ergoSkin, a new
silicone surface that is easy to grip, clean and is gentle on the skin.
Winner of the iF product design award 2013, the Kwc Bossanova is
available in four different colours.
marketed by Ideal Standard
Winner of the iF product design award 2013, the IDEALRAIN CUBE
hand shower system is available in two by two versions. Designing
close to “square of the circle” a new form of a showerhead was
made with a reduced organic design. Idealrain Cube offers not only
large showerheads but also the greatest showering spout of each
shower size. The very flat design of the showerhead morphs into
the ergonomical handle. Furthermore, the versions that include
the three functions, offer a control of different shower programs.
for the bathroom| bathubs
marketed by GKI
The FOX bathtub series, winner of the iF product design award
2013, conveys a clear and design orientated formal expression
with high-level ergonomics of the inner shape. The series
include a solo seat bathtub with different position options
for the overflow, a dual seat bathtub in oval, rectangular and
corner versions and a circular shaped bathtub. The oval bathtub
with the flush skirt also offers a solution for free-standing
situations. All Fox bathtubs have a dirt-repellent finish and can
be equipped with whirlpool features.
marketed by Margraf
Rounded sinuous lines and formal minimal style are the distinctive
characteristic of the Gaia bathtub. Made of solid Bianco Venezia
stone, the elegant bathtub is moulded by the skilled hands of
the specialist Margraf craftsmen using cutting-edge technology.
Its attractive design and high-quality workmanship, makes the
Gaia marble bathtub the central eye-catching element in every
marketed by Burghbad
The PLI bathtub articulates calm and harmony and with wellbalanced forms invites one to enjoy a feeling of wellbeing and
relaxation. Made of cast mineral, the bathtub has a generous
pool proportion with a depth of 585mm. With its striking design,
featuring a comfortable seating and lounge, the Pli bathtub
ensures a pleasant and relaxing bath time.
for the bathroom| shower enclosures & trays
marketed by Duscholux
Winner of the reddot design award 2012, the COLLECTION 3
is a frameless shower enclosure series with striking contours,
fulfilling even the most stringent aesthetic requirements. Flat
hinges and wall brackets made from chrome-plated metal,
slimline crossbars and an innovative handle complement
the linear design. While the fittings follow a uniform design
principle, the technical features of Collection 3 remain
marketed by Hüppe Gmbh
The new design of the HÜPPE REFRESH PURE swing door series
presents itself with clarity and clean lines. By dispensing with
horizontal frame profiles, it comes across as strikingly transparent.
The striking wall connections with clear lines and rectangular
details provide the new design line with special visual appeal.
In addition, the shower enclosure impresses with unique hinge
technology, inward and outward opening, flush-mounted hinges,
an integrated option for adjustment as well as the patented
Hüppe sealing technology for fitting the wall profile with no
visible screws. Hüppe Refresh Pure is the winner of the iF product
design award 2013.
marketed by Antonio Lupi
The BILICO modular shower door program, winner of the iF
product design award 2013, has been created by eliminating
elements rather than creating new shapes. Designed by
Nevio Tellatin, the Bilico system is available in a number of
standard versions. It can be custom mounted thanks to the
upper support bar that contains the structural elements. The
individual tempered glass elements have special anti-lime
scale protection to facilitate cleaning. Offering two choices,
the “doors” come with a decentred rotation joint or with central
rotation for large doors.
for the bathroom|wash basins
marketed by Asia Excel Pte Ltd
The sensual look of the Whitestone ALL series makes a sleek
statement in any bathroom. The clever design of the sink
accentuates the usage process in a dynamic and elegant
way. Its oval and circular designs add a contemporary touch
without compromising aesthetics.
marketed by Zeva Corp
The beautiful MOMENT washbasin is as silky as it looks.
Expressing the smooth rhythm of water, the round shape
brings customers a sense of balance and stability. Moment is a
recipient of the iF product design award 2013.
marketed by Asia Excel Pte Ltd
For a little simplicity with lots of style, the AXA CIOTOLA 50
series overtop or wall-hung basin delivers functionality and
minimalism at its best. Blending an organic and ultra modern
design, the smooth, flowing, flawless finish of this minimalist
sink is ideal for any contemporary bathroom space.
for the bathroom| bidets & water closets
marketed by AM.PM
Winner of the iF product design award 2013, The WC from
the Inspire collection is characterized by its combination of
organic flow and geometric precision. It creates a minimized,
yet very elegant and distinct overall impression.
marketed by Duravit AG
Winner of the iF product design award 2013, the SENSOWASH®
STARCK C shower-toilet seat designed by Philippe Starck
combines highest design requirements and bidet comfort. The
shower function only becomes apparent when the toilet lid is
opened. All the technical components were miniaturized so
that the water and power connections could fit between the
ceramic body and the toilet seat without detracting from the
clear design lines. The different shower and dryer functions are
operated intuitively via the similarly minimalist wireless remote
marketed by Güral Vit
Winner of the reddot product design award 2012, the WC HEALTH
presents an interesting merge of the two classical toilet types,
the sitting and the squatting toilet, with a simple and elegant
design. In a sitting position, the angle of the feet to the toilet
is 90 degrees, whereas in a squatting position the angle is 40
to 60 degrees. This second position leads to contraction of the
abdominal muscles and thus to a very good bowel movement,
which promotes good health and prevents illnesses.
for the bathroom| other products
marketed by Geberit South East
Asia Pte Ltd
Winner of the iF Product Design Award 2012, the revolutionary
SIGMA80 is a touchless beauty that only requires the wave of
a hand to initiate the flush process. Instead of pressing two
differently sized mechanical buttons for a dual flush actuation,
the Sigma80 features two LED light fields. These LED light
fields can be switched between the five different preset
colours to coordinate with the decor and the personal taste of
the bathroom. Ensuring the highest level of hygiene with its
innovative touch-free technology, the Sigma80 is available in
black and mirrored glass versions, making it ideal for private
residences with superior interior fittings.
IT 4000
marketed by SYR
Hans Sasserath & Co. KG
Fitting unobtrusively into its surroundings, the compact and
puristic IT 4000 water softening system protects the water pipes
and water heater from lime deposits. The unit’s sidelines are
visually accentuated by the aluminium profile to give the product
a slim and stable look while the reduced front view is made of light
material to give a transparent effect. Recipient of the reddot design
award 2012, the IT 4000 is operated via touch display.
marketed by K on
Kon’s ANGLE VALVE design has an aesthetic and elegant
appearance. Using advanced chrome plating technology,
the Angle Valve has efficient corrosion resistant and high
durability. Filled with protection oil inside the valve, adjusting
the water flow is now made smoother while at the same time
reduces the noise level. Besides, with advanced production
technology, connection parts can now be installed quickly and
insight with | andreas dornbracht
insight with
winning, globally active family-run manufacturer of highquality fittings and accessories for bathrooms. Despite
suffering a major fire in its production facility in 2009,
Dornbracht has grown leaps and bounds than ever before.
The company now boasts highly qualified employees and
the most modern production technologies, guaranteeing
the highest manufacturing quality. Besides winning
numerous international design awards worldwide for
its product designs, Dornbracht is also acclaimed for its
sustained commitment to culture.
Following ‘the Spirit of Water’ brand concept, Dornbracht
has recently introduced ‘Culturing Life’, another new brand
concept. ‘Culturing Life’ is all about competence in the
areas of design and water, technological progress in terms
of connectivity and convenience, and prevention in terms
of health and well-being.
Manufacturing all its products solely in Germany,
Dornbracht’s head office and its one and only worldwide
production facilities are all based in Iserlohn, Germany.
The company is also part of the Dornbracht Group that,
together with Alape, brings together two premium brands
for the bathroom and the kitchen.
For more information, visit
ANDREAS DORNBRACHT, together with his brother
Matthias Dornbracht, is the third generation of brothers
leading the successful Dornbracht firm. Andreas is the
Director of Marketing and Sales and Matthias is in charge
of production, purchasing and logistics.
What is the DNA of Dornbracht?
Dornbracht’s DNA consists of the following brand values, premium
quality, sustainability, progressiveness, a visionary design,
management and of course, the “Made in Germany” trademark.
Our products stand for proportionality, conciseness, precision and
Dornbracht had experienced the most turbulent period in
its history; suffering a major factory fire when the market
was recovering from the global recession, and thereafter a
lawsuit against its insurer. Despite all these odds, what kept
you moving forward?
The fire, which flashed over from an explosion of a neighbouring
factory to our production halls and an important warehouse in
2009, we have left behind us, as well as all its consequences. We are
looking optimistically into the future.
As a family-run company, we are characterised by an extremely
effective decision making processes and a high flexibility. This
is why we were able to take the right actions at the right time.
We could use this crisis, as well as the economic crisis, as an
We kept investing in our “homebase” Germany and even built up
a completely new electroplating system, which is a state-of-theart construction and one of the most forward-looking ones in the
world. This progress necessitated a new look at our logistics. We
hired new employees with specialised backgrounds who have
visibly strengthened the company and are prepared to face current
and overall future developments at the Iserlohn production
Besides the new construction halls, we have never stopped pushing
ahead with new product launches in parallel, to ensure and further
develop our innovative edge, even when the rebuild was still in full
swing at the end of 2009 as well as at the start of 2010.
We continued to further develop our international sales. Last year,
we established two new subsidiaries, Dornbracht India Private
Limited in Mumbai and Dornbracht Turkey/Central Asia, with its
own showroom in Istanbul.
Last but not least, it was of course, the loyalty of our customers and
wholesalers and our personal bond to the company that helped us
a lot in moving forward and never giving up.
insight with | andreas dornbracht
Facing an uphill battle to recovery, how did you manage to
restore the trust and confidence among your employees,
clients and even family?
As I have mentioned, we used the fire and the economic crisis as
an opportunity to be better prepared for the future. On the one
hand, we analysed our product range and on the other hand we
called into question our internal processes. Instead of rebuilding
everything as it was before, we improved our internal processes in
production and sales. We increased our production and continued
developing new products, which were presented at ISH 2011 and
2013 in Frankfurt, Germany.
Furthermore, we benefited from the very strong awareness of the
Dornbracht brand all over the world. It helped tremendously to
restore confidence among our clients, wholesalers, suppliers and
Back in 2008, you mentioned Dornbracht would make
inroads into Indian and South American markets. How has
the going been so far?
Dornbracht established the Dornbracht India Ltd in 2009 to
develop the services of the Indian market. Presently, a team of five
employees is taking care the needs of our target groups. Recently,
a group of interior designers, architects and developers attended a
fair just to learn more about Dornbracht.
is why, over the years, we have been taking extra steps to tackle
product piracy. One of the most effective ways of combating piracy
activities are customs inspections at trade fairs.
Product piracy costs jobs. If there were no copies of our fittings on
the market, we are able to create up to 100 new jobs at the Iserlohn
location. We invest about 100,000 Euros per year in our own
patents, brand protection and utility and design patents. Another
100,000 Euros is put towards taking legal steps against product
pirates. Our main concern is to stop the sale and production of
copied products in order to protect consumers and secure jobs.
Over the last few years, a number of legal injunctions have been
granted in Germany and abroad which prohibit the manufacture
and sale of Dornbracht imitations. Furthermore, we are committed
to providing consumers with information and are an affiliate of the
Action Plagiarius (
A further security measure we have undertaken is by labelling all
the Dornbracht fittings with the company logo. Original products
are therefore more clearly distinguishable from the imitations.
Besides that, we are also considering investing in production and
on the security of the production facilities in Germany. This is an
important investment in the battle against product piracy.
Our brand awareness and recognition is growing very strongly.
As a result, Dornbracht has established Studio of Excellence
Showrooms in six countries, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile
and Venezuela.
With that said, while design can be copied, the manufacturing
quality of the Dornbracht brand and the “Made in Germany” quality
seal cannot be replicated.
In Sao Paulo, Brazil, Dornbracht has partnered with Ayaspa to
build the first 100 per cent Dornbracht equipped luxurious Aigai
Spa which is equipped with both the Vertical and Horizontal ATT
Showers. Designed by well-known Amal Hanafi, the Aigai Spa was
the first collaboration with the renowned designer. However, it
would not be the last either.
How has Dornbracht’s global footprint evolved?
Within the last few years, our brand awareness world wide has
increased, not only because our products are sold all over the
world, but also because we have opened various branch offices
abroad, like in Mumbai (India) and Istanbul (Turkey) as well as
showrooms, the latest being opening in Dubai.
You also did stress on the growing threat of counterfeit
products and the immediate need to combat the problem.
What is the present state of affairs?
As a market leader in the premium sector, Dornbracht is regularly
a victim of imitations. Among the products which are regularly
counterfeited, our classic Tara is one of the favourites of product
pirates, and so is the Supernova, which was launched in 2009. This
The boomer generation is getting older. Would there be a
surge in appreciation of Transgenerational Design?
Good and sustainable design is not a question of age. Customers
of all ages are seeking ‘made to last’ products that achieve superb
standards of design, form, function and fabrication.
In these stressful times, more and more customers, no matter how
insight with | andreas dornbracht
Horizontal Shower
old they are, have a deep-seated need to escape the pressures of
everyday life for a while.
We long for a refuge for our senses and our soul and the bathroom
is becoming more and more a private health and wellness spa
with the implementation of technologies allowing water to have a
therapeutic effect on the body.
Though design solutions for the bathroom are often associated
with a ‘barrier-free’ concept, there seems to be more emphasis on
the functional aspects while forgetting the design or the emotional
At Dornbracht, we offer sustainable added values to our customers
and even improve one‘s well being, in terms of new smart
bathroom technologies and digital tools. Besides that, we have
the ambition to communicate the demographic change in a more
emotional way.
Do you think it is imperative that design has a function
beyond the utilitarian?
The design of each product in our lines is in focus. However,
that does not mean that the utility doesn’t play an important
role. Concerning the design of Dornbracht products, we do not
compromise on details like measurements and radius to achieve
a higher flexibility in production. We think it is important that
the production follows the design and not vice versa. It is the
challenge of the designer to find new progressive interpretations
that match our philosophy and the designer has to focus not only
on one product but also on the entire range including accessories.
The Horizontal Shower is a novel design and draws mixed
reactions. How should one appreciate this new showering
Our Ambiance Tuning Technique (ATT) and above all the Horizontal
Shower have introduced a new dimension to the shower
experience. The reactions have been, of course, ambivalent.
Horizontal Shower offers a complete relaxation of the body , which
is only possible at the reclining position; the body and mind are
noticeably revitalized. Everybody who has tested the Horizontal
Shower can attest to that. This is why, we have collaborated with
Vertical Shower
various hotels all over the world where customers can test our
What is in the horizons for Dornbracht in terms of new
products and market growth?
At ISH 2013, the worldwide leading sanitary fair in Frankfurt,
Germany, we have presented a new technology that integrates the
numerous options for digitalisation in the bathroom and kitchen.
Smart Water is an intelligent system that networks the components
in the bathroom with one another, while conveniently, simplifying
and individualising the applications involved. In this concept, lies
the future of the bathroom and kitchen culture.
With Sensory Sky, which was also introduced at ISH 2013, we have
created a unique showering experience that would stimulate
all the senses. Different types of rain, fog, light and fragrance
complement one another to create complex choreographies,
inspired by weather phenomena and the moods of nature.
How does the next generation of bathroom look like?
The future of the bathroom design is mainly influenced by the
trends of digitalization. Finally the electronics era has arrived in the
bathroom. Electronic valves in coordination with digital interfaces
will deliver additional features supporting the comfort and safety
levels within the bathroom. We will certainly also see a stronger
link to home automation.
The first step into this digital future is our technological Smart Water
system. Smart Water stands for the vision of enlisting the numerous
possibilities for digitalisation of applications in the bathroom and
kitchen, and advancing these even further.
ETHERNA by Arrital
kitchen feature| greening the kitchen
Häcker Kuchen and Miele Systemat AV 5090
kitchen feature| greening the kitchen
reening the kitchen, seems to be the motto of late but
“greening” doesn’t just mean recycling products or
switching off appliances when not in use, it also means buying
smart; investing on energy efficiency appliances and products.
The cornerstones of the majority of new developments
these days are energy efficiency, resource-friendliness and
sustainability, starting with the power consumption of the
overall appliance through to detailed, durable solutions such
as the installation of LED lamps.
A great example is the freezer. Around one quarter of most
households’ energy consumption goes towards refrigeration. For
this reason, it makes all the more sense to ensure that this area has
an excellent energy efficiency rating.
The Liebherr refrigeration appliances in the CBP 4033 range
are redefining saving energy by using innovative components.
Consuming merely 129 kWh a year, these appliances are super
frugal and have been awarded an entirely new energy consumption
class, namely A+++, which is a 20 per cent less energy consumption
than the usual refrigerators.
Sometimes, it is simply the small details that produce tangible
savings. For example, Beko is building some of its dishwashers,
such as the DSFS 6835, with unique aluminium insulation. The
appliances retain heat and energy within the appliance’s interior,
hence is gentle on the environment and the wallet. No wonder
they are justifiably been awarded the A+++ energy efficiency class.
Another area to focus in the “greening” process is the influence
of certain materials on kitchen design. In many areas, glass, for
instance, heavily dictates the look of the kitchen followed by
the use of other real, precious and sustainable materials such as
ceramic, stainless steel and wood.
Glass is the main focus of a joint development project spearheaded
by two premium manufacturers, Häcker Kuchen and Miele. The
declared remit was to create a kitchen that would be enthusiastically
received by lovers of white electrical appliances and convince
them with its contemporary style. High-gloss, brilliant-white front
panels made from 3mm thick safety glass define the look of the
“systemat AV 5090” unit and Miele’s fitted appliances.
As we can see, manufacturers are already taking different
approaches in their quest to achieve top ratings, or more aptly the
lowest consumption values, for their appliances. Therefore, start off
with some “smart” greening in the kitchen now.
Beko DSFS 6835
The Liebherr CBP 4033
kitchen collections
kitchen collections
by Giulia Novars
Matching the ambience of a loft living
space, the LOFT kitchen provides cabinet
modules that are particularly suited for
the presentation of decorative items.
Recipient of the reddot design award,
honourable mention 2012, the Loft is made
of high quality materials such as carbon,
stainless steel, veneer and glass. Its striking
contour is determined by a segmentshaped structure while the geometric
proportions emphasise the appeal of the
cabinet elements. In addition, the kitchen
island includes a hidden cupboard, which
can be accessed from two sides through
an electromechanical drive for automatic
kitchen collections
kitchen collections
by Nolte
For those who love a splash of colour, the
new ROSSO kitchen from the ALPHA LACK
range is definitely an eye-catcher with its
vibrant high-gloss red coloured scheme
and new worktop in black. Offering three
more colour options, White, Magnolia and
Sahara, the Alpha Lack ranges provides
simple and practical solutions in a handless
style. With the new Rossa kitchen, every
moment would be a bright day.
kitchen collections
kitchen collections
by Arrital
Ergonomics, accessibility and highest
performance are the features of
ETHERNA, designed by Franco Driussois.
Incorporating minimalist style and
maximalist function, the new kitchen range
is aimed at individuals who are looking
for a newfound search for nature through
materials. Ceramic material is used for
doors, floors, panelling and furnishing in
general and as a result, the sleek kitchen
features a streamlined look with plenty of
practical features, all integrated into one
modern design.
kitchen collections
kitchen collections
by Valcucine
The cool and contemporary LOGICA
SYSTEM ISOLA, designed by Gabriele
Centazzo, is the island version of the New
Logica System. Aimed at dividing space,
the volume of the back panel creates a
partition between the kitchen and the
dining or living room area, drawing intimate
spaces without reducing the dimensions of
the room. This avant-garde kitchen design
is as versatile as it is beautiful and durable.
kitchen collections
kitchen collections
by Schuller
The champagne colour in a fine textured
lacquer is perfect for the new CAMBIA
kitchen that was designed for a rural
look. The warm and cozy kitchen from
the schuller.C collection has beautifully
combined furniture elements that have
a country look with contemporary styled
frame fronts and flush doors. What’s
more, the worktop in Systemo quartz
stone gives the kitchen a particularly
valued accent.
kitchen collections
kitchen collections
by Stosa
contemporary kitchen in a new formal
simplicity, a constant relationship with
nature, its colours and its essences. To meet
the needs of a kitchen area which opens
out onto the living area, the programme
plays with lowered volume bases and
elegant open elements. The kitchen is also
distinguished by doors with a yellow pine
frame, available in solid and glass versions,
in standard finishes of cream, pearl grey
and walnut as well as in customised mink
grey and aubergine.
kitchen collections
kitchen collections
by Beckermann
PROVENCE is a pleasing and successful
interpretation of the French “savoir-vivre”.
Nostalgic natural tones ranging from gray
to soft white create an atmosphere of
well-being and bring out the open pore
radiance of the wood. Add a Corean White
worktop and the impact is refreshingly
striking. With its oak wood framed front and
exclusively designed handles, Provence is a
living kitchen that has a charm of its own.
kitchen collections
kitchen collections
by Ciesse
The kitchens of the AQUA collection
perform a lifestyle which reconcile
the frantic present time to the natural
biorhythm, innate in every human being.
The open space allows no limits between
the area dedicated to food preparation
and the living zone of the house, hence
everything is visible, near at hand, and free
to space out in our range of vision.
for the kitchen| appliances
marketed by Asia Excel Pte Ltd
The contemporary FOTILE EC02 RANGEHOOD brings a perfect
cooking experience to the kitchen with its coffee-coloured
glass surface and its orange light ‘O’ to match. To conceal the
presence of the easy-to-clean grease collectors, the stylish
modern interface is brought up front. Along with its natural,
smoke-collecting contours and its rounded touch screen, the
EC02 is a perfect blend of art and function.
marketed by Siemens
The SIEMENS EH801KU11E Induction cooktop, winner of the
reddot design award 2012, is distinguished by the fact that
the cookware can be positioned anywhere on the entire hob
independent of its size and shape. Featuring a touch screen
panel that allows intuitive operation of the subtly patterned
hob, the cookware can even be moved during cooking without
losing their respective setting. In the new position, the cooking
process can be continued without interruption.
marketed by Asia Excel Pte Ltd
The FIM 88 KGP range of single and double ovens combine stylish
looks, ease of use and functionality to make cooking simple and
enjoyable. An oven to match every kitchen design, Indesit offers
built-in column or built-under a worktop versions in a wide range
of colour options.
for the kitchen | appliances
marketed by Electrolux
The Inspiration Range’s COMPACT DISHWASHER, recipient of the
iF product design award 2013 – gold, has a premium, distinctive
and modern look. Its clean architectural lines and colours
(glossy white, black or red), unique material and characteristic
handle give it an iconic look that fits in any premium kitchen.
The intuitive LED user interface is neatly hidden, but easy
to use and adapts to the needs for quick and easy washing.
Besides, the dishwasher functions with six full settings with an
intelligent auto program that gives access to efficient settings
at the touch of a button.
marketed by LG Electronics Inc
When the SIGNATURE fridge-freezer was developed, the focus of
the design concept was on the optimisation of usable space; the
front area offers much storage space for frequently consumed
kinds of food. Food that is consumed rather rarely finds adequate
room in the back of the appliance. In addition, the newly
developed Blast Chiller was integrated at the lower right to keep
beverages at a pleasant temperature. The Signature is the winner
of the reddot design award honourable mention 2012.
WTES 5872
marketed by Liebherr
For optimum storage, the WTES 5872 wine cooler cabinet
features three wine safes, in which the temperatures can be set
independently to the exact degree, from 5 to 20 degrees Celsius.
The innovative touch electronic with its LC display ensures that
the three temperatures are kept at a constant level and indicated
digitally. In addition, the low noise wine cooler cabinet features an
insulating tinted glass door with UV protection and soft-closing
mechanism. The WTES 5872 is a winner of the reddot design award
for the kitchen| faucets
marketed by Villeroy & Boch
The new AVIA tap fitting is a contemporary interpretation of
a nostalgic design vocabulary. What results is a classically
elegant tap fitting, with a solid body and an elegant outlet
that is captivating to behold. Avia is available in three finishes,
stainless steel matt, stainless steel polished and in the new
color Aura, a warm bronze hue that adds to the fitting’s
nostalgic appearance. Aura is coated using a special coloring
procedure known as “PVD” (Physical Vapor Deposition). This
method vaporizes the coating material; it is then applied to the
parts, creating the coating desired.
marketed by Blanco
BLANCOSAGA impresses with its clean styling. Its functional
design has been reduced to essentials. A special feature of
the cylindrical L-shaped mixer tap is its innovative operating
concept. Saga is equipped with a new control, integrated into
the outlet, clearly recognisable thanks to the black contrasting
sleeve. The water quantity is regulated via a forwards or
backwards movement. By turning the textured sleeve either
to the right or the left, the required temperature can be
conveniently set.
marketed by Valpra
PLAIN, designed by Marco Piva, combines a minimalist design with
excellent functionality. Soft, sinuous, light and, above all, simple
lines and forms characterise the Plain kitchen faucet. Thanks to
a patented Valpra system (Compact), Plain guarantees water
savings of over 95 per cent. The system works on the maximum
Valpra supply, ensuring that only the required amount of water is
used. It operates in an optimal fashion even at very low pressures.
The mixers are also fitted with a double filter that protects the
cartridges and ceramic discs from impurities over a long period
of time.
for the kitchen | sinks
marketed by Reginox Far East
Pte Ltd
The new Reginox CENTURIO sink range is the successor of the
Admiral series. Designed with style and functionality in mind,
it comes with a polished bowl and a draining board for an
efficient food preparation and cleanup. In addition to providing
maximum durability and style, the luxurious sink offers three
different ways of installation, integrated, semi-integrated and
inset. The Centurio is not only a marvel to look at but is a sink of
the highest quality, designed to improve the experience within
the kitchen.
marketed by
Casa (S) Pte Ltd
Featuring Italian-inspired design, the RUBINE ZENITH sink, as the
name suggests, is the epitome of technology and innovation.
Made out of one big piece of high-graded corrosion-resistant
stainless steel for exceptional durability, the Zenith sink with antifrost coating features big square bowls with small radius design
that makes corners easy to clean without sacrificing the capacity.
In addition, the sink’s anti-noise pad significantly reduces disposal
and dishwashing noise for a quieter kitchen environment. Creating
a striking focal point in the kitchen, the Rubine Zenith series offers
seven different types of sink configurations and is available with a
wire basket, waste fittings and a bamboo chopping board.
marketed by Asia Excel Pte Ltd
The distinctive elegant design of the RODI XERON BB 57 sink adds
a contemporary touch to the kitchen. Designed for ergonomics
and accessibility, the durable stainless steel sink has a spacious
bowl, which is ideal for washing large pans and pots while at the
same time withstanding heavy usage.
for the kitchen| other products
marketed by Krups
High-contrast colours and an independent design language
enhance the high functionality of the automatic ESPRESSO EA
9000, winner of the reddot design award 2013. The innovative
espresso machine provides automatic cleaning of the milk
froth nozzle in addition to the common cleaning and descaling
programmes. Furthermore, it enables convenient one touch
preparation of coffee and milk specialities, such as cappuccino
or latte macchiato. In a fully automatic process, the coarseness
setting as well as the coffee quantity is also adjusted to the
chosen beverage.
BRAUN J300/500/700
marketed by Braun
The overall puristic form of the BRAUN J300/500/700 juicer
embodies the design values of the brand in a modern
minimalistic context. Winner of the reddot product design
award 2012, the juicer’s process and technical components
are intentionally concealed and are only visible through its
transparent lid. While all individual elements of the device are
formally integrated into the overall product architecture, only
a few functional elements break that monolothic form.
marketed by Bodum
Winner of the reddot design award 2012, the innovative BISTRO B.
Over coffee machine comes with a removable water tank and a
high-performance heating element which transports the water
through a glass tube to the coffee filter without any heat loss.
There, it is evenly distributed over the ground coffee through
an easy-to-clean shower. Providing excellent user comfort, the
shower head is made of plastic and completely coated with
silicone while the high polished material of the machine reduces
limescale to a minimum.
show review| livingkitchen 2013
14th - 20th January 2013
Cologne, Germany
After its successful premiere, LivingKitchen has once again drawn
the kitchen sector’s movers and shakers to Cologne in January
2013. Starting from scratch, the international kitchen event has
once again proved itself as a veritable ‘hot spot’ for the kitchens,
electrical appliances and accessories.
An excellent mood amongst the participating companies and
visitors plus new launches and trends as far as the eye could
see, LivingKitchen 2013 has impressively proved its worth as an
exhibition format and reaped top marks in many areas.
“The second edition of LivingKitchen has been truly successful. We
have seven outstanding days behind us, during which the kitchen,
the focal point of people’s lives, has found its home in Cologne
once and for all,” says CEO of Koelnmesse, Gerald Böse.
“In the three halls dedicated to the show, the sector has once again
demonstrated just how much innovativeness, sophisticated design
and quality it has to offer. I’m confident that, in the months to
come, this will have a very positive impact on our exhibitors’ order
books. LivingKitchen isn’t just a powerhouse for trends, innovation
and design, it’s also the most important business platform in the
global kitchen market,” declared Gerald Bose.
show review| livingkitchen 2013
Besides carrying on seamlessly from the success of the premiere
event in 2011, LivingKitchen has even considerably improved
on its key figures in many areas. Innovative presentations from
manufacturers, world premieres for new kitchen furnishings,
household appliances and accessories as well as star-studded
cooking shows, the outstanding mix on offer covered everything
to do with kitchens and cooking and ensured a steady volume
of visitors on all days of the fair, not to mention beaming faces
amongst the exhibitors.
On course for growth: internationality of visitor structure
A total of 142,000 visitors came to the metropolis on the banks
of the Rhine. With foreign visitors accounting for a share of 42
per cent (based on the trade visitor days), the imm cologne and
LivingKitchen were once again tagged as ‘the international trade
AMK’s managing director Frank Hüther, “The strong presence of
the trade sector and the substantial number of international trade
visitors, especially from Russia, China and Asia in general, were
definitely grounds for enthusiasm. International exhibitors were
also able to convince themselves of the professionalism, visitor
volumes and quality that LivingKitchen can offer them. Just like
the international media, they will be spreading the word as to
where modern kitchens are at home and where the world’s leading
kitchen fair belongs: in Cologne!”
On the one hand, there were considerably more buyers from
Europe, especially from the Russian Federation and traditionally
strong countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy and
Switzerland and on the other hand, there was also a marked rise in
the number of visitors from Asia, especially from China. The Public
Days were also very well attended. Around 43,000 consumers came
in search of inspiration from the kitchen and furnishing worlds on
“The main goal was to increase the new kitchen event’s international
significance and, more than anything else, make the theme of
kitchens in Cologne an attractive proposition to even more trade
visitors from all over the world. We achieved that goal,” sums up
Katharina C. Hamma, Chief Operating Officer of Koelnmesse.
For more information, visit
show review| livingkitchen 2013
Interior Innovation Award 2013: The Winners
Anyone prioritizing furniture and furnishing design will create
real added brand value. This is demonstrated not least by the 15
outstanding products that have emerged as the prize-winners
at the Interior Innovation Award – Best of Best 2013 ceremony
held on the occasion of the opening event for the imm cologne.
Moreover, in the [D3] Contest the Interior Innovation Award – Best
of Best 2013 was likewise bestowed on three young international
designers for their superb prototypes.
The Interior Innovation Award was initiated jointly by imm cologne
and the German Design Council and is today one of the most
cherished design prizes in the field of interior design world-wide.
This year, the peak achievements that the industry is once again
showcasing prove that design entails a lot more than just a sweet
Andrej Kupetz, General Manager of the German Design Council,
comments, “For an ever greater number of manufacturers, design
is becoming the key factor underpinning innovation. The focus is
clearly on adding value. The interior design market has grasped
that highly innovative products give you a far better profile in
the market than do repeatedly taking the ever harsher option
of offering bargains. Anyone who invests in design creates an
enduring added brand value.”
show review| livingkitchen 2013
At a special show during the imm cologne, the winning products
were displayed at Koelnmesse in various locations. Besides, all the
prize-winners will be portrayed in an online exhibition at www. as well as in a special yearbook that
brings together all the winning products and other highlights from
imm cologne 2013, which will be available in April 2013.
[D3] Contest
The [D3] Contest is an international competition offering young
designers a platform to present their ideas for innovative interior
design objects to a high-grade international trade audience.
During the talent show the specialist jury also chose three upand-coming designers as worthy of the Interior Innovation Award
– Best of Best 2013 for their pioneering innovations.
Interior Innovation Award
The objective behind the Interior Innovation Award, which was
bestowed for the first time in 2002, is to highlight interior design
products that possess a persuasive and pioneering design and
thus reflect the industry’s ability to innovate. Since its launch, the
award has emerged as an effective instrument for participants
and winners to position themselves and set their products off
from those of rivals. The contest is open not only to imm cologne
exhibitors but to all companies with products in the categories of
furniture, the bathroom, the office/work place, building interiors,
walls/floors/ceilings, kitchens/household, luminaires, and textiles.
The award is considered a key indicator for the importance of
design and attests to high quality in the interior design industry
as a whole.
The German Design Council
The German Design Council was founded as a foundation in 1953
by decree of the German Federal Parliament at the initiative of the
German Parliament to meet the business world’s growing need
for information on design. Today, it is one of the world’s leading
centres of communication and know-how transfer on design.
The supporting foundation at present includes 170 German and
international companies that together employ over 1.6 million
For more information, visit
show review| livingkitchen 2013
Arrital presented AK_04, the eco-friendly kitchen, at Livingkitchen
2013. The AK_04 system takes up the challenge of the ecosustainability, adopting a recycled and recyclable material such as
paper and a natural binder that doesn’t release any formaldehyde.
In addition to that, it features frames and elements in recyclable
aluminium. The durability of the product is yet, another proof of
its sustainability.
Besides these innovative features, the AK_04 is available with the
extremely wide modularity that has always made Arrital so special,
including the new 75 and 105 cm wide modules. AK_04 fronts and
doors are only 6 mm thick. This feature, as in the ancient Japanese
Origami tradition, recalls the idea of “sheet”, enhancing the formal
light look of the new model, without influencing the cornerstones
of the ergonomics and the functionality of the kitchen.
Arrital cucine was founded in 1979 with the production of kitchens.
Today, the brand name is a synonym for trust and reliability thanks,
to many its investments in facilities and technologies and customer
Bauknecht is once again revolutionizing cooking with induction
technology. After its induction hobs, which have been inspiring
chefs for years, Bauknecht is now launching the first oven with
induction technology onto the market. The revolutionary oven
delivers baking and cooking results like never before. It can
deliciously prepare the dishes in minutes while saving of up to 50
per cent in time and energy.
Integrating the advantages of the induction technology into an
induction oven, the induction tray, into which the special heating
spirals are integrated, is placed in the oven. The induction pot
that comes supplied with the induction oven is positioned on the
tray and, just like conventional induction cookware, transfers the
inducted heat directly to the food. In combination with a grill, the
heat is distributed optimally throughout the oven cavity, providing
perfect baking and cooking results every time.
As soon as the induction tray is plugged into the oven, the oven
switches to induction mode. As a result, induction technology
combines sustainable cooking with perfect cooking results. The
oven can also be used without the induction feature as a normal
oven which offers the usual broad range of cooking functions.
Thanks to the new, improved air circulation inside the oven, tedious
and energy-wasting pre-heating of the oven is no longer needed.
The new Bauknecht induction oven offers other convenient
features too. The induction mode offers 16 preset options for
various food categories, from fish to vegetables to cakes, and the
dishes are then cooked to perfection completely automatically.
Bauknecht Hausgeräte GmbH, founded in 1919, develops, produces
and markets domestic appliances relating to food preparation,
food conservation, fabric care and dish care. Bauknecht has been
part of Whirlpool EMEA since 1991.
show review| livingkitchen 2013
With the motto, “Ballerina goes Ritzenhoff”, Ballerina now offers
seven designs for doors that transform the kitchen into a design
object. The current range includes designs by internationally
renowned designers, Luca Casini, Buro Fur Form, Shinobu Ito,
Harry&Camila, Michal Shalev, Gabriel Weirich and the recent
addition, Marie Peppercorn. Though Marie Peppercorn’s designer
doors are reminiscent of the retro 1950s, they are nevertheless
unobtrusively modern.
Ballerina kitchen is transported in different countries throughout
the world. In a lot of countries Ballerina-Küchen acts as a brand
name for quality and luxury.
Offering the right solution for all needs and furnishing styles by
way of its comprehensive range of products, Blanco’s wide-ranging
product portfolio has now been enhanced to include the new
model Blanconea in addition to Blancosaga. Blancosaga impresses
with its clean styling. Its functional design has been reduced to
essentials. A special feature of the cylindrical L-shaped mixer tap
is its innovative operating concept. Blancosaga is equipped with a
new control integrated into the outlet – clearly recognisable thanks
to the black contrasting sleeve. The water quantity is regulated
via a forwards or backwards movement. By turning the textured
sleeve either to the right or the left, the required temperature can
be conveniently set.
Family-owned since 1925, Blanco’s humble beginnings included
making copper galvanized parts for cookers and hot water bottles
with a team of 30 loyal employees. Today, the company has
produced more than 40 million sinks, and is recognized as a world
leader in quality, innovation and unsurpassed service.
Ernestomeda, a leader in the high end of the designer kitchen
market, took part for the first time at Living Kitchen 2013. The
event was a chance to present Icon, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso,
a programme at the top of the Ernestomeda offering, particularly
suitable for the international markets. Participation at the German
fair was a strategic opportunity for meeting and acquiring new
business partners, and is part of the internationalisation plan
currently being implemented by Ernestomeda, which saw its
exports soar by 35 per cent in 2012. Currently, the brand is
focusing on the contract sector as well as the retail channel. The
Icon compositional layout displayed at Living Kitchen combines
luxury materials such as heat treated oak, used for the Evolution
pull-out peninsula and the finish of the Can-Do cupboard, with
more technical, innovative features like DuPont™ Corian, used
for the base and wall cabinets, and concrete-look food-approved
ICONcrete, adopted seamlessly throughout the Sequel cooking/
washing zone.
Ernestomeda, founded in 1996, manufactures high-value products
at competitive prices, with a style capable of harmonising design,
technology and safety. Today, the product range includes more
than 10 programmes, offering a wide array of finishes and materials.
show review| livingkitchen 2013
On the basis of a product study conducted in 2011, Dornbracht
presented the first electronic product solution for the kitchen, the
eUnit Kitchen. This new concept is the next step by Dornbracht
towards technological innovation and leadership in the kitchen
area. To analyse work processes in the kitchen, Dornbracht
conducted a detailed study of the kitchen-task areas. The product
study examined the added value electronically controlled fittings
provide in kitchen applications, identifying ways in which these
fittings can assist with standardised workflows. The results of the
analysis were used internally for product development.
The result of these efforts can now be seen in the exclusive,
electronic product solution, the eUnit Kitchen. The product
provides optimised technology and assistance with manual tasks
such as dispensing water, regulating water flow and temperature
and plug operation. The different functions are combined and
can be called up using a single control unit. An intuitive, simple
application logic simplifies work processes, leaving more time for
creativity in preparing and presenting the food and interacting
with guests.
The newly developed foot sensor is a particular highlight in
creating added convenience value for kitchen work processes.
The sensor can be used to turn water on and off, for a hands-free
operation that replaces the ‘missing’ third hand. The foot sensor
has been transposed from professional kitchens for home use,
providing an increasing level of professionalisation.
The eUnit also dispenses water in measured amounts for just the
right volume of water required. It measures the exact amount of
water a recipe calls for, from small amounts for baking to the large
volumes needed in tasks such as water for noodles. The decent
aura of light that glows when the controls are operated announces
activity and lends the eUnit a gentle, atmospheric touch.
Thanks to the compact construction, the eUnit Kitchen can be
situated in ‘plug-’n’-play’ fashion beneath the sink without taking
up too much space.
Aloys F. Dornbracht is a globally active family-run manufacturer
of high-quality fittings and accessories for bathrooms. Based in
Iserlohn, Germany, the company is also part of the Dornbracht
Group that, together with Alape, brings together two premium
brands for the bathroom and the kitchen.
love a splash of colour with the popular handle-less style, Highgloss Rosso has been introduced for the Alpha Lack range.
Showcased along with this eye-catcher at Living Kitchen was a
new variation for Nolte’s worktops with ceramic effect surface.
This is now available in black. In terms of eye catchers, Nolte’s
range of glass splashbacks with motifs has also had a few new
additions. As black and white motifs, “Cups” and “Forks” introduce
a subtle alternative to the colourful variants like Lemon, Oranges
or Lavendar.
Nolte Kuchen has launched several new products, including a new
wood veneer door, new colour High-gloss Rosso for the Alpha Lack
handle-less range and a couple of new glass splashbacks.
A new product of a different kind was also launched in Cologne.
Nolte Kuchen’s end consumer magazine called “Cookoon” was
introduced and will now be issued twice a year in German and
English. It is also available as tablet app for iOS and Android,
including additional images and videos.
Nature, the real wood veneer door front range, is in line with the
on-going trend for natural materials and décors and for those who
Nolte has been around since 1958. The company with headquarters
in Löhne, near Hanover, is a family owned business.
High-gloss Rosso for the Alpha Lack handle-less range
show review| livingkitchen 2013
Extending over 350 square meters, Gorenje presented a selection
of novelties from brands Gorenje, Gorenje+ and ATAG. In particular,
Gorenje’s display in Cologne was focused on showcasing the wide
and varied range of premium built-in appliances, with the spotlight
on the Gorenje+ brand of exclusive built-in appliances available
through kitchen specialists and intended for the most demanding
customers. Gorenje+ exclusive appliances boast numerous
technologically advanced features, even global innovations such
as the flagship of the Gorenje+ novelties exhibited in Cologne,
the revolutionary IQcook induction hob featuring unique IQsteam
steaming technology that completely changes the way we cook
and emphasizes the trend towards an easier way of cooking and
healthy eating.
It is one of the first induction hob in the world that one can truly
trust to perceive all changes in a timely manner and adjust the
operation to avoid boiling over, burning, or overcooking. Userminded preset cooking modes IQsteam, IQboil, IQpro, IQfry and
IQgrill simplify the preparation of many dishes even further. Now,
users can maximise their leisure time while their meals cook and
they needn’t worry about something unexpected happening as
nothing will ever burn or boil over again.
Gorenje Group is a leading European manufacturer of home
appliances. It has been supplying technologically perfected,
superiorly designed and energy-efficient home appliances under
the brands Gorenje, Gorenje+, Atag, Asko, Pelgrim, Mora, Upo, Etna
and Körting in more than 70 countries around the globe.
Visitors to this year’s LivingKitchen were invited to take a trip
through time to the Paris of the 1920s at the exhibition stand of
granite sink manufacturer, Schock. Designed and put together
by a multidisciplinary team of product designers, architects and
marketing experts, the stand created a real buzz, showcasing the
extensive portfolio of new sinks and taps in genuine Twenties style.
Schock’s presentation at the LivingKitchen captured the feeling
of the era to a tee and provided the perfect setting for the
elegant products. Details like street lamps, historic ice-cream
carts, an authentically styled advertising pillar and lighting effects
evocative of a burlesque show, all combined to create just the right
atmosphere on the stand. Towards the back of the presentation
space was a bar where visitors could retire for a business chat and
in the meeting room next door, they could enter a realistic and
urbane casino world, complete with roulette table, of the kind
they might have walked into had they been around in the Roaring
Twenties. Original accessories, from the lamp to the piano, along
with the perfect musical backdrop and staff in authentic Twenties
dress created a harmonious and appealing overall impression.
Schock invented the granite sink and has been one of the leading
manufacturer worldwide for over 30 years. In addition to its own
brand name manufacturing business, the company serves as an
original equipment manufacturer (OEM), supplying some of the
leading kitchen furniture and stainless steel sink manufacturers.
show review| livingkitchen 2013
Novy presents Touch, a contemporary addition to the already wide
range of built-in cooker hoods. The elegant, built-in cooker hood
in opal glass is suited for decorative chimney or deeper kitchen
Controlled by a subtle Touch Control, the cooker hood is activated
by a simple touch on the glass. Touch is equipped with energyfriendly TL lamps and Cubic motor, which allows the exhaust to
turn into any direction as needed for installation.
A perfect starter kitchen from Team 7, the L1 range could be
described as the ‘little sister’ of the classic linee kitchen. L1 meets
the same high standards in terms of quality. It features the same
clean lines and is available in the same types of wood.
The elements such as the lighting and alcove elements, work
surfaces, panels, and inner compartments from the linee range
can be combined with L1. As a result, the desire for a customised
yet cost-conscious approach to kitchen design can be perfectly
accommodated without having to forfeit the kind of quality one
would usually expect from Team 7.
The body of L1 is made entirely of natural wood and the fronts are
of high-quality, warp-free triple layer panels manufactured at the
company’s own panel factory
Wooden cutlery trays, natural wood drawers and intricate wooden
joints are prime examples of the level of craftsmanship that can be
seen in every detail of the L1 kitchen.
Another fine example is the counter with its beautiful mitre joint. In
addition, customers can order handy accessories such as the wine
rack, wall shelves and integrated glass pendant light to create a
kitchen that offers even more comfort and convenience.
Team 7 is a manufacturer of natural wood furniture, and produces
healthy, flexible, highly durable room interiors in contemporary
designs for home, office and public buildings that are in harmony
with nature. TEAM 7 natural wood furniture is designed and made
in Austria, using pure hardwood from sustainably managed forests.
show review| livingkitchen 2013
The new whiz-kid on the kitchen block is called spira. Based on a
design by star architect Sergei Tchoban, the kitchen is a modern
interpretation of the art deco style of the 1930s. Spira‘s startling
concept is characterised by an exclusive architectural design
approach and high-end minimalism. Reduced to the max, Spira
offers a high degree of functionality.
Enhancing any room situation, Spira embodies the spirit of the
times in a unique way. With its stepped LED-illuminated fronts,
Spira may be likened to a precious sculpture and represents a new
modernity. The fronts will be offered in the entire range of softand high-gloss lacquer colours of the rational colour spectrum.
Spira’s further highlights are its rounded sides consistently
extending down to the floor. 60 mm thick shimmering white
quartz composite has been chosen for the work surfaces.
Since being founded by Walter Fischer in Melle-Riemsloh, Germany,
back in 1963, rational einbauküchen GmbH has developed into a
successful supplier of high-end designer kitchens. Today rational
enjoys the status of an internationally recognized brand, renowned
for its unique design, innovative technology and outstanding
For the second time as an exhibitor at the LivingKitchen, the
Franconian kitchen manufacturer proved passion for everything
they do, whether for the establishment of new kitchen concepts
or for the design of the stand. By the impression of generosity,
openness and cosmopolitanism, Schuller evokes the visitor’s
curiosity for the market place-stand.
Excitement is caused by an unusual use of metres-high stacked
palettes producing a natural play of colours with their used-look
wooden surfaces. The market place theme continued from the
outside to the inside, from the striking quotations on the exterior
walls to the cool kiosk presenting coffee and bread culture up
to the kitchens, which serve as market stands offering water and
apples. Also, this year, kitchens of both collections were shown
again, with the market divided into a consumer and premium
range. With the C-collection and the next125 /next line collection,
Schuller provides the tailored response.
Founded in 1965 by Otto Schüller, today Schuller is one of the top
five kitchen manufacturers of the world. Since 2003, the family-run
company has been directed by Markus Schüller, Max Heller and
Manfred Niederauer.
show review| livingkitchen 2013
Siemens’s, new motto for the show, “Built-in fascination”, amazed
trade visitors with interactive displays, entertainment and amazing
exhibits at the stand. The Siemens demo kitchen was once again
the meeting place for top stars and Michelin-starred chefs such
as Christian Henze, Jürgen Koch and Alfons Schuhbeck. Trade
visitors were not only delighted by the tantalizing food but were
also impressed with what the new Siemens full-surface induction
hob offered. Pots and pans can be placed anywhere on the ceramic
glass surface. The smart hob detects pans automatically and passes
this information on to the appliance control system.
In addition to Siemens new generation of hobs, the focus was also
on the latest extractor hoods, featuring expressive and dynamic
design concepts and technical solutions specially catering for lowenergy houses. A separate area had been set aside for Siemens
studioLine, the exclusive range sold by kitchen design shops. It
stands for added value and fascination, and for kitchen specialists, it
is the right answer in terms of expertise when it comes to customer
advice and planning for built-in appliances.
Siemens is the innovative technology brand on the household
appliance market. It stands for first-class engineering executed
with creativity, precision and perfection – values that have
characterised the Siemens brand for more than 160 years.
Sub-Zero and Wolf’s second year at Living Kitchen was marked with
exciting product additions by both brands. Sub-Zero showcased
two new additions to its popular built-in line including the muchanticipated 36” French door model and an internal ice and water
dispenser available in the 48” model.
Wolf, on the other hand, introduced upgrades to its E Series Oven
line including a sleek black glass model, available in single and
double units, and the addition of a stainless steel control panel to
the existing stainless steel model.
In addition to trade events, Sub-Zero has opened multiple
international showrooms including locations in Australia, Milan,
Beijing, London, Mexico City, and Brussels.
Wolf’s sleek black glass model from the E
Series Oven line.
Sub-Zero’s French door model
Sub-Zero & Wolf, leading manufacturers of luxury kitchen
appliances, announces its continued global expansion with the
introduction of new products at the 2013 LivingKitchen Fair in
Cologne, Germany.
“We are thrilled to not only be able to introduce new products into
the international market, but also connect with a terrific network
of global distributors,” said Jim Bakke, President and CEO for SubZero and Wolf. “
Returning to Living Kitchen gives us the tremendous opportunity
to underscore the innovation and dedication that power our
brands, as well as grow our relationships within the trade and
consumer communities.”
Last year, the company opened three new showrooms Chicago,
Singapore, Tel Aviv, and Jakarta and added Atlanta and Dallas to
the list in 2012. The company’s expansion endeavors are also strong
in the U.S.A. where it opened a 440,000 square foot production
facility in Goodyear, Arizona in 2011.
Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Madison, Sub-Zero, Inc., is
the leading manufacturer of American-made luxury refrigeration,
freezers and wine storage products.
Specializing in food preservation, Sub-Zero pioneered the concept
of dual refrigeration and prides itself on being the first company
to store frozen foods at ultralow, “sub-zero” temperatures. In 2000,
Wolf Appliance, Inc., the premier maker of ranges, ovens, cooktops
and grills, was acquired by Sub-Zero; establishing the brands as
corporate companions and kitchen soul mates.
show review| livingkitchen 2013
Top Porzelanik Barcelona (TPB) presented its newest product,
TPB Induction Technology (TPB tech) Gres-Ceramic Worktop that
allows direct cooking. The singular characteristics of TPB tech
makes it into the most innovative surface as much as on aesthetic
level as on a functional one offering the highest benefits.With
TPB tech, the glass of the hob disappears, unifying both zones of
work and cooking. The pioneer TPB tech worktop will be marketed
with the same finishes that TPB worktop has. It will come with its
inductor burns placed under the four sheets that form its surface
and with a visible on-off buttons.
At the same time, TPB tech has developed a special kitchenware
suitable to cook.
This special set of kitchenware adds two advantages; one is
that the residual temperature in the surface of the worktop is
minimal, hence avoiding any burns or damages to the user. The
other advantage is the optimal use of the magnetic wage energy
from the induction equipment so that the base of the recipients
remains unalterable without scratches or inlays of food.
TPB is a Spanish company specialising in the highest resistance
worktops in the market.
Flavia, the new family of kitchen sinks by Villeroy & Boch, is designed
as a true all-rounder for everyday use. These high-quality ceramic
sinks blend timeless design with the best in functional benefits.
Flavia also fits in well with many of the current kitchen cabinetry
facing styles and appliances, from modern to classic.
Flavia is available in three prevailing sizes, 45, 50 and 60 cm, for
the right sink solution in any room situation. There are also 16
contemporary ceramic colours to choose from. This way, the sink
can either harmonize particularly well with the kitchen colour
concept, completely in line with decorating plans and tastes or
present an intentionally strong contrast or courageous accent.
Flavia is equipped with a waste system basket strainer. Grooves and
elevated areas on the drainer surface give tableware the air supply
it needs to dry perfectly. The sinks are reversible too, for right or left
side installation as required.
Villeroy & Boch, with 265 years of company history behind it, the
company is active in 125 countries. Its product range includes
innovations from the bathroom and wellness, tableware and tiles
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