setlist - bacon pilots


setlist - bacon pilots
Stand 2012
Cover Songs
Fall in Love
Life your Live
Till the End of our Lives
This is our night
See the ruins of myself
No regrets
I´m free
He´s away
Lets make a Barbecue
It´s a movie
God Loves Cowboys
Put it up yours
Ich will alles
Let´s Rock
Shouting out
AC/DC: Thunderstruck
AC/DC: Highway to hell
AC/DC: You shook me all night long
AC/DC: The Jack
Metallica: Whiskey in the Jar
Bon Jovi: Dead or Alive
Bon Jovi: Always
Bon Jovi: These Days
U2: Desire
Lynard Skynard: Sweet home Alabama
Lynard Skynard: Simple Man
Bryan Adams: Summer of 69
Everlast: Black Jesus
Guano Apes: Quietly
The Cranberries: Zombie
Wheatus: Teenage Dirtbag
Tom Petty: Free falling
3 Doors Down: Here without you
Adele: Rolling in the deep
The Eagles: Hotel California
Aeorsmith: Crying
Elvis Presly: Trouble
Die Spielzeit der Band beträgt ca. 4 Stunden, inkl. Pausen. Auf Wunsch, können wir auch noch
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