Evaluation of a Transition Care-Program in Residential and Nursing



Evaluation of a Transition Care-Program in Residential and Nursing
Zeitschrift fuer Evaluation, vol. 9, issue 2, 2010 – articles, pp. 229-255
Theory, Methods and Practice of Evaluation
Evaluation of a Transition Care-Program in
Residential and Nursing Homes for the Elderly
Rafaela Kraus, Martin Rost, Katharina Baumeister, Anna Grieser
Faculty of Business Administration and Management, University of the German
Armed Forces Munich, Neubiberg
To evaluate the institution of Transition Care in 40 nursing homes in Munich, this
project will survey the structure, the process, and the results of Transition Care.
Variety of methods and diversity of interviewees have been the chief goals. Transition Care deals with all the problems which can occur when elderly people are
no longer able to live independently and must move into a nursing home. This
evaluation of Transition Care should provide a basis for municipal decisions regarding further financial support; at the same time it will indicate ways to improve
the benefits of Transition Care. The evaluation uses various methods of collecting
data, both qualitative and quantitative, and both reactive and non-reactive. The
sampling procedure assures that all persons who are involved in Transition Care
are included in the evaluation. Following principles of process management, the
evaluation covers four research foci: Effectiveness, Customer Acceptance/Satisfaction, Cost Efficiency and Quality.
Transition Care, Process Management, Evaluation,
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Stockmann, Saarland University
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Prof. Dr. Helfried Moosbrugger, J.-W.-Goethe-University FfM
Prof. Dr. Hildegard Müller-Kohlenberg, University of Osnabrück
Prof. Dr. Dr. Christiane Spiel, University of Vienna
Prof. Dr. Hellmut Wollmann, Humboldt University of Berlin
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