Queen® CutFlowers
Queen® CutFlowers set a stunning, new standard for longevity in the cut flowers
category. Comprising selected varieties, the elegant flowering stems keep their
fresh, bright appearance for as long as our potted kalanchoes. Use them alone or
in mixed bouquets.
Queen® CutFlowers setzten neue Haltbarkeitsstandards im Schnittblumenbereich.
Die von der Kalanchoe als Topfpflanze bekannten Eigenschaften, unsere
sorgfältige Auswahl, sowie Ethylenresistenz sämtlicher Sorten sind der Grund für
eine außerordentlich lange Blütezeit.
Queen® CutFlowers bieten haltbare Eleganz und grenzenlose
Anwendungsmöglichkeiten, egal ob man sie als Strauß, Dekoration oder
eigenständiges Produkt verwendet. Queen® CutFlowers sind mehrfach
Berits experiences with Queen® CutFlowers
”Queen® CutFlowers have unique properties compared to other
cut flower products. I have had the pleasure of working with
them on several occasions, exploring the opportunities with all
techniques. With their beautiful colours and the shape of the
flowers and leaves, Queen®
CutFlowers can be used in all ways imaginable.
Their durability, both with and without water, is particularly
appealing.This means we can provide customers with a long-lasting
product. For me as a florist, it also means that I can prepare in
good time for a show, demonstration or competition.
Berit Skjøttgaard Laursen,
Danish Florist Champion
in 2013, Silver medal 2014
and Winner of the International Flower Cup 2013.
I love all the opportunities that Queen®
CutFlowers give me in my work.”
To be stored at
High durability,
both with and
without water
3 weeks
Varieties 2015
Amazing Pink Meadow**
Adorable Pink Meadow**
Tender White Meadow**
Warm Yellow Meadow**
Lovable Pink Meadow**
Blossom Pink Meadow**
Fascinating Red Meadow**
1 stem
1 bunch = 5 stems
**U.S. Patent No. 7,453,032 (granted) & Patent No. 7,847,150 (granted) & European patents (pending)
1 bucket = 4 bunches
Working with Queen® CutFlowers
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