reference list - JV


reference list - JV
Representative Client List
Couch Records, A
Hardstudios AG, CH
control room
control room, vocal booth
DAT Germany, GER
Haus der Musik, A
2 control rooms, live room, 3 editing rooms
music museum
Das Forum/Siemens, A
Hermes Synchron, GER
multi-purpose hall, 2 conference rooms
4 studios
Das Kino, A
Hochschule für Musik München, GER
2 screening rooms
control room
Dave Inker (Inker & Hamilton), GER
Hotel Bayerischer Hof, GER
control room
room- and building acoustics, flow acoustics
Hotel Zur Tenne (Hotel Bayerischer Hof), A
architectural acoustics consulting
dance hall
Domino Studio, GER
Herbert Grönemeyer, GER
2 control rooms, 3 studios
Down Town, GER
Hotel Mayr, GER
control room, live room
room and building acoustics
Dirk Novy, GER
Hugh Padgham, GB
control room
Dr. Luke, USA
Important Studios (Matt Stone) USA
producer of Kathy Perry, Brtiney Spears, Kesha….)
consultancy, control room, live room
(producer of South park)
control room, live room
e-jay, GER
Instant Records, GER
5 studio suites, partial air conditioning
studio, control room, full air conditioning
Elektrofilm, GER
Jean Frankfurter, GER
2 control rooms, 2 studios,
2 control rooms, 2 recording room
Just GmbH, GER
tv mixing room, film mixing theatre, r&r stage,
air conditioning with all conveniences
control room
conference room, 2 control rooms, live room, 3 editing studios
EuroSync, GER
Bogner Records, GER
multimedia room,
2 control rooms, 2 live rooms
Exit Studios, GER
Booya Music, GER
2 control rooms, 2 live rooms
control room, live room, full air conditioning
EXPO 2000 / Labyrinth, GER
Bros Music, GER
sound systems and acoustics
2 control rooms, live room, full air conditioning
Fachhochschule Druck, GER
Bundestag Bonn (alteration), GER
customer Siemens
2 control rooms, 2 studios
investigation of room acoustics, improvements
of room acoustics and sound system
control room
A&M Productions (SNAP), GER
2 control rooms, live room
Andreas Rieke, (And.Ypsilon/Fantastische Vier),GER
partial air conditioning, control room, live room
Andreas Weidinger, GER
control room
conference room, multipurpose room
building acoustics
Articon, bug-proof conference room, GER
partial air conditioning
ATB Music Productions, GER
control room
Atlantis, GER
control room, live room
Avenue (Odyssee), GER
2 control rooms
Bayerische Versicherungskammer, GER
multipurpose room
Berliner Synchron, GER
control room, live room
Bingoboys Recording Studio, A
control room, live room
Blue Point Tonstudio, GER
control room, live room
BMG-Ariola, GER
Boskovic, HR
Kasachstan TV, KZ
control room, studio
Kir Music, GER
Fachhochschule Hagenberg, A
F.A.M.E. Recordings GmbH, GER
control room, studio
2 rehearsal rooms
Koch International, GER / A
3 control rooms, 2 studios, drum booth, vocal booth, consulting in architectural acoustics
Kursaal Meran, I
Farao Studios, GER
KHM-Campus University, GER
Kunsthochschule für Medien
control room, consultancy
control room
Bowne Global Solutions, GER
control room, studio
Klarinetten Hammerschmidt, GER
control room, live room
Boom Company, GER
Kammerorchester München, GER
FFS (Synchron for Disney), GER
auditorium, 3 control rooms, 2 studios, video
studio, mixing theatre
control room
2 control rooms, 2 live rooms, measurements,
Cap a Pie Studios, GER
FM Radio Network, GER
2 control rooms, 2 live rooms
radio studio
Folkwang University, GER
2 control rooms
development study
Chestnut Studio, GB
Focus TV, GER
control room, live room
control room, live room
vocal booth
Manu Kurz, GER
Christian Kardeis, A
Foster Kent (Jingle Boys), A
control room
control room, live room
2 control rooms
Marcel Barsotti, GER
Christian Lohr (Gianna Nanini), GER
Frey Film, GER
control room
control room, live room
control room
Marianne und Michael, GER
Christian Pletschacher (Lou Bega), GER
FX Center, GER
control room
76 offices, 5 conference rooms, conference
auditorium, 2 film studios, 2 screening rooms,
5 video suites,4 video editing rooms, 2 video
control rooms, live rooms etc.
Christina Stürmer, A
measurements, consulting
Coconut, GER
2 control rooms, live room, air conditioning
with all conveniences, heating and sanitary system
Coldplay, GB
Comtec, GER
audio control room, video control room, audio studio, video studio
crossfade, GER
mastering studio
Constantin Entertainment, GER
control room
Listen!, GER
control room
Loft Studios, GER
2 control rooms, 2 studios, midi control room
Lunch Production, GER
control room, live room
Geyer Video, GER
Maryland, Ger
2 control rooms, 2 live rooms
Mastering World Studios, GB
control room
Matthias Stieler, GER
control room
mastering studio
Giesing Team, GER
Max Martin, S, USA
5 control rooms, 4 live rooms, mixing theater (Dolby Digital)
(producer of Kathy Perry, Brtiney Spears, Pink….)
control room, live room
Harmonic Sound Studio, GER
control room, live room
MDR Dresden, GER
4 editing rooms
Harold Faltermeyer, GER
Media House Studios, GER
measurements, consulting
2 control rooms, 2 live rooms, full air conditioning
Hans Singer, GER
Media Markt, GER
control room
room acoustics, conference hall
J. Veith
Megaherz, GER
Rockhouse, A
Tonstudio Witten, GER
2 video control rooms
concert hall, 6 rehearsal rooms
control room, studio
MMC Magic Media Company, GER
RTS (radio télévision suisse), CH
Top Ware, GER
room-acoustics, 17 film studios, 8 control rooms,
partial air conditioning
consultancy and planning of all acoustic
rooms (recording rooms, live rooms, cinemas etc), 2 OB Trucks
control room, studio
SAE Cologne, GER
control room, studio, partial air conditioning
Mondo Music, GER
2 control rooms, 2 studios
2 control rooms, 2 studios
Music Center Moscow, GUS
control room, live room
Music Lounge, GER
control room
Musikhochschule Detmold, GER
TV-Synchron, GER
Sator Tonstudio, GER
3 synchron studios, mixing theater, 3 control rooms,
control room
air conditioning with all conveniences
A.Schmidt-Hoensdorf, GER
control room, recording room
editing suite, telecine, print lab,
air conditioning with all conveniences
MSM - Mastering Studios Munich, GER
Scorpio Sound/Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions), GER
3 control rooms, screening room, measurements,
control room
control room, measurements
Music Support Group MSG, GER
8 control rooms, 4 studios
Nationalratssaal, CH
2nd opinion, consultancy
NBC-Universal, GER
control room, Studio
Newport Studios KG, I
2 control rooms, 2 studios, 2 midi programming suites
Newton Music, GER
2 control rooms, 2 studios
Nick Glowna, GER
control room
Nucleus Tonstudio, GER
control room, studio
Parkstudios, GER
measurements, service
Pariser Platz 3 (Arch. Frank O. Gehry), GER
building- and room-acoustics (whole building)
Peter Schilling, GER
control room
Phönix, GER
loudspeaker demo room
Pilot Studios, GER
control room
Pirouet Studios, GER
control room, 3 studios
Prime Studios, A
Principal Studios, GER
2 control rooms, 4 studios
Private Persons (Germany, Europe, USA)
home cinemas
Produktteam Enrico Coromines, GER
control room
Prof. Dr. Norbert Schneider, GER
control room
Proton Studio, GER
2 control rooms, 2 studios
Psycho Sound Studio, GER
2 control rooms, studio
Qubic Studio, NL
2 control rooms, 2 studios
Radiomax (REWE), A
consultancy, vibration measurements
UFA-Haus, Vorführkino, GER
screening room
Schwarzfilm, GER
3 control rooms, studio, 3 editing suites
Morris Studio, GB
Turbo Beat Studios, GER
Sendezentrum München, GER
(Pro7, Kabel 1, HOT, N24),
20 vocal booths, 8 control rooms,
24 editing rooms, 4 audio post production rooms,
news studio control room
Seven Senses, GER
Underground Records, GER
control room
Universal Studio Networks, GER
control room
University Furtwangen (FH), GER
control room, studio, large hall for wave
field synthesis
University of Music Mainz, GER
quality definition of the new campus,
control room, studio
Uphon Studios, GER
3 control rooms, 4 AVID-suites
full air conditioning
Soundmasters, GB
Uwe Bossert, (Reamonn) GER
measurements, consultancy
control room,
Skywalk, GER
Violet Sound, GER
mastering suite
control rooms, studio
Soap Opera, GER
Voodoo Lounge (Bavaria Studios), GER
3 control rooms, 3 film studios
2 control rooms, studio, 4 AVID suites, partial air conditioning
Solid Rock, A
control room, studio
vocal booth
Soundlab, GER
VW Volkswagen, GER
control room, studio
Spice Recording Studio, GER
reference room, partial air conditioning
Walt Disney Company, GER
control room
SSR (School for Sound Recording), GB
1 control room, 1 recording room
Walt Disney/Buena Vista, ESP
control room, room acoustic
Stanley House (Chris Porter), GB
screening room
Walter Kys, GER
control room, refurbishment
Stadtwerke Reutlingen, GER
rehearsal room piano
hall, offices
Wasmeya Studio, BAH
Stanislavski Theater, GUS
Waters Edge Studios, GER
2 control rooms, 3 studios, partial air conditioning
Stefan Raab, GER
Westpark Studios, GER
control room
4 control rooms, THX-mixing theatre, 2 studios,
partial air conditioning, sprinkler system,
kitchen installation
consultancy, measurements, modules
Steffen Harning Production (Pharao), GER
control room, studio
Steiner Box, GER
Wisseloord Studios, NL
loudspeaker demo room
Studio 507, GER
2 control rooms, 2 mastering rooms, 2 recording rooms, 2 booths, studio
design, complete studio design and measurements
2 control rooms, 2 studios, vocal booth,
editing theatre, refurbishment
Wörtherseebühne, A
stage system, consultancy
Studiokino Babelsberg, GER
redevelopment study
SWR, Südwestrundfunk, GER
3 control rooms
Syndicate, GER
control room
Tapasbar, IRE
Tauern Sound Records, A
control room, 4 studios
Taurus Film, GER
vocal booth, mixing theater (THX),
air conditioning with all conveniences
Ralf Wengenmayr (all music for Bully Herbig), GER
control room
Ralph Siegel, GER
Tiroler Landestheater, A
measurements and consulting
Tisch School of the Arts, USA
control room
measurements, consultancy
Rebrand Studios, A
Tonstudio Frank, GER
control room
control room, studio
Realistic Sound Studio, GER
Tonstudio Riefenthaler, A
12 / 2014
control room, studio
control room, studio
J. Veith

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