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Dr. Philip Koch, LL.M.
Dr Philip Koch works in the areas of Commercial and Corporate Law,
Insolvency Law as well as Insurance Law. Here, an important element of
his legal activity are court and arbitral proceedings. His clients include
national and international large and medium-sized companies.
Curriculum Vitae
Dr Philip Koch studied at the University of Osnabrück where he also
obtained an additional certificate in economics. He completed his
LL.M. studies in San Diego, USA. He received his doctorate based
on the thesis „Investigation and Pursuit of Culpable Insider Trading“
(Ermittlung und Verfolgung von strafbarem Insiderhandel). During his
legal clerkship, he worked for two large commercial law firms.
Dr Philip Koch speaks German and English (business fluent).
Fields of work
Commercial Law
Corporate law
Insolvency law
Insurance Law
t +49
(0)201 1756-633 (Ulrike Neetenbeek)
+49 (0)201 1756-77919
e [email protected]
Messeallee 2
45131 Essen
Telefon +49 (0)201 1756-600
Telefax +49 (0)201 1756-666
[email protected]

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