Transgender Studies Robin Bauer Essaytexte


Transgender Studies Robin Bauer Essaytexte
Transgender Studies
Robin Bauer
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Subjektivitäten: Identitäten und Körper
Cromwell, Jason: Queering the Binaries. Transsituated Identities, Bodies and Sexualities*
Genschel, Corinna (2001): Erstrittene Subjektivität: Diskurse der Transsexualität
Prosser, Jay (1998): A Skin of one’s own. Toward a Theory of Transsexual Embodiment
Roen, Katrina: Transgender Theory and Embodiment. The Risk of Racial Marginalization*
Sullivan, Nikki: Transmogrification. (Un)becoming Other(s)*
Wilson, Mandy (2002): ‘Iam the Princess of Pain, for I am a Princess in the Brain’. Liminal
Transgender Identities, Narratives and the Elimination of Ambiguities
Franzen, Jannik (2002): Grenzgänge: Judith „Jack“ Halberstam und C. Jacob Hale. Weibliche
Maskulinität, Transmänner und die Frage nach Bündnissen.
Michels, TJ & Ali Cannon (2002): Whose Side are you on? Transgender at the Western Wall.
Lesbears and Transbears. Dykes and Ftms as Bears. A Discussion with Sharon Jill Bear
Bergman, Drew Campbell, Michael “Mike” Hernandez, and Matt Rice.
Rubin, Gayle: Of Catamites and Kings. Reflections on Butch, Gender and Boundaries*
Schirmer, Uta (2007): „Ich will kein Mann sein wollen“. Drag Kinging, Männlichkeit und
Strategien der „disidentification“
Bauer, Robin (2007): Playgrounds and new Territories. The Potential of BDSM Practices to
queer Genders
Hale, C. Jacob (2005): Lederlesben Boys and ihre Daddies. Anleitung zum Sex ohne Frauen
und Männer.
Valentine, David: “I went to bed with my own kind once”. The Erasure of Desire in the Name
of Identity*
Califia, Pat (1997): Sex Changes. The Politics of Transgenderism
Kipnis, Laura (2004): She-Male Fantasies and the Aesthetics of Pornography
Rick, Andrea (2005): „Her gaze makes pecs outta cupcakes“ – Partnerinnen von FTMTransgenders.
Transsexualität & Lesbischer Feminismus
Hausman, Bernice L.: Body, Technology, and Gender in Transsexual Autobiographies*
Koyama, Emi: Whose Feminism is it anyway? The unspoken Racism of the Trans Inclusion
Raymond, Janice: Sappho by Surgery. The transsexually constructed lesbian-feminist*
Riddell, Carol: Divided Sisterhood. A Critical Review of Janice Raymond’s the Transsexuel
Whittle, Stephen (2005): Sustaining Values. Feminist Investments in the Transgender Body.
Feinberg. Leslie: Transgender Liberation. A Movement whose Times has come*
Chess, Simone et al. (2004): Calling all Restroom Revolutionaries!
Regh, Alexander (2002): Transgender in Deutschland zwischen Transsexuellen-Selbsthilfe
und Kritik an der Zweigeschlechterordnung.
Shepard, Benjamin (2004): Sylvia and Sylvia’s Children. A Battle for a queer Public Space.
Transgender Studies
Robin Bauer
Boyd, Nan Alamilla: Bodies in Motion. Lesbian and Transsexual Histories*
Genschel, Corinna (1998): Wann ist ein Körper ein Körper mit (Bürger-)Rechten?
Monro, Surya & Lorna Warren (2004): Transgendering Citizenship
Cavanagh, Sheila L. (2003): Teacher Transsexuality. The Illusion of Sexual Difference and
the Idea of Adolescent Trauma in the Dana Rivers Case
Halberstam, Judith (2005): Das Brandon-Teena-Archiv.
Juang, Richard M.: Transgendering the Politics of Recognition*
Wissen/schaf(f)t Wahrheit?
Meyerowitz, Joanne: A „fierce and demanding“ Drive*
Meyerowitz, Joanne (1998): Sex Change and the Popular Press. Historical Notes on
Transsexuality in the United States, 1930-1955.
Spade, Dean: Mutilating Gender*
Wassersug, Richard et al. (2007): Experiences of Transwomen with Hormone Therapy.
Sexualities 10(1): 101-122
Queer Theory & Trans*
Genschel, Corinna (2003): Queer Meets Trans Studies. Über den problematischen Stellenwert
geschlechtlicher Transgression in Queer Theorie
Towle, Evan B. & Lynn M. Morgan: Romancing the Transgender Native. Rethinking the Use
of the “Third Gender” Concept*
Rubin, Henry S. (1998): Phenomenology as Method in Trans Studies.
Anne Fausto-Sterling: Of Gender and Genitals. The Use and Abuse of the Modern Intersexual
Michel Reiter: Genitale Korrekturen an intersexuellen Menschen. „It’s easier to make a hole
than to build a pole“
Morgan Holmes: Queer Cut Bodies
Cheryl Chase: Hermaphrodites with Attitude. Mapping the Emergence of Intersex Political