IMMR`16 Posters List


IMMR`16 Posters List
P01 Biochemical and biophysical tools for the detection of trace metal stress in the diatom model species Phaeodactylum
:: Maria Teresa Cabrita, Bernardo Duarte, Carla L. Gameiro, Andrei B. Utkin, Ana Rita Matos, Isabel Caçador, Paulo Cartaxana
P02 Oxidative stress responses and cellular energy allocation changes in microalgae following exposure to different human
:: Adeolu O. Aderemi, Sara C. Novais, Luís M. Alves, Marco F. Lemos, Colin Hunter
P03 Short report on the ectoparasitic fauna from a wild Epinephelus marginatus and osmotic shock efficiency on their removal
:: Alfredo Miguel Viana Rodrigues, Luís M. Silva, Sílvia C. Gonçalves, João P. Correia, Rui M. Rosa, Nina S. Vieira
P04 On the species of the genus Actinia (Actiniaria: Actiniidae) occurring along the Atlantic Iberian Peninsula: a molecular and
morphological approach
:: Ana M. Pereira, Emília Cadeireiro, Oscar Ocaña, Jasna Vukic, Radek Sanda, Luca Mirimin, Joana I. Robalo
P05 Sand smelt ability to cope and recover from CO2-induced ocean acidification stress during early stages assessed through
development and biochemical responses
:: Cátia S. Silva, Marco F. Lemos, Ana F. Lopes, Mareen Prasuhn, Manuel J. Seixas, Alexandre F. Marques, Ana M. Faria,
Emanuel J. Gonçalves, Sara C. Novais
P06 Debris time and space variability in a remote island: Faial (Azores, NE Atlantic)
:: Catharina Pieper, Maria A. Ventura, Regina T. Cunha, Ana Martins
P07 The first occurrence of the Ferrer’s Goby in the Portuguese western coast: a case of tropicalization?
:: Diana Duarte Rodrigues, João Afonso, Rita Borges
P08 European lobster larvae (Homarus gammarus) under an acidification scenario: addressing biochemical, development and
behaviour responses
:: Lénia D. Rato, Sara C. Novais, Marco F. Lemos, Luís M. Alves, Sergio M. Leandro
P09 "Bigger is better?" The contribution of father's phenotype on offspring attributes in the temperate cryptobenthic reef fish
ringneck blenny Parablennius pilicornis
:: Gonçalo Silva, Pedro Duarte-Coelho, Carla Quiles-Pons, Henrique Folhas, Diana Rodrigues, Emanuel J. Gonçalves
P10 Is bait worms’ importation an introduction vector for non-indigenous species in Portugal?
:: Erica A. Sá, Pedro F. Costa, Luis C. da Fonseca, Ana S. Alves, Nuno Castro, Sara D. Cabral, Paula Chainho, João Canning-Clode,
Pedro Melo, Ana Pombo, José L. Costa
IMMR'16 had the support of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), through the
strategic project UID/MAR/04292/2013 granted to MARE
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P11 The impact of live bait harvesting in the macrobenthic community of a coastal lagoon – Preliminary results
:: Mafalda M. R. S. Catarino, Carmen A. Pedro, Teresa Baptista, Ana Pombo, Susana M. F. Ferreira, Sílvia C. Gonçalves
P12 Structure of intestinal helminth communities of the striped dolphin, Stenella coeruleoalba, in the western Mediterranean: a
long-term analysis
:: Francisco J. Aznar, Ruth Sanz Tamarit, Paula Mateu Puncel, Carlos Cervera Estevan, Natalia Fraija Fernández, Juan Antonio
Raga Esteve, Mercedes Fernández Martínez
P13 Principal component analysis and kinetic model adjustment to describe the community-level physiological profiles (CLPP) in
the sediments of the river Minho estuary (Northern Portugal)
:: Julio C. Lopes, Virgílio Peixoto, Cláudia Mota, Sara Fernandes, Ana Coutinho
P14 Spatio-temporal structure of phytoplankton assemblages in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific in the El Niño Region 1+2
:: Mariela González-Narváez, Susana Mendes, Mª José Fernández-Gómez, Omar Ruiz-Barzola, Sonia Recalde, Gladys TorresChuquimarca, Mª Purificación Galindo-Villardón
P15 Multi-decadal Spatio-temporal shoreline changes along the Colombian pacific
:: Maria Alejandra Cifuentes Ossa, Leidy Viviana Rosero Henao, John Josephraj Selvaraj
P16 Assessment of temperature and predation stress on the Goby (Gobius paganellus)
:: Nina Paul, Sara C. Novais, Cátia S. Silva, Alexandre F. Marques, Manuel J. Seixas, Andreas Kunzmann, Marco F. Lemos
P17 Reproductive output of a temperate reef-associated fish: characterization of the breeding population and temporal variation
of egg production of the ringneck blenny Parablennius pilicornis (Cuvier, 1829)
:: Pedro Duarte-Coelho, Goncalo Silva, Carla Quiles-Pons, Gustavo Franco, Emanuel J. Gonçalves
P18 Distribution patterns of the cardinal fish Apogon imberbis (Linnaeus, 1758) within Mediterranean marine caves and its
potential role for cave ecosystem functioning
:: Simona Bussotti, Antonio Di Franco, Alexis Pey, Jean-Vincent Vieux, Serges Planes, Paolo Guidetti
P19 Phylogenetic relationships and Biogeography of the genus Scartella (Blenniidae)
:: André Levy
P20 Factors shaping contemporary patterns of genetic diversity of the Portuguese endemic cyprinids
:: Carla Sousa Santos, Joana I. Robalo, Ana M. Pereira, Paulo Branco, José M. Santos, Maria T. Ferreira, Monica Sousa, Ignacio
P21 Presence of BlaCTX-M and BlaTEM among environmental Enterobacteriaceae isolated from the São Domingos River, Peniche,
:: Cátia Costa, Marco Simões, Joana Ribeiro, Joana Fernandes, Cláudia Lopes, Americo Rodrigues, Maria J. Campos
IMMR'16 had the support of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), through the
strategic project UID/MAR/04292/2013 granted to MARE
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P22 Ingestion of microplastics by Mediterranean mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis): Influence of particle size on histopathological
and oxidative stress responses
:: Cátia Vanessa Caetano Gonçalves, Marta G. Martins, Paula Sobral, Maria Helena Costa
P23 Agonistic behavior of the strawberry anemone Actinia fragacea Tugwell, 1856: a tale on space competition and genetic
identity in Cnidaria
:: Emília Cadeireiro, Ana M. Pereira, Joana I. Robalo
P24 Long-term population trend of the epibiont barnacle Xenobalanus globicipitis in the western Mediterranean: is there a role
for viral outbreaks in its cetacean hosts?
:: Francisco J. Aznar, Mercedes Fernández Martínez, Juan Antonio Raga Esteve, Juan Antonio Balbuena Díaz-Pinés
P25 Two morphologically similar species or one single taxon? The example of Gobius paganellus and Mauligobius maderensis at
the Archipelago of Madeira
:: Frederico José Oliveira de Almada, Patrícia Carvalho, Ruxanda Lungu, Joana I. Robalo
P26 In-vitro setting and multiplication of Pulicaria microcephala, an endemic species from Berlengas Island
:: Inês Maria de Almeida Franco, Teresa M. Mouga, Clélia N. Afonso
P27 Improving the re-introduction of rescued Magellanic penguins through health evaluation with minimal sampling volume and
:: Julia B. Morais, Julieta Volpato, Adson Costa, Cristiane Kolesnikovas, Mere E. Saito
P28 Determination of the community-level physiological profiles (CLPP) using BiologTM ECO-plates in the river Minho estuary
sediments (Northern Portugal)
:: Julio C. Lopes, Virgílio Peixoto, Ana Coutinho, Cláudia Mota, Sara Fernandes
P29 Guidelines for capture, husbandry and long-term transportation of a wild Epinephelus marginatus (Lowe, 1834)
:: Nina Sofia Sousa Vieira, Luis H. Silva, Sílvia C. Gonçalves, Rui M. Rosa, João P. Correia, Alfredo M. Rodrigues
P30 Effect of ocean acidification on the early life stages of clingfish, Lepadogaster lepadogaster
:: Sara Isabel Gonçalves Martins, Ana F. Lopes, Emanuel J. Gonçalves, Ana M. Faria
P31 Effects of fishing pressure on the genetic structure and effective population size through time: a tale on two coastal marine
:: Sara M. Francisco, Joana I. Robalo
P32 Determination of the community-level physiological profiles (CLPP) using BiologTM ECO-plates in the river Cávado estuary
sediments (Northern Portugal)
:: Julio C. Lopes, Virgílio Peixoto, Ana Coutinho, Cláudia Mota, Sara Fernandes
IMMR'16 had the support of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), through the
strategic project UID/MAR/04292/2013 granted to MARE
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P33 Determination of the community-level physiological profiles (CLPP) using BiologTM ECO-plates in the river Lima estuary
sediments (Northern Portugal)
:: Julio C. Lopes, Virgílio Peixoto, Ana Coutinho, Cláudia Mota, Sara Fernandes
P34 Reduction of imposex levels in the Port of Sines (SW Portugal)
:: Cristina Espírito Santo, Susana Celestino, Marta Mamede, André Costa, Nuno Mamede, Alina Sousa, Eugénio Sousa, Teresa
Silva, Teresa Cruz, João Castro
P35 Environmental quality of mussels in the Port of Sines (SW Portugal)
:: Susana Celestino, Cristina Espírito Santo, Marta Mamede, André Costa, Nuno Mamede, Alina Sousa, Teresa Silva, Teresa
Cruz, João Castro
P36 The importance of early life stage-fish predation in structuring estuarine plankton communities: evidence from mesoscom
:: William Froneman
P39 Project SOCO-DRONE: Sustaining the good environmental status in Portuguese marine waters
:: António Jorge da Silva, Nuno Simões, Pedro F. Silva
P40 Sea state index for harbour areas: a demonstrative case of the SIMOcean platform
:: Margarida Alves, José P. Pinto, Sara Almeida, Paul Mota, Ricardo Deus, António J. Da Silva, Luisa Lamas, Nuno Almeida
P41 Monitoring of offshore marine protected areas with Unmanned Airborne Vehicles – use of circulation models and remote
sensing in mission planning
:: Martha Christine Medeiros Guerreiro, António J. Da Silva, Ilmer V. Golde, Luís Quaresma
P42 Estimating the ocean currents in the Berlengas– Peniche channel as a contribute for stream energy site assessment, using the
Atlantic-Iberian Biscay Irish- Ocean Physics Analysis and Forecast data
:: Roberto M. Gamboa, João V. Vasconcelos, Sergio Leandro, Paulo Maranhão
P43 Effect of ocean model resolution on the numerical simulation of larval dispersal
:: Laura Rodriguez, Moncho Gómez-Gesteira, Francisco Santos
P44 Influence of upwelling on coastal warming rates along Yucatan, Java and La Guajira coasts
:: Rubén V. Rodríguez, Francisco Santos, Ines Alvarez, Moncho Gomez-Gesteira
IMMR'16 had the support of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), through the
strategic project UID/MAR/04292/2013 granted to MARE
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Collection, husbandry and transport of Naucrates ductor, Sphyraena viridensis, Silurus glanis and Epinephelus marginatus
:: Francisco D. Mauricio, João P. Correia, Rui M. Guedes, Nuno Vasco-Rodrigues, Nelson Campino, Luis Silva, Telmo Morato
Science, technology and society initiative to minimise unwanted catches in European fisheries – the MINOUW Project (EU
H2020 RIA)
:: Mafalda O. Rangel, Mariana Anjos, Luis Bentes, Teresa C. Borges, Aida Campos, Margarida Castro, Morritz Eichert, Paulo
Fonseca, Miguel B. Gaspar, Jorge M. Gonçalves, Helena Guimarães, Ana Marçalo, Lino Marques, Fábio Pereira, Karim Erzini
Profitability of the new target sea cucumber species from Mediterranean and NE Atlantic: Holothuria polii, H. mammata, H.
tubulosa and H. arguinensis
:: Jorge Antonio Dominguez-Godino, Mehmet Aydin, Mercedes Wangüemert
Trophic ecology of small deepwater lanternsharks (Etmopterus spinax and Etmopterus pusillus) from the south Portuguese
:: Laura Nuño-Muñoz, Rui P. Vieira, Maria E. Costa, Jorge M. Gonçalves
Trophic dynamics of the dish assemblages collected from discards of Arte Xavega in Praia de Mira (Portugal, NE Atlantic)
:: Milene Guerreiro, Inês Louro, Marina R. Cunha, Clara F. Rodrigues
Feeding ecology of dominant fish species from beach seine discards (Praia de Mira, Central Portugal)
:: Pedro Seabra, Inês Louro, Pedro Neves, Rui P. Vieira, Marina R. Cunha
Role of the sea temperature and the rainfall on the production fluctuation of the round Sardinella (Sardinella aurita) in
Tunisian eastern coasts
:: Chédia Jabeur, Ali Ellafi, Widien Khoufi, Fatma Belhoula, Yosra Mani, Naoufel Romdhane, Amina Bakhrouf
Variants of production models to improve the stock assessment of Melicertus kerathurus in the northeast region of Tunisia
:: Jaziri Hela, Widien Khoufi, Sadok Ben Meriem
IMMR'16 had the support of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), through the
strategic project UID/MAR/04292/2013 granted to MARE
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Development of marine based edible coating for minimally processed Fuji Apples
:: Ana L. Augusto, Márcia I. Caramalho, Campos J. Campos, Rui Pedrosa, Susana F. Silva
The application of edible seaweed for salt replacement in processed foods – the case of vegetables soup
:: Evelise G. Baptista, Andre Horta, Joana Dinis, Susana L. Mendes, Maria M. Gil
Effect of edible coating on adherence of chopped seaweed to sweet potato (Ipomea batatas) chips
:: Patrícia Vala, André Horta, Milene Vala, Susana Mendes, Maria M. Gil
The fish consumption preferences in a fishing community. A case study in Peniche
:: Mariana M. de Sousa, Susana L. Mendes, Clélia N. Afonso, Alexandra L. da Cruz
Effect of different drying temperatures on the moisture, content of phytochemical constituents and technological properties
of Peniche coast seaweed
:: Ana L. Augusto, Paulo M. Nunes, Susana L. Mendes, Clélia N. Afonso, Teresa M. Mouga
Tuna skin gelatin-based packaging containing seaweed extracts as edible coatings for tuna fillets
:: Milene Vala, Patrícia Vala, Andre Horta, Ana L. Augusto, Maria M. Gil
Manufacture of a pâté with limpets (Patella spp.) and Arbutus unedo
:: Sidónio C. Rodrigues, João M. Reboleira, Paulo Maranhão, Sergio Leandro, Rui M. Ganhão
Antioxidants from Fucus spiralis: in-vitro testing to assess the bioaccessibility
:: João F. Francisco, Carlos Cardoso, Pedro Brito, Narcisa Bandarra, Andre Horta, Rui P. Pedrosa, Cláudia Afonso, Maria M. Gil
Eritrocyte oxidative status of seabream (Sparus aurata) juveniles fed by DDGS based diets supplemented with tryptophan
kept under stressed and unstressed culture conditions
:: Alexandre F. Diogenes, Marina Machado, Arleta K. Skrzynska, Benjamín Costas, Aires Oliva-Teles, Helena Peres
New marine ornamental species: the potential of Moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita
:: João Chambel, Tânia Araújo, Catarina Mendes, Fábio Miranda, Luis Câncio, Paulo Maranhão, Rui Pedrosa
IMMR'16 had the support of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), through the
strategic project UID/MAR/04292/2013 granted to MARE
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Gonad development assessment in the Crassostrea angulata: what is the best diet?
:: Catarina M. Anjos, Teresa M. Baptista, Sandra Joaquim, Ana Ramos, Paula Mour, Domitília Matias
Environmental limits of low salinity to Gracilaria gracilis development
:: Marcela Domingues França, Clélia N. Afonso, Teresa M. Baptista, Ana Pombo, Teresa M. Mouga
Growth, development and transition rate of Chrysaora quinquecirrha ephyrae to juvenile state under different diets
:: Hugo Batista, Margarida Ferreira, Jose M. Louçanas, Nuria Baylina, Teresa Baptista
Effects of Rhodomonas lens and Tetraselmis chuii on Acartia tonsa rearing development
:: Catarina Barraca, Catarina R. Correia, Henrique Pinto, Carolina Barreiros, Daniel F. Marques, Sérgio Leandro
Impact assessment in Solea senegalensis exposed to light of different wavelengths: growth, stress indicators and
:: Pedro J. Pires, Teresa M. Baptista, Renata N. Serradeiro
Gametogenic cycle and reproductive effort of the European clam, Ruditapes decussatus, from Lagoa de Óbidos, Leiria,
:: Daniela Machado, Catarina M. Anjos, Paula Moura, Ana Violante Pombo, Ana Ramos, Sandra Joaquim, Domitília Matias,
Teresa Baptista
Evaluation of differences in nutritional composition between fresh and frozen Bivalve mollusks from Portugal aquacultures
:: António Pádua, Ricardo Osório, André Horta, João M. Reboleira, Teresa M. Baptista, Susana L. Mendes
Potential impact of fish evisceration on the life cycle of Anisakis: an experimental approach
:: Julieta Herrero Schell, Alicia Bartolomé Carretero, Marina Fresneda Marzal, Lorenzo Miquel Mazzetti, Héctor Torrado
Mateo, Mercedes Fernández Martínez, Francisco J. Aznar, Ana Born Torrijos, Francisco E. Montero Royo
Effect of three diets in the gonadal growth and maturation of Paracentrotus lividus
:: Andreia Isabel Gamito Raposo, Susana M. Ferreira, Rodolfo Ramos, Catarina M. Anjos, Teresa M. Baptista, Carla Tecelão,
Sílvia C. Gonçalves, Ana Pombo
Preliminary study on the reproduction of the beadlet anemone Actinia equina (Linnaeus, 1758)
:: Diogo Pilré da Costa, Sofia S. Marques, Teresa M. Baptista, Ana Pombo, Sílvia C. Gonçalves, Susana M. Ferreira
Effect of different diets on growth and survival of the White-Spotted Jellyfish, Phyllorhiza punctata
:: Fábio Alexandre S. Miranda, João Chambel, Catarina Almeida, Damiana Pires, Inês Duarte, Liliana Esteves, Paulo
IMMR'16 had the support of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), through the
strategic project UID/MAR/04292/2013 granted to MARE
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Susceptibility of meagre (Argyrosomus regius Asso, 1801) to Photobacterium damselae subsp. Piscicida
:: Fábio F. Galhano, Maria Manuel S. Cristóvão, Benjamín Costas, Janina Costa, Marina Machado, Rita Azeredo, Hugo
Morais, Catarina M. Anjos, Marcela França, Teresa M. Baptista
Effects of temperature and diet on the reproduction of the rockworm Marphysa sanguinea (Montagu, 1815)
:: Marcela Domingues França, Daniela Machado, C. Anjos, C. Pedro, M. Catarino, Teresa Baptista, S. Ferreira, Sílvia
Gonçalves, P. Costa, José Costa, Ana Pombo
Development of a Multiplex-PCR tool for the simultaneous detection of Vibrio alginolyticus, Vibrio anguillarum, Vibrio
harveyi and Edwardsiella tarda
:: Micaela Pinto, Teresa M. Baptista, Clélia N. Afonso
Fish gut sporeformers to control fish pathogens
:: Rafaela Santos, André Couto, Aires Oliva-Teles, Maria J. Saavedra, Paula Enes, Claudia Serra
Captive reproduction and embryonic development of the Orchid Dottyback (Pseudochromis fridmani)
:: Tânia Araújo, Catarina Mendes, Fábio Miranda, Catarina Manuel, Fábio Samouco, João Chambel, Paulo Maranhão
Biological characterization of the reproductive cycle of the sea urchin (Paracentrotus lividus) in the western central region
of Portugal (Peniche)
:: Andreia Isabel Gamito Raposo, Rodolfo Ramos, Catarina M. Anjos, Ana Pombo, Carla Tecelão, Sílvia C. Gonçalves, Teresa
Baptista, Susana M. F. Ferreira
Effect of three diets on gonad fatty acid composition of reared sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus
:: Andreia Isabel Gamito Raposo, Rodolfo Ramos, Catarina M. Anjos, Ana Pombo, Susana M. Ferreira, Teresa M. Baptista,
Sílvia C. Gonçalves, Carla Tecelão
Effect of different diets on growth of the ciliate protozoan Euplotes sp
:: Catarina Rodrigues Mendes, João Chambel, João Lopes, Rui Calado, Paulo Maranhão
Effect of different diets on growth of Hediste diversicolor (O. F. Müller, 1776) (Nereididae, Polychaeta) juveniles
:: Daniela Machado, Marcela França, Ana Pombo, Catarina M. Anjos, Susana M. Ferreira, Sílvia C. Gonçalves, Pedro F. Costa,
José Lino V. Costa, Teresa M. Baptista
A novel protocol for the laboratory rearing of the mysid species Mesopodopsis slabberi (Van Beneden, 1861)
:: Inês A. Ferreira, Guilherme D. Ferreira, Lénia D. Rato, Sérgio M. Leandro
Characterization of reproduction of Mozambique Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus, Peters 1852)
:: Inês Hermenegildo Silva, Raul J. Silvério Bernardino
Growth performance for European sea bass fingerlings, Dicentrarchus labrax, reared at different salinities
:: Raul J. Bernardino, Cátia Filipa Marques Fernandes
IMMR'16 had the support of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), through the
strategic project UID/MAR/04292/2013 granted to MARE
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Effect of different supplements in diets for anemonefish, Amphiprion percula
:: Marcela Domingues França, Ricardo Passos, Rodolfo Ramos, Marina Machado, Ana Violante Pombo, Teresa Baptista
Method validation for the determination of organochlorine pesticides in bivalves “molds” by modified quechers and gas
chromatography-tandem with mass spectrometry
:: Fatima Hábti, Soumia Belouafa, Mustapha Tarhy, Ahmed Bennamara, Abdelmjid Abourriche
The impact of nutritional and environmental stressors on the immune response, oxidative stress and energy use of rainbow
trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
:: Leonardo Magnoni, Sara C. Novais, Carla O. Silva, Marco F. Lemos, Rodrigo Ozorio, Inge Geurden, Isabelle Leguen, Patrick
Prunet, Ep Eding, Johan Schrama
Effects of nickel on the fatty acid composition of the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum
:: Ana Rita Matos, Carla L. Gameiro, Bernardo Duarte, Isabel Caçador, Maria Teresa Cabrita
Antimicrobial and enzymatic activity of microorganisms isolated from the gut of sea cucumber (Holothuria forskali)
:: Ana Catarina Duarte, Ana C. Perfeito, Joana A. Galante, Marta G. Oliveira, Teresa M. Baptista, Ana Pombo, Maria Manuel
S. Cristóvão, Clélia N. Afonso
Mechanisms associated to cytotoxicity and antimicrobial activities of VLC fractions isolated from brown seaweed Fucus
:: Celso Alves, Joana Silva, Susete Pinteus, André Horta, Olivier P. Thomas, Rui Pedrosa
Identification of the Streptomyces aculeolatus proteins involved in the biosynthesis of bioactive compound by a
comparative 2D electrophoresis approach
:: Ana Filipa Barcelos Fernandes, Lígia Costa, Susana Gaudêncio, Ilda Santos Sanches, M. Gabriela Almeida
Essential oil of two plant species from Peniche coast (Crithmum maritimum l. and Juniperus phoenicea var. turbinata (Guss.)
parl.): Assessment of antimicrobial and antioxidant activities
:: Gabriela Santos, Carla Ferreira, Célia Cabral, Teresa M. Mouga, Clélia N. Afonso
Lipid and fucoxanthin production in mixed cultures of Isochrysis galbana and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
:: Catarina R. Correia, Catarina Barraca, Catarina R. Mendes, Joao Chambel, Sergio M. Leandro
Polysaccharide production and antioxidant activity of Pectodictyon cubicum Taft, a mucilaginous microalgae
:: Joana Dias Ferreira., Assunção M.F.G., Varejão J.M.T.B., Santos L.M.A.
IMMR'16 had the support of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), through the
strategic project UID/MAR/04292/2013 granted to MARE
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Growth and lipid content of two freshwater microalgae: Asterococcus khorshikofii Ettl and Vischeria stellata (Vischer &
Pascher) Hibberd
:: Maria João Alves Correia, Mariana Assunção, Raquel Amaral, Jorge M. Varejão, Lília M. Santos
Chitosan seed soaking: germination and growth of Coriandrum sativum and Solanum lycopersicum
:: Gonçalo T. Castro, Francisco P. Avelelas, Sérgio Leandro
Tiahuramides, novel compounds isolated from Lyngbya majuscula, display cytotoxic effects in human neuroblastoma cells
:: Rebeca Alvariño, Eva Alonso, Eliane Abou Mansour, Louis Bornancin, Isabelle Bonnard, Bernard Banaigs, Amparo Alfonso,
Luis M. Botana
Neuropharmacological screening of sulfated agaran isolated from a red marine algae revel an increase of the exploratory
activity in mice
:: Ricardo B. Souza, Annyta F. Frota, Rayane S. Siqueira, Nayara A. Cesário, Chistiane O. Coura, Thomas D. dos Reis, Gerardo
Cristino Filho, Lissiana M. Aguiar, Norma Maria B. Benevides
Fucus spiralis growth in artificial conditions revealed high antioxidant potential
:: Susete Pinteus, Celso Alves, Andre Horta, Joana Silva, Rui Pedrosa
Isolation, characterization and evaluation of the biotechnological potential of bacteria present in the sponge Dysidea fragilis
:: Duarte Nuno Almeida Carvalho, Inês M. Franco, Cristiana I. Gastão, Susana M. F. Ferreira, Maria M. Sampaio
Identification of C9-base of TTX-like compounds in P. minimum cultures
:: Inés Rodríguez, Amparo Alfonso, Eva Alonso, Mercedes R. Vieytes, Luis M. Botana
Identification of protein markers for bioactivity in marine actinomycetes: a proteomic analysis
:: Joana R. Sousa, Tiago Dias, Sara Rodrigues, Ilda Santos Sanches, Susana Gaudêncio, M. Gabriela Almeida
Ultrastructural alterations induced by the marine toxin azaspiracid-1 on human intestinal cells
:: Paula Abal, M. Carmen Louzao, Sara F. Ferreiro, Natalia Vilariño, María Fraga, Mercedes R. Vieytes, Luis M. Botana
The marine invasive Asparagopsis armata (Harvey, 1855) as source of bioactive valuable compounds - Antioxidant potential
enrichment by Vacuum liquid Chromatography
:: Susete Pinteus, Agnieszka N. Rodrigues, Joana Silva, Christien Lokman, Marco F. Lemos, Rui Pedrosa
Water recycling influence in growth and antioxidant activity of Rhodomonas lens and Tetraselmis chuii
:: Catarina R. Correia, Catarina Barraca, Daniel F. Marques, Sérgio M. Leandro
Chemical characterization of Cinachyrella tarentina: Sponge of Atlantic Moroccan Coast
:: Tarbaoui Meriem, Rhandour Zineb, El Amraoui Belkassem, Oumam Mina, Bennamara Ahmed and Abourriche Abdelmjid
IMMR'16 had the support of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), through the
strategic project UID/MAR/04292/2013 granted to MARE
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Development of an analysis method of organochlorine pesticide residue in bivalves “molds” using quechers extraction and
gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
:: Fatima Habti, Soumia Belouafa, Ahmed Bennamara, Mustapha Tarhy, Abdelmjid Abourriche
Characterization of a dialdehyde chitosan and a chitosan/ dialdehyde chitosan hydrogel and its dyes release using UV for
biomedical uses
:: Imane Charhouf, Abdelmajid Abourriche, Ahmed Bennamara, Asmae Laaraibi, Abdellatif Chenite, Julian Zhu, Mohammed
IMMR'16 had the support of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), through the
strategic project UID/MAR/04292/2013 granted to MARE
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