The perfect barbecue - Grand Resort Bad Ragaz



The perfect barbecue - Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
Kitchen chat with Sous-Chef
Nico Lindhorst of the
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
Christina Bärtsch
Spareribs mit einer köstlichen Marinade von Nico Lindhorst
Spareribs in one of Nico Lindhorst’s luscious marinades
Die perfekte Vorbereitung ist die halbe Arbeit
Well begun is half done
To make the most of a barbecue, invite your friends and
take your time. Presentation of the meal is very important,
too. I make a point of meticulous preparation, so that
everything looks beautiful. My ultimate goal is that my
guests should feel well treated.
The golden rule is always to include potato gratin, spareribs
with home-made marinade and a nice barbecue sauce – all
washed down with a cool beer. Of course I treat my guests
to starters, such as whole grilled tiger prawns with lemon
and tasty salads.
Poultry is a firm favourite as a main course. I take the meat
out of the fridge an hour or two before grilling, so that it
warms up to room temperature. For me, part of the barbe­
cue experience is to eat a chop with my hands and gnaw the
meat from the bone. Actually, I would always rather eat
without cutlery, to feel the food hands-on. One more tip:
don’t buy meat ready marinated. It’s perfectly simple to
make your own, excellent marinade. Search the Internet or
take a look at
«Kartoffelgratin darf für das perfekte BBQ nicht fehlen.»
Potato gratin is an essential side dish for the perfect BBQ
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Rezept (4 Personen)
recipe (serves 4 people)
von Nico Lindhorst
from Nico Lindhorst
2 kg Spareribs (Brustspitz)
2 kg spareribs (side ribs from above the breast bone)
4 EL Ketchup
4 EL Honig
Nico Lindhorst
2 EL Tomatenmark
100 ml Coca-Cola
20 ml Apfelessig
2 gepresste Knoblauchzehen, Pfeffer, Salz, Tabasco
oder Cayennepfeffer zum Abschmecken
4 tbsp ketchup
4 tbsp honey
2 tbsp tomato passata
100 ml Coca-Cola
20 ml cider vinegar
2 crushed cloves of garlic, pepper, salt and Tabasco sauce
or Cayenne pepper to taste
– Alles miteinander verrühren
– Das Fleisch portionieren, sodass immer 3 Knochen
ein Stück ergeben
– Das Fleisch gut marinieren
– Den Ofen (Umluft) auf 100° C vorheizen
– Die Rippchen 3 bis 4 Stunden im Ofen bei 100° C
– Zwischendurch immer wieder mit der Marinade
– Das Fleisch ist fertig, wenn die Knochen sich leicht
vom Fleisch lösen lassen
– Das Fleisch nur noch kurz auf den Grill geben, sodass
Röstaromen entstehen
– Achtung: Nicht zu heiss grillen, da der Zucker sonst
verbrennt; dieser soll nur leicht karamellisieren
– Mix everything together
– Divide the meat, allowing three bones per piece
– Marinate the meat thoroughly
– Preheat (fan) oven to 100°C
– Pre-roast the ribs for 3 to 4 hours in the oven at 100°C
– Baste with the marinade at regular intervals
– The meat is ready when the flesh parts easily
from the bone
– Give the meat only a short time on the grill to
release a roast aroma
– Be careful not to overheat: this can burn the sugar;
it should only be slightly caramelised
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