Maria Angelina Nardi Martinez Cochlear implant or hearing aids: a



Maria Angelina Nardi Martinez Cochlear implant or hearing aids: a
Maria Angelina Nardi Martinez
Angelina Martinez is Audiologist and Speech pathologist graduated at
“Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo” (PUCSP). Has Master Degree
in Audiology (PUCSP) and Doctorate Degree in Social Psychology by
“Universidade de São Paulo” (USP). Currently she is Associated Professor and
Researcher from Child Hearing Center at PUCSP. She is Director and Founder
of APADAS (Association of Parents and Friends of Hearing Impaired Children
from Sorocaba City) non governmental association that 22 years ago, assist
and develops research in infant hearing from prevention to (re)habilitation. From
2003 to 2005 was the President of the Brazilian Academy of Audiology - 2ª
Management and is currently the VP in the 5ª Management. Her research,
teaching and clinical area is Hearing Amplification (Hearing Aids) and babies
(re)habilitation, particularly in the use of the prescriptive rule “DSL” and usage of
electrophysiology for evaluation and validation.
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Cochlear implant or hearing aids: a border case
A clinical case of a severe to profound hearing impaired child will be presented
discussing the results of hearing aid fitting with non linear frequency
compression. The role of the verification tests and the correlation of the speech
Intelligibility Index (SII) and the Speech Perception and the hearing and
language development.