Grupo Geometria Algébrica e Folheaç˜oes SEMIN


Grupo Geometria Algébrica e Folheaç˜oes SEMIN
Grupo Geometria Algébrica
e Folheações
Linearizing maps between smooth stacks
Matı́as del Hoyo
Stacks are categorified spaces introduced by Grothendieck, specially useful when dealing with
moduli problems and equivariant geometry, where certain quotients fail to be nice. Smooth
stacks are the stacks arising from smooth manifolds, and a way to introduce them avoiding the
technical paraphernalia is by means of Lie groupoids. Weinstein Linearization Theorem is a
structure theorem for Lie groupoids that has enlighten the theory considerably. In this talk I
will describe the interplay between Lie groupoids and smooth stacks, abord the linearization of
groupoids from the stack perspective, and present a version of Ehresmann Theorem for stacks,
joint works with R. Fernandes.
Local: Instituto de Matemática - UFF - 7o andar
Data: 4 de novembro de 2014 - 14h00

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