This Bunch of Women Clowns - Esse Monte de Mulher Palhaça



This Bunch of Women Clowns - Esse Monte de Mulher Palhaça
Press Release
Esse Monte de Mulher Palhaça
(This Bunch of Women Clowns)
3rd edition
On focusing Brazilian women clowns, Esse Monte de Mulher Palhaça is a forum for
debates and actions, which aim at spreading our work throughout Brazilian cultural
centers. Besides the clowns from Rio de Janeiro, performers from Maranhão,
Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and
Brasília are coming to participate in the festival.
Esse Monte de Mulher Palhaça is also presenting 4 international attractions, from
Austria, Argentina, France and Mozambique.
There will be 10 shows (performed by just women), an opening show with Sílvia
Machete, two workshops and one “Papo-cabeça Palhaça”, which is a debate with the
clowns who performed at the festival and representatives from cultural institutions in
order to plan actions oriented to the strengthening of women clowns in Brazil and to the
exchanging of experiences. This is the time for recognition and celebration of those
women who have chosen the art of laughter as their noble function.
Esse Monte de Mulher Palhaça is the only national and international festival that takes
place in Brazil and the third world festival that debates and fights for women comic
performers – a real renewal of our cultural scenario.
As Marias da Graça - Associação de Mulheres Palhaças (Women Clowns’ Association)
- and SESC Rio, in a three-year partnership, invite everyone to laugh and share
experiences, shows, sketches and workshops with Brazilian and foreign clowns.
Cultural Support: FUNARTE/MinC and Rio de Janeiro Municipal Secretary of Culture
Performing, uniting and laughing are crucial needs.
As Marias da Graça:
[email protected]
Information on the Festival
Date: September 22 to 27, 2009
Tel. 2547-0156
Shows: R$16,00 / R$8,00 students / R$4,00 SESC affiliates
Production: As Marias da Graça Associação de Mulheres Palhaças
Project and general direction: As Marias da Graça (Geni Viegas, Karla Concá,
Samantha Anciães and Vera Ribeiro)
Partnership: SESC Rio and Espaço SESC
Cultural Support: FUNARTE/MinC and Secretaria Municipal de Cultura/Prefeitura do
Logo: Cris Conde
Graphic design: Ana Oliveira
Site: ZonaInternet
Videomaker: VerDesign
Photos: Piti Tomé and Sérgio Otero
Director: Marcelo Mattos
Lighting: Tábatta Martins
Props and Stage Setting: Andrea Ribeiro
Sound Technician: Marcio Garcia
Dressers: to be confirm
Management: Sonia Albuquerque
Translation: Fernanda Schnoor
Special Guests: Manuela Castelo Branco e Tatiana Carvalhedo (Encontro de Palhaças
de Brasília)
Thanks to:
Maria da Gloria Viegas, Silma Abranches Theodoro, Norah Levy, Carmen Anciães,
Paula Ribeiro, Lívia de Beaurepaire, Iara Viegas, Daniel Abranches Schiltine, Carneiro,
Diogo Andrade, Enne Marx, Nara Menezes, Cristiana Bitto, Cris Conde, Beto Figueira,
Vanda Ferreira, Neusa Pereira (Coisa de Mulher), Madalena Guilhon (Fundo Ellas),
Instituto Tocando em Você, Bia Radunski, Cely Bianchi, Tatyana Ribeiro de Paiva,
Eduardo Laus e à equipe do Espaço Sesc, Marcelo De Bones, Marcos Teixeira e equipe
daFunarte, Jandira Feghali, Ana Luisa Lima, Humberto Araújo e equipe da Secretaria
Municipal de Cultura, EAT – Escola das Artes Técnicas Luís Carlos Ripper, Maria
Helena Garcia Tourinho (Cedim), Adair Rocha, Cínthia Rodrigues (Secretaria Especial
de Políticas para as Mulheres), Geni Viegas, Karla Concá, Samantha Anciães, Vera
Ribeiro, Arcanjo Miguel, Nam Myoho Rengue Kyo, São Cosme Damião e Domum, Pai
Francisco de Angola e a todas as artistas e profissionais envolvidos no festival.
September 22 to 25
Espaço SESC: Workshop on Comicality – from 2 to 5pm
Rua Domingos Ferreira, 160 – Copacabana
Instructor: Jeannick Dupont (France)
Only for 12 professional women clowns
Students will work on the power relationship between two or three partners through
body and rhythmic games and improvisation exercises. Focus on conflicts, levels of
power, but also on sharing! How to find pleasure, variations and the emotions that
spring out of the ancestral clown relationship between White and Augustus…
Espaço Cultural Sergio Porto: from 1pm to 4pm
Rua Visconde Silva s/n, Humaitá
Instructor: Flávia Reis (Brazil)
Target public: actresses, actors, dramatic arts students and beginners in the art of
Flávia Reis is the artistic coordinator of Roda Gigante, a group who, for 14 years, has
been researching clowns’ capacity to work as transformation agents in hospitals of the
city of Rio de Janeiro. The group seeks interaction opportunities that can develop the
actors’ and the audience’s creativity. This workshop aims at dealing with the rapport
between actors and their audiences, without which there is no show, no clown.
By playing games, participants can practice some of the principles of clowns’ acting to
enlighten their performances with more laughter. Some the principles covered are:
present time action, listening, capacity to move and be moved, conscious capacity of
communication and improvising.
September 25, at 11am
Chat with the clowns present at the festival and representatives of cultural institutions to
plan their actions in order to strengthen the work of women clowns in Brazil and to
promote exchanging.
September 22
Opening show at 8pm: “I’m no saint”
With Sílvia Machete and Fabiano Krieger (guitar), Bruno di Lullo (bass) and Rafael
Rocha (drums)
Free, light and loose. The old frantic phrase suits Sílvia Machete perfectly well. Roberto
Oliveira’s careful direction finds unusual angles for an unconventional performance. It
is not just a show; it is a thorough art experience which unites music, circus and drama.
A cabaret of fun. Singer/entertainer/acrobat/pin up girl, with lots of resources, a good
voice and an incredible capacity to improvise gags.
Recommended for those over 14
September 23
7pm: “Mulher na TPM até o Diabo treme” / “Women on PMS, the Devil protects
his Ass (Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro)
Clowns: Giane Carvalho/Tiana, Márcia Vhenina/Sebastiana, Marlei Braga/Bastiana (As
Direction and text: As Bastianas
Setting and Costumes: As Bastianas
Lighting: Maurício Silveira
Supervision: Maristela Araújo
“Mulher na TPM até o Diabo treme” is about the complicated stages women experience
during their lifetime. With a lot of humor and wit, the show discloses women’s
everyday reality. It has a lecture format, in which the public is warmly received and
solemnly invited to sit down in the audience.
Recommended for those over 14
Duration: 50 minutes
9pm: Cabaret, MC: Florencia Santangelo/Cucaracha (Roda Gigante, Rio de Janeiro)
Recommended for all ages
Duration: 90 minutes
“Nado Sincronizado” / “Synchronized Swimming” (As Claurinas, Niterói)
Ballerinas/Clowns: Carolina Caneca/Baixa Renda, Thaísa Jatobá/Bocona and Teresa
Direction: Marcos Ácher
This choreographic performance was selected as one of the best sketches presented at
the 2008 Sketch Festival in Niterói. Synchronized Swimming is full of gags on this
sport, which demands accurate technique and gracious movements. In the sketch
performed by the Claurinas, however, something goes wrong, and the audience has a
“Ponto de Ôns” / “Bus Stop” (Grupo Tripetrepe, Belo Horizonte)
Actress/Clown: Cida Mendes/Cidoca
Direction: Iolene de Stéfano
Production: Consuelo Ulhoa
Expecting a miracle, Cidoca goes to the holy city of Aparecida do Norte to see Our
Lady. At the bus stop, she dreams with the trip and the grace she will receive.
“As divas do ringue” / “Ring divas” (Trupe Delas, Rio de Janeiro)
Cast: Cristina Moura, Bruma Saboia and Mariana Hartung
Music composer and director: Cristina Moura
Direction and Costumes: Trupe Delas
Support: Cia Internacional de Circo Up Leon
The feminine catch-as-catch-can wrestling championship starts. As a beginner wrestler
fights the world champion, she counts on the help of a veteran who is quite clumsy.
“Como fazer uma poção do amor” / “How to prepare a love potion” (Rio de Janeiro)
Creation and Performance: Daniela Piveta/Girassol and Patrícia Ubeda/Charlote
What do you need to achieve happiness? What’s necessary to find true love? In this
world of virtual relationships, two clowns – Charlote and Girassol (Sunflower) – find
the easiest way to find eternal love: a recipe, a spell, a magic potion.
“Poráguabaixo” / “Down the drain” (Chapecó)
Actress/Clown: Michelle Silveira/ Barrica
By poetically playing with concrete and imaginary objects, Barrica shows a day in her
life, when everything has to go right, but it doesn’t… suddenly, who knows, it can go
“As Abelhas Indianas” / “Indian Bees” (Trupe-Circo Guaraciaba, Sorocaba)
Actresses/Clowns: Guaraciaba Malhone, Iracema Cavalcante and Luciana Malhone
Direction: Márcia Jardim
Sound: Guaraciaba Malhone
Production: Geisa Helena
One of the most traditional circus sketches, “Abelha-abelhinha” is performed here by
the “Indian Bees” in a peculiar, irreverent and fun version. It is just a clown’s fool
number. Nevertheless, it requires a cunning ability not to be fooled by the trick. After
all, is it all worth just a quart of honey?
“A Boneca Miota” / “A Doll called Miota” (Cia. Carroça de Mamulengos, Juazeiro do
Brincantes (Players): Maria Gomide, Isabel Gomide and Luzia Gomide
Miota is a gigantic doll created by Carlos Gomide in 1992 for his first-born Maria.
Maria gave life to Miota from 1992 to 2003, when she grew bigger than the doll. In
2007, Luzia, Maria’s sister, brought Miota back to the theater, following the family
tradition according to which the dolls pass from the older to the younger sibling.
Miota, who is set up together and set apart on stage, is a smart, spontaneous, intelligent
and kind doll whose simple ways please both the young ones and the grown-ups.
September 24
7pm: “Decripolou” (Recife, Pernambuco)
Actress/Clown-Brincante: Odília Nunes/ Bandeira
Direction: Odília Nunes
Lighting: Juan Saucedo
Besides clowning, this show uses juggling and magic tricks to tell the story of Bandeira,
a brincante who tells stories as she travels the world. When she arrives at this place, she
feels this horrible doll pain which keeps her from performing her ‘functions’. But there
comes Mr Moraes, an old friend, with a recipe to chase sadness away. Bandeira heals
and goes on with her number.
Recommended for those over 4
Duration: 45 minutes
9pm: “Parece ser que me fue” / “It seems I’m gone” (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Actress/Clown: Marina Barbera/Marta
Direction: Raquel Sokolowicz
Assistant director: Mariano Mandetta
Music Score: Agustín Flores Muñoz
Lighting Project: Ricardo Sica
Graphic design: Andrés Kyle
Executive Production: Rebeca Checa
Through a crack – nobody knows if in the wall or in her head – she filters the world. If
there were a window, she would open it. She would peep. If there were people, she
would find them. If there were a precipice, she would try to fly. Without escape, she
would climb mountains, cross rivers, carnivals. She would ask for all her dreams to
come true. She would be afraid. A lump in the throat. She would close herself in and
never go out again. And she would wake up.
Nothing exists. Still, everything happens.
Recommended for those over 14
Duration: 50 minutes
September 25
7pm: “Treuer wie Feuer / Faithful like Fire” (Áustria)
Actress/Clown: Elke Maria Riedmann/ Brenda Feuerle
By: Rosemie Warth
The firefighter “Brenda Feuerle” is at work. Her boss has given her a mission: fire
prevention in a theater. She tries to do everything well, but her fantasies get in the way.
Recommended for all ages
Duration: 50 minutes
9pm: “As Caixas, as trouxas e a fronha” / “The Boxes, the Bundles and the
Pillowcase” (Brasília)
Actress/Clown: Antonia Vilarinho/ Fronha
Direction: Adelvane Néia
Advisor: André Amaro
Lighting: Cid França
Stage set: Aguinaldo Algodão/Joana Limongi
Production: Tatiana Carvalhedo
Pillowcase moves into a dream house. Among boxes, bundles and objects, she tries to
find the key to her happiness. To chase sadness away, she escapes to a world of songs
and parties. Her dream of becoming a diva shows her wish to be accepted. Her land, her
roots and a northeast bunch of things reveal her mixed inner self and her fears.
Recommended for those over 14
Duration: 40 minutes
September 26
7pm: “Poste Restante/ Post office” (France)
Actress/Clown: Jeannick Dupont/Huguette Espoir
Co-authors: Lory Leshin & Jeannick Dupont
Direction: Lory Leshin
Assistant director: Julien Gigault
Costumes: Nadine Richard
Stage set: Jeannick Duppont
Lighting: Nicolas Joubaud
In a blue robe and a pink bonnet, Miss Huguette Espoir, a small housewife, cleans up
the house. She is very excited. It is the first time she has guests over. She has sent many
invitations! The guests are about to arrive, all of them. Or almost all of them.
Today is the great day. She is leaving and she shall not fly alone. “Attention, please!
Boarding immediately! Again: Boarding immediately!” With numbered tickets in their
hands, the audience is ready to participate in this extraordinary moment!
A drink before the imminent boarding, and the sky opens…
Recommended for those after 7
Duration: 60 minutes
“Sobre Tomates, Tamancos e Tesouras” / “On Tomatoes, Clogs and Scissors”
(Barão Geraldo, Campinas)
Actress/Clown: Andréa Macera / Mafalda Mafalda (Barracão Teatro)
Story, Script and Advisory: Andrea Macera and Rhena de Faria
Direction and Sound: Rhena de Faria
Stage set, Props and Advisory in Manipulation of Objects: Abel Saavedra
Costumes: Daniel Infantini
Lighting: Melissa Guimarães
Assistant Lighting: Lígia Chaim
Voices: Silvia Leblon, Danilo Dal Farra Ribeiro, Marco Gonçalves, Caio Juliano, André
Production: Barracão Teatro
On Tomatoes, Clogs and Scissors tells the story of Mafalda Mafalda (twice Mafalda), a
cabaret actress banned after a bad performance by a certain ‘over there audience’.
Through real flashbacks and the narrator’s testimony, the real audience, ‘over here’, has
access to twisted facts. But soon the audience discovers that something really bad
happened during the tragic performance, something that has to do with scissors,
tomatoes and a heavy pair of clogs from dr. Scholl’s and that ends up as a terrifying
police case.
Recommended for those after 16
Duration: 60 minutes
September 27
Street Performance at Aterro do Flamengo (next to Teatro Carlos Werneck, opposite
300 Praia do Flamengo)
11h: “Circuluz Brincante” “Lightcircus Brincante” (São Luís, Maranhão)
Actress/Clown: Raquel Franco/Keke Kerubina
Creation and Direction: Raquel Franco
Lighting: Larlow Brito
Sound: Iure Olinda, Cibica and Hugo Benigno
Full of traditional elements from the State of Maranhão, this street performance
explores the many possibilities clowns have when they play and dialogue with the
audience through comic circus abilities. Clown Keke Kerubina establishes a dramatic
rapport with the audience, based on the original ‘street art’ of brincantes. With her
clown logic, Keke Kerubina Rosa Vermelha do Jardim da Vida (Keke Kerubina Red
Rose from the Garden of Life) dances, recreates juggling numbers and aerobatics, and
uses popular drama elements to encourage the audience to show the brincante that
exists in everyone of us.
Recommended for all ages
Duration: 50 minutes
At Teatro Espaço SESC
4pm: “Show De/Para/Com/Ou Mágicas” / “Show From/To/With/Or Magic Tricks”
Actress/Clown: Manuela Castelo Branco/ Matusquella
Direction: Manuela Castelo Branco
Lighting/Setting: Manuela Castelo Branco
Executive Production and Light Operation: Tatiana Carvalhedo
A traditional performance of magic tricks with cards, ropes and coins, in which the
magician is a clown. Amazing numbers and audience participation.
Recommended for all ages
Duration: 50 minutes
7pm: Cabaré (Cabaret): MC: Maíra Kesten
Recommended for those over 14
Duration: 90 minutes
“The Ilusion” (Circo Grock – Natal, Rio Grande do Norte)
Actress/Clown: Gena Leão/Ferrugem
“Aviso Prévio” “Prior Notice” (Recife)
Clowns: Enne Marx/Mary En (Doutores da Alegria) and Nara Menezes/Aurhelia
Direction: Adelvane Néia (Humatriz Teatro, Campinas)
Script: Adelvane Néia, Enne Marx and Nara Menezes
Costumes: Luciano Pontes
Sound track: André Freitas
Seamstress: Francis
Off Sound: Guillermo Navas
Two super heroines set off on a dangerous mission, jeopardizing their own lives. When
they face an imminent risk, they are taken by surprise by a fatal call. They have 8
minutes to solve the case.
“Shei-lá e seu violão” / “Shei-lá and her guitar” (Grupo Roda Gigante, Rio de Janeiro)
Actress/Clown: Julia Schaeffer /Shei-lá
A clown is about to play a song and she is sure everyone is going to like it. She has her
guitar, a stool, a stand, a score and her immense wish to do it well.
“Felicidade” / “Happiness” (Campinas, São Paulo)
Actress/Clown: Pérola Regina/Dorotéia
Dorotéia craves to be accepted by everybody. She chooses to fit in with the aesthetic
patterns imposed by the media. She performs the mutilation act, the condition for
general acceptance.
“Avareza” / “Avarice” (Barueri e São Paulo)
Actresses: Aline Moreno and Nana Pequini
Direction: Jairo Matos
Text: Marcelo Gonçalves
A woman receives the visit of a greedy friend she hasn’t seen for twenty years. The
woman thinks her friend came to see her, but she finds out that, in fact, she is there
because of an old debt.
“Sassaricos da Sassah” / “Sassah’s Scurry” (Rio de Janeiro)
Creation, performance and text: Ruth Mezeck
Costumes: Ruth Mezeck
The super sophisticated Clownesse Sassah Coco de La Merde, alias Clowness Sassah,
who was very famous in Parisian cabarets in the last century, is getting ready for a
performance in Rio. In order to do so, she needs her billions of bags, where she keeps
many unusual ‘cadeaux’, all bought in Paris, as she says. At the end of her performance,
she distributes her special gifts around the audience.
“Tá bom, tá bom!” / “It’s ok, it’s ok”
Actresses/Clowns: Helena de Campos/Belinha and Priscila de Souza Lucena/Kambuca
Direction: Rogério Rodrigues
A performance that shows how fragile human relationships and friendships are. Belinha
and Kambuca live the ups and downs of human relations in a burlesque inspired by
circus ring experiences and great clowns’ traditional scenes. Their generous intention is
to show the audience that “The main thing is to turn the main thing into a main thing”.
“Sem título” / “Untitled” (Maputo, Mozambique)
Actress/Clown: Célia Ruth Chachuaio
Piece kindly lent by its author, Mabombo
Coordination by the journalist and writer Rosa Langa
Ruth tells the audience about her sad and bitter everyday experiences as a woman. She
is rejected by society, because people think she is crazy for not submitting to her male
partner’s cruelty. She is extremely sad, because she knows she is not mad. Her attempts
to lead her life as a woman, with her rights respected, end up by taking her to an
asylum, where, after a time, she manages to escape. Unfortunately, she was caught
again. Before she in taken back to the asylum for good, she has 8 minutes to convince
the doctors that she is not out of her mind.
9pm: “Closing Ceremony” – Celebration of Clown Margarida’s twentieth birthday
(Adelvane Néia - Barão Geraldo, Campinas)
…maybe a cake, maybe a surprise, who knows… We know that what makes us move
forward is this passion for making people laugh, get in touch with their emotions, dream
and get their dreams fulfilled.

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