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NEWSLETTER │ October II - 2008
Upcoming events
Anna Paula Campos
Sunday 2nd November
All Souls Day
Monday 3rd November
Year 12 Parents’ Evening
Friday 7th November
Year 7, 8, 9 and 11 Parents’ Day
Saturday 15th November
Proclamação da República
“If you can give your son or daughter only one gift,
let it be enthusiasm”
(Bruce Barton)
On Friday October 10th, before half term break, the Infant children had a very special
day to celebrate “Children’s Day”. From TT1 to Year 2, they all had the opportunity to
participate in different and fun activities, such as making play dough by themselves,
painting the wall, playing with chalk to draw on the floor, musical games and sports
activities on the court. They had lots of fun, enjoyed their time and went home happy
with the piece of play dough they made plus a small gift the teachers gave to them.
Year 12 – Trip to Rádio Brasil 2000
Wednesday 5th November – Year 2X
Wednesday 12th November – Year 1Y
Thursday 6th November – Year 3Y
Thursday 13th November – Year 4X
New school
Creche Nova Esperança
Children from Creche Nova Esperança
spent the morning at school on Tuesday,
28th October. They had lots of fun playing,
painting, and spending time with our pupils.
Junior Student Council members greeted
them with cards, helped them with lunch,
and spent time playing in the classrooms.
Some of the eagle-eyed amongst you will
have noticed that there have been some
changes made to the school website!
The menus have been updated and new
material has been put in. The idea is to
make the site more accesible, interesting
and colourful. Please contact the marketing
department if you have any comments or
suggestions about the changes that have
been made. The site’s address is the same
as before:
Saving Paper
If you would prefer copies of the newsletter
sent to your e mail account rather than
in paper format could you please send an
e-mail to [email protected]
br with the following information: name
of pupil, class or form, name of parents,
e-mail address.
Laura Falzstyn
Infant children helped them select a new
book from Sell Books to take home. Year 7
children prepared a lovely story to tell and
had the children entertained with stories,
drawings and candy. It was a wonderful
experience for all involved.
Anderson Costa
A língua portuguesa cruzou mares “nunca
antes navegados” até aportar no Brasil há
cinco séculos. E é, no século XXI, apenas
uma entre as diversas línguas vivas. Mas é
única também. É a única língua no mundo que
possui um museu inteiro dedicado a ela.
Fernando Pessoa escreveu: “Nossa pátria
é nossa língua”. Ter acesso a uma museu
que registre nosso patrimônio lingüístico e
cultural é um privilégio que, por enquanto,
apenas o Brasil possui. Está certo que já tem
gente dos Estados Unidos, da Alemanha e de
outros países visitando o Museu da Língua
Portuguesa e querendo levar a idéia para seus países. O MLP é inspirador.
O grande escritor brasileiro Guimarães Rosa escreveu: “Mestre não é quem sempre
ensina, mas quem, de repente, aprende”. Com esta idéia em mente os professores de
Português Silvia Lima, Elaine Pereira e Anderson Costa, acompanhados dos professores
Dedé Toffoli e James Forster e da diretora de Marketing Priscilla Oyola, levaram o Year 8
a descobrir alguns segredos da língua portuguesa no dia 23 de outubro. A turma brincou
com o idioma, assistiu a vídeos, construiu palavras e significados. E, acreditem, até
aprendeu. Para aproveitar melhor a exposição temporária sobre Machado de Assis, leram
em aula contos do nosso escritor-maior.
A visita ao MLP é altamente recomendável. Foi um passeio bastante enriquecedor. E
revelador. Após a visita, parece que todos compreendemos melhor o que escreveu
Fernando Pessoa: “ Quem não vê bem uma palavra, não pode ver bem uma alma”.
Julia Ramos and Damasia Correch
Our charity donation for the month of of Osasco had donated a park for them
September went to the animal sanctuary to keep the lions but they still need the
the money for repairs and to make the place
institution, Andrea and her partner
a nice environment for the lions, as well
attended one of our
as to buy food.
assemblies to receive
Julia and Damasia
the donation, which
attended one of the
was handed to them
by Junior Student
meetings to suggest
Julia Ramos and
ended up donating
Damasia Correch.
all of the money
These two young
raised on the casual
heroes wanted to
love for animals by
At the assembly
finding a charity that
the children really
would help animals.
enjoyed seeing the
They talked to Carla Representatives of Biofauna receiving charity organised animals that Andrea
by the Junior Student Council last September.
who happened to
have a friend who
Maria Bonita, the
worked for and created Biofauna. They
pink cockatoo, and Fifi the snake. All of the
found out that their current project was Student Council even got to touch them!
to make a home for one or two of the 56 We all hope that our donation helps and
abandoned lions in São Paulo.The mayor
that the school can contribute even more.
Skip-Hop Skipping Workshop
Ivan Falsztyn and Gabriella Kirsten
We are happy to announce that the school has
invited Skip-Hop to come to St Nicholas on the 4th of
Skip-Hop is a skipping workshop that comes to schools
and teaches children everything about skipping. They
will also be selling different kinds of skipping ropes.
In order to contribute to this event, the Junior Student
Council has decided to organize a Food Sale to raise
funds. This Food Sale is happening on Monday, 3rd of
Don’t forget to come and support us!
alive and well in the theatre
A group of IB students, along with Mr Costa,
Mrs Creagh-Osborne and Ms Toulson, went
to the FAAP theatre to see the excellent
production of Hamlet starring Wagner
Moura (of Tropa de Elite fame). Those
with limited Portuguese stated that they
would have found it difficult to understand
if they hadn’t studied the play but we all
agreed that it was exciting to see the play
brought to life. The passion and energy
of the actors was impressive although one
student stated “I was disappointed with
the lack of emotion in the To be or not to
be speech”.
Rishav Badola
Diwali is an Indian festival lasting
for two days. It is believed that Lord
Rama returned from a deadly battle
from a demon named Ravan and his
demon army with his army of monkeys
and bears. He also returned from his
thirteen year axial and was made the
king for paying respect to his stepmothers decisions of sending him to
the demon forest for an axial without
hesitation. So every two days of this
year all the people rich and poor
celebrate by buying and displaying
fireworks and donate money, food and
clothing to the poor and night does not
seem to come and take over the sky.
IB Andes
Kaede Ichihara - Y12
Representing St. Nicholas school, I was
lucky to participate in the IB Andes 2008
expedition, which was organized by CEAL.
There were twenty-five participants from
different schools in South America.
The objective of the trip was to get to
know our limits and overcome challenges
through a range of activities which
included mountain climbing, carrying our
entire equipment such as tents, sleeping
equipment, clothes and food. We had
a theory of knowledge (TOK) discussion
focusing on information and knowledge
and spent a day doing service for a blind
community living in the Andes. Together
we created music using different objects such as rocks, pans, water bottles, buckets and
flutes. During our time there we lived without cell phones, watches, iPod and any form
of electrical equipment.
We also received information about the environment and how the changes influence
our daily lives. On the last day we made a promise that our generation should make a
positive change towards the world in which we live.
Year 6 pupils investigating about how forces act upon different designs for
paper airplanes, parachutes, boats and surface friction.
By Action/International Committee
This year, St Nicholas will be doing
something different in order to share
cultures and promote internationalism.
Instead of our traditional International
Day, we shall be extending the occasion
into a week-long, curriculum based event.
We recognize this as a chance to further
promote our philosophy of preparing the
school community for our fast shrinking
Therefore the school will be organising
International Education Week from 17th to
19th of November.
During this week, we shall be celebrating
the benefits of cultural exchange and
class-centered and school wide activities.
Teachers will be preparing cross curricular
activities and lessons that are planned
specifically for this purpose.
We would like to take this occasion to
invite all parents, teachers and students
with foreign backgrounds and familiarity
of other countries to come and share
various aspects of these countries during
the week. Interested parties may contact
the International Committee through
Mrs Michelle Yu [email protected]
br or the school PTA through Mrs Teresa
Santiago [email protected] by 10th of
November. Thank you!
English X Portuguenglish
here is your chance to get an R.O.A.! Fill in this quiz with the correct English phrases
and sentences that correspond to the ones in Portuguese and hand it in to Mrs. Toffoli
(ESL) or Mr. harrison (Year 5Y). The answer to this quiz will be published in the next
issue of the school Newsletter. This quiz is open for Infants, Juniors and Seniors.
1. Tem uma moça na porta, mãe. Ela quer falar com você.
2. Seu pai chegou da viagem?
3. Eu quero os dois!
Answers to last issue’s quiz:
1. St. Nicholas beat St. Paul’s 2 X 0. 2. Thank you for carrying my books.
3. Don’t forget to use/ put on/ apply sunscreen.
Congratulations to Maryleim (Y5), Nodoka (Y6) and Lia (Y8)
27 th to 31st October
See reports
and photos
next issue.
Journal for day 1
Journal for the day 2
Dead, exhausted, happy and excited.
These were the definitions for day1 in
Paraty for year 9 pupils. We started the day
extremely early and we couldn´t wait to
arrive at our final destination. The journey
was awfully tiring, however, as soon as we
arrived at Paraty Mirim and had a glimpse
of the paradise we were heading to, we
knew that this would be one of the best
trips we would ever have.
First of all we had to load the local bus
with all of our luggage and necessary
equipment. Our leaders, Gaby and Alexis,
helped organize a line to do this quickly.
After another 1 hour trip we arrived at the
place where we would transfer the luggage
to boats. We then ate our lunch and headed
to the Saco do Mamanguá on a walk which
lasted one hour. When we arrived, the local
fisherman showed us his house after which
we immediately dived into the perfect
ocean. It seemed like it would never end.
There was time to do different activities
and later we went to fish with the local
After fishing, the leaders organized us into
the houses where we would be staying. As
soon as we organized ourselves and had
a bath it was time for dinner. We were
starving, all the food disappeared in 15
minutes! As soon as we finished eating
and cleaning, we discussed the day with
the monitors and received instructions for
day 2. By the end of the day everyone was
extremely tired, though we couldn’t wait to
see what was waiting for us next day.
Tiring, exciting, joyful and hard: this was
our second day in Paraty. We woke up at 6
in the morning and the breakfast makers
had to rush into the kitchen to help get it
ready. We had a very fast breakfast and
set off from Saco de Mamanguá to Paraty
by boats. When we reached there we had a
small warm up exercise, then we fastened
our bags, tightened our boots and our
trekking adventure began. We all were
very committed until about half way but we
kept our spirits up; most of us were tired
and wanted frequent breaks and we had to
stop every 5 minutes.
When we saw the beach in front of us after
trekking for more than 5 hours, our fatigue
vanished and we ran into the water to
bathe. However, it was a very short time
in heaven and we were allowed to go back
in the water again only after putting up our
Soon it was time to prepare dinner as the
guides and the teachers wanted the cooking
to start before dark. It was a very hard job
because we all were tired and wanted to go
to bed, moreover, there was no electricity so
we had to work only by torchlight. Despite
the difficulties, the cooks had dinner ready
earlier than expected and as all of us were
starving we ate like we hadn’t eaten for
Finally we had a small chat with the guides
and teachers about our day . There were
some complaints but most of us felt good
and after that we all went slept like babies

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