Você jovem garota, já pensou em seguir a carreira de


Você jovem garota, já pensou em seguir a carreira de
Você jovem garota,
já pensou em seguir a carreira de
and poster deadline:
Física, Química
Invited Speakers:
Giovanni Vignale, USA
Rex Godby, UK
Andreas Buchleitner, Germany
E. K. U. Gross, Germany
Jeremy Coe, Scotland
Timothy Spiller, UK
Claudio Verdozzi, Sweden
Stefano Pittalis, Italy
Irene D’Amico, UK
Esa Räsänen, Finland
Anna Sanpera, Spain
Heinz-Peter Breuer, Germany
Luiz Nunes de Oliveira, Brazil
Raimundo dos Santos, Brazil
Roberto Serra, Brazil
Eduardo Miranda, Brazil
Belita Koiller, Brazil
Amir Caldeira, Brazil
Salomon Mizrahi, Brazil
Marcos de Oliveira, Brazil
Thereza Paiva, Brazil
Celso Villas Boas, Brazil
The Workshop Density Functional Theory meets
Quantum Information Theory will take place in Araraquara,
Brazil, a small town at the center of São Paulo state. The
event aims to bring together leading experts on Density
Functional Theory (DFT) and on Quantum Information Theory
(QIT), in order to explore synergies between both fields. DFT
asserts that all information on a quantum system is
encapsulated in its ground-state density, a quantity that is
amenable to measurement and has a classical interpretation.
QIT is concerned with information contained in or processed by
quantum systems. Yet, there is common ground between both
fields, and much stimulating research has been performed at
the interface. The workshop will allow students to familiarize
themselves with concepts from these exciting fields and
provide an opportunity for experienced researchers to learn
about recent developments and work on new challenges.
Local: Vivian V. França
National: Klaus Capelle
International: Irene D’Amico