0-‐3 : Opera, Music and Dance for the early years – Lisbon


0-‐3 : Opera, Music and Dance for the early years – Lisbon
 0-­‐3 : Opera, Music and Dance for the early years – Lisbon – 14-­‐16 May 2015 Delegates list Culture et communication Belgium j-­‐[email protected] Opéra Royal de Wallonie Valérie URBAIN [email protected] Pantalone Filip BRAL [email protected] Katherine HEID [email protected]
Isabel JOLY [email protected]
Camille PERNELET [email protected]
Frédérique VERSAEN [email protected] Lene Juul LANGBALLE [email protected]­‐opera.dk Birgitte HOLT NIELSEN [email protected]­‐opera.dk Pernille ELIMAR [email protected] Tuula JUKOLA-­‐NUORTEVA tuula.jukola-­‐[email protected] Lauri POKKINEN [email protected] Compagnie Minute Papillon Violaine FOURNIER [email protected] Festival d'Aix-­‐en-­‐Provence Emmanuelle TAURINES [email protected]­‐aix.com Johanna FLORES [email protected] Mafalda KONG-­‐DUMAS [email protected] Den Jyske Opera Operaen i Midten France [email protected] Jose Luis VILLALOBOS WIELS Finland Brigitte RAMBOUX La Monnaie De Munt RESEO Denmark Nathalie LEROY Finnish National Opera Grand Théâtre de Provence Opéra de Rouen Haute-­‐Normandie Florence DE MEYER [email protected] Opéra national de Lyon [email protected]­‐lyon.com Stéphanie PETITEAU Poland [email protected] Alexis OUSPENSKY [email protected] Théâtre du Capitole Valérie MAZARGUIL [email protected] Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe Junge Oper Stuttgart / Oper Stuttgart Magdalena FALKENHAHN [email protected] Nena Sindia WUNDER [email protected]­‐stuttgart.de Chiara ANZANI [email protected] Michela MANNARI [email protected] Oscar PIZZO [email protected] Fondazione Teatro Massimo I.C.S. International Communication Augusta BUSICO Society Stefania ZUCCARI Teatr Wielki – Polish National Anna SAPIEGO Opera [email protected] Tânia GUERREIRO [email protected] Manuel MOREIRA [email protected] Madalena WALLENSTEIN [email protected] Joana BARBOSA [email protected] Viola LA MONACO [email protected] João REIGADO [email protected] Andreia Sofia RODRIGUES and[email protected] Fernando SILVA [email protected] Helena RODRIGUES [email protected] Paulo RODRIGUES [email protected] Artur RODRIGUES [email protected] CCB Centro Cultural de Belém Portugal Agnès DE JACQUELOT AsLiCo -­‐ Teatro Sociale di Como Italy [email protected]­‐lyon.com Opéra national de Paris Germany Theresa SCHMITZ CESEM : Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa CMT -­‐ Companhia de Música Teatral [email protected] [email protected] Inês CAMARA [email protected] João GOMES-­‐PEDRO [email protected] Ana BENTO [email protected] Bruno PINTO [email protected] Jorge PRENDAS [email protected] Risto NIEMINEN [email protected] Manuel Carmelo ROSA [email protected] Marie-­‐Ange BECHET [email protected] Miguel AZGUIME [email protected] Paula DE CASTRO GUIMARÃES [email protected] Erica MANDILLO [email protected] Municipality of Oeiras Ana Maria KUNKEL [email protected]­‐oeiras.pt São Luiz Teatro Municipal Susana DUARTE [email protected] Nuno CASSIANO [email protected] Sandra SIMÕES [email protected] Georgiy ISAAKYAN [email protected] Aleksandar ILIĆ [email protected] Journalist -­‐ СТЕПАRТ Auditorio de Tenerife / Ópera de Tenerife Teodora ASUJIC Eduardo Lorenzo CASTELLANO VOLTES teodorasujic-­‐[email protected] GöteborgsOperan Maria RINGBLOM HJERTNER [email protected] Fundação Brazelton Gomes-­‐Pedro Fundação Casa da Música Fundação C. Gulbenkian Interpreter Miso Music Portugal Teatro Nacional de São Carlos Serbia Spain Sweden [email protected]­‐olivais.com Fundação Aga Khan Russian Federation Mónica BRAZINHA The Moscow State Opera and Ballet Theatre for Young Audience named after Natalia Sats Ballet National Theatre Belgrade and Belgrade Dance Institute [email protected] Netherlands Dutch National Opera & Ballet Mechteld VAN GESTEL [email protected] Lucy LOWE Glyndebourne Lewis MURPHY [email protected] Jo WETTERN United Kingdom Opera North Scottish Opera Spitalfields Music Welsh National Opera Jacqui CAMERON [email protected] Katy COOPER [email protected] Donna MACPHERSON [email protected] Clare LOVETT [email protected] Emma FLATLEY [email protected] Paula SCOTT [email protected]