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Route 66 - California Route 66 Museum
Route 66
Museum Musings
Summer Edition 2014
May 31st, 2014, The
Original Roadhouse
Grill & Restaurant,
and “The California
Route 66 Museum”
invited all to the
“Summer Show, and
Shine Auto
Gathering” to raise
money for a new roof
for the museum”.
The event was held at
The Original
Roadhouse Grill &
Restaurant, 11940 Amargosa Road, Victorville, Ca.
92392. The event was from 11:00am until 2:00pm.
The car show was open to all motor vehicles of any
Black Thunderbird, and Albert May for his 1927
two tone blue Studebaker. Several raffles were held
for a commercial grade BBQ, custom gift baskets
and two custom made wooden patio folding chairs.
Many friends of the museum joined us for an
afternoon of great food, great cars, and great
The California Route 66 Museum was in the June
edition of the Automobile Club of Southern
California (AAA) “Westways Magazine”. It was
featured in the Classic California Drives article as a
must stop on Route 66 in California. Thank You
“Westways” for the recognition.
The general public was welcomed to view, and vote
on which vehicles would win the two trophies. They
were also invited to dine, as twenty percent of the
dining proceeds were donated to the museum.
The California Route 66 Museum welcomes
International and U.S. visitors daily. Our
international visitors amaze us with their excitement
in visiting our museum. Speaking of international
Trophies awarded from the Roadhouse and
Museum were to Albert Dust, for his 1957 Custom
On May 20th, the museum welcomed for the second
time the Czech and Slovak Republic motorcycle
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tour, and film crew that traveled Route 66 from
Chicago to Los Angeles. The California Route 66
Museum was one of their last stops on the tour. The
museum hosted a BBQ in their honor.
The Morrison family from out of state.
The Vasilyevs family and the Bault family visited
the museum from Russia.
The Richer family from Italy.
Caroline McCormick from Sacramento and
Federica Mongia from Los Angeles brought friends
and family to the museum from Italy. Fabntio and
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Paolo Morgia family, Mira Regathin, Arianna, Aldo
and Sabrina Zuppello.
The museum had a family from Israel, a country we
rarely get visitors from. The Ofck family, Sharon,
Sunny, Orel and Biana Ofck.
The Route 66 Museum received two groups of
Route 66 explorers. The groups were met by Sharon
Foster and a group docents. Our museum provided
complimentary water for these tours.
Eliezer and Heloisa Canreiro from Rio De Janerio,
American Incoming Tours based in Bloomington,
Indiana, brought forty visitors from France to the
museum. This was their first time on Route 66.
The Antonio and Gustavo families Rouiz, Louiz,
Gunther, Walter, Anna Paula, Felipe and Mathew,
visited the museum from Brazil on their way to Las
Two families traveled together from Brazil. The
Saad family, Ana Luua, Joao Pedro, and Jose
Roberto and the Silvestre family, Patricia, Rogerio,
Maria Eduarda, and Raul.
Another family that traveled from Vendee, France,
was the Martineau Family, David, Nagali, Elsa and
Xaner Gelasert and Cristina Dil visited from Artesa
DeSegre Catalonia, Spain.
The museum had a family visit from Chongqing,
China, a country we rarely get visitors from. Trupin,
Alex Tang and Betty Huang.
We also had a French policier police officer visit
the museum with friends. Marc Zimmerman the
French policeman, is traveling with Philip and
Madeline Beyreutner, Albert and Jacklyn
Deplancene, Philip and Sonia Dietsch.
From Australia, Tim, Julie, Ally, and Austin Bird.
Vistors from Brazil, Magnus Valente, Marta
Trentia, Carlos and Lucio Santos, Luciano
Rodrigues and Simone Favarin.
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Birthday, and Classic Car Show. There will be
music, lunch, a 50/50 raffle. Twelve trophies will be
presented at the car show. The will museum will
also recognize the 50th year of the Ford Mustang.
From Eleva, Wisconsin, the cheese state, Scott &
Peggy Benedict drove their 1937 Cadillac LaSalle
cross country on Route 66.
Pre-registration of vehicles prior to the event will be
$20.00. You can Pre-register on-line by
downloading the registration form at
From Virginia, Maria Anton and her father.
From the seafaring land of Denmark, Martin, Peter,
Kenneth and Lise Martenser Ostergaard.
Registration on event day will be $25.00, starting at
8:30 AM.
Lina Gutauskaite and Simas Ivickas from Lithuania,
another country we seldom get visitors from.
The “California Route 66 Museum” apologizes
for any misspelled names of our visitors
The California Route 66 Museum ONLINE Store is
now open, and accepting international and
domestic orders.
To see more photos of our visitors go to the
museum websites
E-mail: [email protected].
George Montgomery Gallery June 8, 2014-January
4, 2015, located at:
The Autry in Griffith Park
4700 Western Heritage Way
Los Angeles, CA 90027-1462
Look for NEW merchandise on the website.
Be sure to visit The California Route 66 Museum’s
website at:
(Located northeast of downtown, across from the Los Angeles Zoo.)
Discover the facts and the fiction surrounding the
Mother Road & the route’s impact on American
popular culture.
September 19, 2014, The Mojave Desert Classics
presents, Hot Rods and Harley's benefit for the
“Wounded Warrior Project”, at the Harley Davison
of Victorville facility located at 14522 Valley
Center Drive, Victorville Ca.
The museum websites will contain information
about up-coming museum events.
To see more photos of past museum’s events and
newsletters, go on-line at the museum’s digital sites.
E-mail: [email protected].
There will be cruises, trophies for “Best Bike, Best
Hot Rod, and Pick Of The Night”, plus raffles. A
$5.00 donation per car or bike is requested.
November 1st 2014, 10:00 AM till 2:00 PM “The
California Route 66 Museum” will celebrate its 19th
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